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Race-Mixing is Bad, M’kay?

The rapid growth of the nationalist right in the past couple of years has resulted in a lot of people identifying as “right,” “alt-right” or the like when they have no business being over here. Part of this is because the left has accelerated so far in the opposite direction that a lot of more moderate leftists are being left behind. Consider that in America right now, a part-Jewish homosexual mudshark and a man who once shoved a buttplug up his ass on live television are considered Literally Hitler by fifty percent of the population.

The problem is when ex-leftists try to infect the right with their diseases of the mind, or synthesize said diseases with right-wing ideas. See: the current agita about “race-mixing” and “miscegenation.”

Let’s be clear: ideally, whites should not race-mix. I’ve stated in the past that it was my experience living in the Philippines that turned me against the idea of marrying and having children with a non-white woman. The remark about how fish don’t know that they’re in water until someone takes them out of it is cliched, but it’s the truth: I didn’t understand the value of being white and living in a white nation until I left it. I like the Philippines and the Filipino people, but I have no desire to go back there or marry a Filipina.

Biracial children are more likely to live lives of confusion due to not having a concrete, rooted identity. This blog (which, amusingly, recently smeared me as a “racist, alt-right, neo-Nazi” white man who “love[s] Asian women”) lays it out pretty clearly. In the case of half-white, half-Asian children, they have a hard time integrating due to the fact that they’re neither white enough to fit in with whites or Asian enough to fit in with Asians.

Indeed, given that Western society is on a leftward drift, many mixed-race individuals end up becoming the worst kinds of anti-white race-baiters. The extreme anti-white rhetoric of Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Shaun King, the aforementioned half-Asian blogger and others is motivated by the fact that they feel insecure due to their part-white heritage and need to prove their minority bona fides.

It’s possible for halfie children to overcome these hurdles; for example, if I had chosen to marry a Filipina, I would have brought our children up in the Philippines, where their part-European ancestry would have put them at the top of the socioeconomic food chain. But that’s like saying that a polio victim can overcome the hurdle of being paralyzed from the waist down. It’s easier to just not get sick to begin with.

Having said that, race-mixing is not the end of the world, or the white race… at least if white men are doing it.

The invective against miscegenation in the alt-right primarily comes from fat white women, virginal gamma males and homosexuals. The reality is that race-mixing wouldn’t even make the top 100 of a list of threats to the white race. Aside from shaming and shunning white women who race-mix and pushing back against cultural Marxist propaganda, there’s little reason to care that much about it, and there’s no reason to care at all about white men who race-mix. Here’s why…

1. A certain amount of race-mixing is inevitable.

I’m not going to trot out some ridiculous argument about “hybrid vigor” or another pseudoscientific explanation as to why interracial sex improves the fitness of the white race. Instead, I’ll simply point to history: many of the great men of European and American history were race-mixers. Sir Richard Francis Burton, Thomas Jefferson, Rudyard Kipling and countless others had liaisons (and sometimes children) with non-white women. Does that diminish their contributions to Western civilization?

A certain number of men are inevitably going to detach from civilization and take up with women of other races and nationalities. Men are the expendable sex, meant to explore new frontiers, defend the nation and clear a path for future generations, so a few of them taking up with women outside the tribe is not only unavoidable, it’s actually an indicator that your tribe is on the ascent. Conversely, if your women are being taken by men of other races, it means that your tribe is on the descent. This is why it’s worse for white women than white men to race-mix. That’s not a double standard, because men and women are different and are held to different standards.

Race-mixing on the fringes of society never hurt anyone, and it’s autistic to claim otherwise. If you doubt me, ask one of the many white Southerners (the most right-wing part of the U.S.) who proudly claim Cherokee ancestry. A great many Northern Americans of old stock also have one or two Indian women who snuck into the woodpile, which failed to prevent the U.S. from becoming the world’s dominant nation.

2. Miscegenation is rare.

Study after study has shown that white women are the most “racist” out of all ethnic groups: they are the least willing to date outside their race. All the leftist propaganda glorifying interracial relationships has barely made a dent in humanity’s innate proclivity to stick with their own. In this context, obsessing over interracial relationships is like treating a plantar wart as a life-threatening condition.

3. Men have better instincts about women than vice versa.

White men typically have interracial relationships with conservative-leaning, family-oriented, middle- or upper-class Asian or Latin women, and they usually have children within the bounds of marriage and the nuclear family. This means the kids will be brought up right and have a better chance of overcoming any possible hurdles that their mixed heritage presents them. I don’t see many Chinese girls dragging around half-white babies after the father skipped out in the middle of the night.

Left to their own devices, white women will have interracial relationships with the worst kinds of black or Latino men. The women themselves also tend to be trashy, unattractive and fat, so it’s not like we want them anyway.

Furthermore, because men are more introspective than women, it’s easier to convince the former to stop interracial dating and repent. The fact that Richard Spencer, RAMZPAUL and other leading alt-right or nationalist figures have admitted to dating Asian girls in the past is proof of this. As I’ve written before, “yellow fever” does not exist: the average white man who dates Asian girls doesn’t have a fetish for them, he’s just looking for an attractive girl who treats him with respect. If white women can’t meet that low bar, that’s their problem.

4. Gamma males and women obsess over “race-mixing” as a cover for their own inadequacies.

Loud, Pharisaical virtue-signaling is the mark of someone with a dirty secret to hide. Ever since the alt-right was infiltrated by ex-SJWs and PUA Hate incels, the right-wing has begun adopting leftist beliefs, such as the idea that sleeping with drunk women constitutes rape, or that society can survive perversions like transsexuality and the like so long as we get rid of the Jews and blacks.

I’m not fond of Vox Day’s sociosexual hierarchy, but the type of man he describes as “gamma” is so accurate and real that I’m just going to use the term here. The gamma males of the alt-right flail and cry about “race-mixing” above all else because they themselves can’t get laid with any woman (white or non-white) and focus their anger on men who can. Rather than improve themselves, they stew and fulminate about the world around them: “It’s not fair that blonde women in wheat fields don’t recognize my brilliance! They’ve been tricked by those evil degenerate PUAs!” The amount of time a man spends obsessing over where other men put their dicks is inversely correlated with how much action his own dick gets.

There’s a difference between men who choose not to sleep around and those who simply can’t. Genuinely virtuous men don’t engage in ostentatious displays of public morality, because they have nothing to prove. Jesus himself warned us to “beware the hypocrites,” whose pious behavior in public is often a cover for disgusting behavior in private. For example, one of the most notorious Nazi LARPers online is a mudshark who may possibly have a half-black baby, while the ringleader of the autistic right (as opposed to the alt-right) is a literal race traitor, married to a far-left Jewish woman who kept his balls in her purse.

5. Homosexuality is a greater threat to whites than miscegenation.

Race-mixing is an aberration, but homosexuality is an abomination. Open homosexuality in white nations is breeding narcissism, psychopathy, disease, death and child abuse. A white man who sleeps with a non-white woman is morally superior to a white man who only sleeps with other white men, because the former is attracted to women like he’s supposed to be.

Furthermore, men and women who sleep around usually end up settling down and having families (despite what some manosphere/MRA types claim), while homosexuals maintain their self-destructive lifestyles until they die. The Devil always despises what he cannot have: sodomites know their “relationships” will never be fulfilling or contribute to the furtherance of the tribe, so they seek to undermine heterosexuals through far-left politics (78% of LGBT voters supported Hillary Clinton in the past election) and by brainwashing children. This is why every functional society across the globe, from Christian-run red states to tinpot African dictatorships to atheist, communist nations like Cuba and China, severely restricts or bans homosexual behavior.

Alt-righters who are pro-gay yet opposed to straight men sleeping around are effectively asking for unilateral disarmament. Going by the autistic right’s twisted moral code, homosexuals can sleep around as much as they want, yet heterosexuals are expected to remain celibate until marriage (which, given how socially inept most gamma males are, means they’ll be celibate for life). Cultural Marxist propaganda on homosexuality has been way more effective than their miscegenation propaganda, if all the “right-wingers” complaining about “homophobia” are any evidence.

As Common Filth puts it, the race/the tribe is nothing more than an extended family. A member of the family who race-mixes may be hurting the family, but a member who spurns women altogether in favor of sodomy is destroying it. The tortured logic that leads many alt-righters to get angrier over miscegenation than sodomy is a product of its infiltration by leftists.

In short, you should not race-mix, because it just creates unnecessary problems. But it’s not a big deal if you or another man has in the past. Computer nerds with Chinese wives aren’t bringing about the death of the white race with their sterile suburban lifestyles. If white women don’t like that white men are dating Asian girls, they should strive to be less bitchy and more feminine, and if gamma males don’t like it, they should try and ensure a future for white children on their own.

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