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The Rabbits Go to War; or, How Your Haters Will Try to Destroy You

While having haters is a mark of accomplishment for a writer—if you’re not bad enough to be hated, you’re not good enough to be loved—few bloggers have really delved into their psychology. Why do these people go berserk at the mere sight of something that contradicts their beloved worldview? Yes, it’s true that virtually all haters are losers, but there’s more to it then that.

Haters are rabbit people, and their methods of war are those of herd animals.

Vox Day is fond of referring to leftists as “rabbits,” a heuristic also used by the Anonymous Conservative blog, which likens conservatives to wolves in contrast. According to the latter, the difference between the left and the right is a difference of evolutionary survival strategy. Leftists are r-selected, bred for a world of abundance; conservatives are K-selected, bred for a world of scarcity. Rabbits breed like crazy, have no loyalty to their in-group (their relatives), and respond to danger by running away… just like leftists.

And like rabbits, leftists are herd creatures who think and act in lockstep.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that leftists have underdeveloped amygdalae compared to conservatives, the reason why they are r-selected. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for keeping you alive by forcing you to react to stimuli that might be dangerous (such as an animal trying to eat you). Amygdala damage prevents liberals from properly assessing danger, causing them to react and overreact to the wrong stimuli (and fail to react to the proper ones):

In my experiences with Narcissists, their amygdala is so sensitive to anxiety, that just telling them any information which bothers them sets it off like a nuclear bomb, forcing them into an immediate state of denial of the offending stimuli, to try and short-circuit the “brain pain.” Tell a Narcissist something he doesn’t want to hear, and it is like spraying pepper spray from a fire extinguisher into his face. He won’t listen to the entire idea, consider it, and then reject it, like we would. Instead, the Narcissist will begin to get the faintest whiff of what you are saying, identify it as bad, and then he will close his eyes, hide his head, and wave his arms while screaming, until you are finished.

This is the heart of why feminists and leftists are so weak, so panicky, so incapable of handling dissent or debate. Because they can’t tell the difference between a deke-out and the real deal, they treat them both with the same amount of gravity. The reason why feminists get so angry over “rape culture,” for example, is not because they care for victims of rape, but because their malfunctioning amygdalae regards any stimulus that is perceived to be rape-related as equivalent to an actual rape.

Being the herd animals they are, haters’ weapons against you all boil down to trying to psychologically out-group you. Here’s how the typical hater progression works, based on my years of observation in the manosphere.

1. Exposure.

If you blog pseudonymously, outing you will be the rabbits’ first tactic. They will start rooting through your blog, your Twitter account, your WHOIS records, anything to find out who you are, where you live, who you work for and so on. They’ll then plaster this info on Facebook, Pastebin, anywhere eyeballs can be found. The goal is to use the threat of social ostracism to shame you into falling back into line with the other bunnies.

Because most manospherians have lucrative careers to protect and/or families to feed, this step has felled a fair number of bloggers on its own.

2. Libel and insults.

If you’ve been exposed (or already write publicly), the next step for the haters is to make shit up about you. The rabbits will throw everything and the kitchen sink at you in hopes that something, anything will stick. Whether anything they say is true is irrelevant, because the goal of ganging up on someone in this fashion isn’t to be truthful, it’s to warn the other rabbits that dragons be here.

For example, my Portland article at Return of Kings generated raft of false and baseless claims about me, from the obvious ones that I’m “ugly” and “misogynistic” to all sorts of bizarre speculation about both me (people were claiming that I’m in my thirties/forties) and the woman in the pic on my About page. Outraged feminists alternately claimed that she was my sister, that I was “hoverhanding” her, that she didn’t really want to be there, that I roofied her (?) and other blatant lies. Multiple people commenting on the article lied that Roosh and I were deleting hater comments, and one guy even claimed I had edited the article to add a whole entire section after Reddit Portland started gossiping about me.

The truthfulness or lack thereof of the hate Portland threw at me doesn’t matter to them. The purpose of hating on someone isn’t to get at the truth, it’s to pressure the offender to recant his evil ways and rejoin the flock. It’s also to warn other rabbits that here be dragons. Unfortunately for the bunnies, a proud hunter like the wolf has no reason to care about their disapproval, which leads to step three…

3. Stalking.

If they can’t pressure you into recanting, the haters’ next move will be to threaten you into recanting. They’ll dig up your Facebook profile, your address, your phone number and more and encourage each other to harass you. In pure Stalinist fashion, they will also harass your employers, your family members, your friends and more. The bunnies will defend their actions in a cowardly, Pharisaical fashion: claiming that what they’re doing is perfectly legal, as if the law is the only determiner of what behaviors are apropos.

They’ll even threaten physical violence against you, because while one rabbit will always lose to the wolf, a hundred rabbits might be able to win.

Going back to the Portlanders, their harassment of me was unprecedented in the manosphere; not even Roosh received this level of hate for his Toronto article. I’ve already written about how someone posted my phone number to Reddit Portland and on Twitter and how I stopped a DDoS/hack attack on my blog. I didn’t mention how I got a not insignificant number of hits for “matt forney portland address” from feminists trying to find out where I live. I also didn’t bring up how one loser created a Facebook page entitled “Matt Forney Should Kill Himself” (since deleted for blatantly violating the Terms of Service), after he spent an entire afternoon commenting on every single thing on my own page.

Also note that when haters threaten violence, they always do it in a laughably pussy manner. For example, leftists always tell their enemies to “please kill themselves,” as if some slack-wristed dweeb on the Internet is going to successfully convince someone he doesn’t know to commit suicide. Liberals chant “kill yourself” like a mantra because too few of them have the balls to hurt someone themselves.

The rabbits always fervently pray that someone, anyone else will do their dirty work for them.

The threats of physical violence I received, like the guy who said he would “slap my bald head and scurry away quickly,” are also great examples of the rabbit mentality. These people have no clue that saying these kinds of things makes them look like a cadre of chickenshits. Like the animals they take after, when the liberals sense danger, they brag about how they would run away rather than face it.

4. Police involvement.

When intimidating the wolf fails, the rabbits fall back to their last line of defense: getting other wolves to white knight for them. In this case, those other wolves are the police. The same liberals who call the cops “pigs” will merrily run scurrying to them if it means they can silence someone with whom they disagree. This is more of a problem in Canada, Britain and other countries that lack protections for freedom of speech.

That’s what leftists ultimately are: snitches. Adult versions of those annoying kids who, whenever they got their feeeeeelings hurt, would snottily declare, “I’m TELLING on you!”

Again, going back to the Portland article, a couple of clowns on Twitter brought up the hate speech issue. One lied that Oregon has laws prohibiting hate speech (screencap here), and another claimed that I was “asking for trouble” by stating that there are no laws against hate speech in the U.S. (screencap here). None of these Waffendorks understand that the Supreme Court established that laws prohibiting hate speech are unconstitutional twenty years ago, so that even if I were to somehow be prosecuted under one, the courts would toss the law out and exonerate me. If the city of St. Paul couldn’t throw a bunch of skinheads in jail for burning a cross on a black family’s front lawn, if public universities see their speech codes invalidated every time FIRE files a lawsuit, what makes these twerps think that Portland or Salem could punish me for calling women fat?

But hey, no one ever said that rabbits were smart.

The secret to fighting haters, no matter whether they’re calling you names or bragging about how they’re going to get some derby girls to “curb stomp” you, is to never back down. Don’t apologize, don’t recant, don’t repent. Never let them intimidate you. The rabbits think that you’re one of them, that being denied admission to their little club will be devastating to your soul.

They don’t realize that you are a wolf, a majestic and mighty animal, and that not only do you not need their approval, you don’t want it.

You are a predator and they are prey. You’re higher on the food chain. And deep down, they know this, which is why they hate.

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