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Rachel Haywire is Falsely Accusing Me of Raping Ann Sterzinger


Rachel Haywire just doesn’t know when to quit.

Four months after her edgelord site Trigger Warning was crushed under the weight of her unwarranted self-importance, Haywire is back. Specifically, she’s been running around messaging various individuals falsely accusing me of raping Ann Sterzinger—my friend, neighbor and podcast co-host—with the intent of getting me blackballed out of the alternative right.

Let me repeat that for the cheap seats.

Rachel Haywire, who desperately wants to be the token dubstep-mom of the alternative right, who is so opposed to political correctness that she named her site Trigger Warning, is slinking around falsely accusing me of rape like an SJW.

Apparently, Rachel didn’t learn her lesson when Ann discombobulated her and scattered her reputation to the four winds. Therefore, I’ve put together this little takedown for you to enjoy. Please remember to share this video and laugh at Rachel in the comments, because there’s nothing a narcissist fears more than someone making fun of them:

Big thanks to Davis Aurini for making this video possible, and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates.

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    So much drama.

    Who let the girls into the club?!

  • beefhambone

    You know that age old question of if you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? Most people say Jesus, or Bob Marley or some other useless drivell. I would wanna have lunch with her. So I can throw hot shark fin soup in her face and stick a salad fork in her eye.

  • Edward Voeller

    Didn’t you brag about having sex with this woman? Couldn’t you tell that she was deranged?

  • I met Haywire in person once, but I never slept with her. I’m not stupid.

  • The thirsty betas. It’s always the thirsty betas!

    Here’s a hint: THE BETAS ALWAYS LOSE!

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    “token dubstep-mom”

    What does this mean?

  • It’s a joke referring to Haywire’s Skrillex-in-drag aesthetic.

  • That would be a waste of shark fin soup.

    But salad forks are a dime a dozen…

  • Melanie Saffka

    Rachel Ellen “Haywire” Mendelson almost succeeded in the murder of an entire family by arson.

    photos of blaze here

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  • That’s the definition of beta, isn’t?


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  • Jim Christian

    Man, Haywire is full-on skank-o-rooni. Who bangs her?

  • Melanie Saffka

    Michael Annissimov and Justin Ordnung, that’s who.

    Here is a photo from the alleged Haywire/Justin Ordnung sex tape where she certainly appears to be licking on some National Socialist cock!

  • mdelmar

    That’s the absolute truth, Sir: You’re not stupid.

  • Haywire is a nutjob

  • NightRider101

    hahahh she is a member of fetlife… who would have known. It’s no surprise though.