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President Trump Shoves the European Union Out of a Helicopter

NOTE: This article was originally published at Medium on May 31, 2017. I’m re-posting it here because I recently deleted my Medium account.

The “4D chess” meme among Trump supporters has become the right-wing equivalent of “here’s how Bernie can still win.” Are people still using that meme? Aside from Bill Mitchell, that is. I’ve been avoiding social media for the past month, so I have no idea.

That said, President Trump’s maneuvers at the recent G7 summit are a masterstroke, even if he or his camarilla don’t realize it. Deliberately or not, he’s ensured that the European Union will collapse in five to ten years.

The E.U.’s on its last legs anyway. The continent still hasn’t recovered from the implosion of Greece, Ireland and other economically weak member states, the Muslim ghettos of western European countries have become forward operating bases for ISIS, and the migrant crisis is driving a wedge between eastern European members and everyone else. The Eurocrats are scrambling to make Brexit as painful and arduous as possible because they know the U.K.’s departure from the E.U. will be a massive success, after which every other country with the tiniest of grievances against Brussels will make a beeline for the exit.

The only thing keeping the European Union afloat is the United States. Specifically, NATO and other Cold War-era defense policies that have Uncle Sam footing the bill to keep Soviet tanks from rolling through the Fulda Gap. It’s self-evident that the social welfare systems of western Europe exist largely because of the American taxpayer; if Frau Merkel had to invest money in her own country’s defense, she’d have far less to hand out to swarthy invaders from the Middle East.

But more important than defense dollars, the U.S. gives the E.U. moral leadership. Ever since the empires of Europe wiped each other out during the World Wars, European countries have followed either the U.S.’ lead or Russia’s lead. The closest thing to a nationalist leader Europe has fielded in the past seventy years was Charles de Gaulle. He viewed the European Economic Community (the predecessor of the E.U.) as a counterweight to American and Soviet influence, to the point where he refused to let the U.K. join in 1961 due to his belief that they would be a Trojan horse for the U.S. De Gaulle’s influence over France and Europe ended when the CIA engineered a coup in 1968 (erroneously referred to as an “uprising”).

Since then, the countries of western Europe have been compliant American satrapies. When the U.S. president says “Jump!,” the British prime minister, the French president, and the German chancellor don’t ask “How high?”: they just jump. Even during the freedom fries era, when Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder earned the neocons’ ire for not following Dubya into the Iraqi meat grinder, no one in Europe sought to mount a real challenge to American hegemony.

It’s precisely because France and Germany are so firmly under America’s thumb that they’re allowed to throw the occasional tantrum. Western Europe has become so Americanized that Europeans themselves don’t even notice it, for the same reason that fish don’t know they’re in water. As I saw when I visited Stockholm in February, European capitals are inundated with American fast food franchises and shopping chains, and even “native” Swedish restaurants and bars are imitating their American equivalents with overpriced food and loud music. The values that globalist Europeans and moronic left-wing Americans believe Europe embodies—tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity—are lukewarm American leftovers that came down with the Berlin Airlift. In refusing to join the Coalition of the Willing, Chirac and Schröder were the equivalent of unemployed nerds backtalking their parents. Sure, they may whine about mom’s cooking every so often, but they still live in her basement.


However, dogs can’t function without their masters, and the de facto master of Europe, Donald Trump, has flown the coop. His refusal to commit to asinine climate change policies at the G7 summit, as well as his polite request that other NATO members pay for their own defense—even if they have to divert some cash from their precious social welfare budgets to do so—was seen by Angela Merkel as an abdication of his throne. Deep in the throes of a hot flash, Merkel declared that “the era in which we could fully rely on others is over” and that she would be “taking back control.”

Say wait, wasn’t there another German chancellor who felt that Germany was entitled to rule over Europe? And who exploited economic instability and ethnic conflicts among Germany’s neighbors to weaken them and seize control?


I’m not going to claim that Trump necessarily understood what he was doing at the G7 summit. He might be playing 420D deep space chess for all we know, or he could have been having a bad hair day. The end result of the same: he has ensured the downfall of Angela Merkel and her allies, the end of the European Union, and the end of the globalist paradigm.

How? Because all the pundits and State Department flacks breathlessly masturbating about how “Merkel is now the leader of the free world” don’t realize what that means. She owns every problem that Europe has from here on out. When the blame game starts, the fingers aren’t going to be pointed at Donald Trump or Theresa May, but Angela Merkel.

The continuing financial crisis? It’s all on Merkel. How much longer are the Greeks, Italians et al. going to put up with the overvalued euro dragging their economies into the muck? How much longer are they going to put up with onerous shenanigans from the German-run European Central Bank? Let me remind you that Greece is the only country in the E.U. that has elected a literal fascist party—Golden Dawn— into their legislature, a party that is the third biggest one in the country. Oh: and Golden Dawn has had a presence in the Greek parliament since 2012.

The Ukraine debacle? That’s on Merkel. The European Union has an imploding basketcase on its eastern border, one that is begging and pleading for membership even while its GDP sinks to African levels, the Chinese are buying up all its farmland, and the currency has collapsed in value so badly that you can have a three-course meal in a nice restaurant for $5. On top of that, Ukraine might have a second Chernobyl in the near future. Have fun with that, Angie!

The migrant crisis? Oh, Merkel owns every inch of that catastrophe. The countless German women who were raped by Muslims in Cologne, the victims of ISIS terror attacks in France, Britain, and Sweden, the transformation of beautiful cities like Paris into gang-ridden slums: all the blood and other bodily fluids are on Merkel’s hands.

Merkel’s thankless task is to somehow fix all of this when she and her allies are the reason why these things are happening. She also gets to do it while helming a country that’s had its tail tucked between its legs so long that its evolving a pouch to hold it in. The post-WWII Germans are good at building cars and not much else, which is why the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force are their first, second, and third lines of defense. Expecting a country that keeps apologizing for its existence to lead anything is like hiring a eunuch as a sperm donor.

It hasn’t even been a week and “the leader of the free world” is already stepping in it. Merkel’s poodle Emmanuel Macron has been woofing at Vladimir Putin, threatening reprisals against Russia if they use chemical weapons in Syria. That’s right: a country that can’t even protect its own cities from ISIS bombings or keep hordes of African boat people away from its shores is going to take on Russia. I’m amazed that Putin hasn’t laughed to death at these idiots in the West threatening him all the time.

In the 1987 gubernatorial election in Louisiana, longtime Governor Edwin Edwards came in second in the first round to Buddy Roemer. While the two candidates still had to duke it out in a runoff vote, Edwards shocked the voters by conceding after the first round, automatically handing the governorship to Roemer. It turned out that it was part of his plan all along. Without having to fight a runoff election, Roemer was not able to build a suite of allies who could help him pass his agenda in office. This kept him from being able to implement the reforms he had promised, particularly since many of Edwards’ allies still held prominent positions in the legislature and state government. Four years later, in 1991, Roemer had become so unpopular that he was knocked out of the first round of the gubernatorial election by David Duke (yes, that David Duke), with Edwin Edwards sailing to victory in the runoff election.

Whether President Trump realizes it or not, that’s what he’s done to Angela Merkel. The Wicked Witch of Western Europe can be the fall girl for the imploding globalist order while Trump sips Arnold Palmers at Mar-a-Lago and does lines off Melania’s ass. In the geopolitical game of chess, Merkel and Macron are about to find out that pawns can never become players.

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