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Red Pill Orgasm by Halfbreed

Q: How do you give a woman an orgasm?

A: Who cares?

That’s the conventional manosphere wisdom anyway, and there’s some truth to it. Given the Cosmo/feminist idea that men are nothing more than breathing dildos who exist to get girls off—and if the girl doesn’t orgasm, it’s always his fault—it’s not surprising that some guys would overreact in the opposite direction.

Per usual, the truth is somewhere in between.

Red Pill Orgasm, Halfbreed’s writing debut, will not only go a long way towards convincing you of the importance of making girls cum, it’ll show you how to do it easily. It’s not a skill set you’ll want to waste on the average slut, but Red Pill Orgasm is a great addition to your library, if only because there’s nothing quite like it in the manosphere canon.

A big part of the reason why this book is worth your money is because Halfbreed explodes mainstream myths about the female orgasm. Unlike the male orgasm, when women cum, it’s mental as much as physical, meaning if you can’t be the dominant man in her life, Halfbreed’s physical techniques will be only moderately effective at best:

That’s just a short list, but you get the idea. Even if your relationship is “modern & enlightened,” you still need to be in charge at least 51% of the time. Don’t misunderstand me. You can be dominant without being a monster. You needn’t be an emotionally abusive prick, virulent misogynist, or a total asshole. Of course, there’s no denying that being a total prick does work with many women. But it’s not always mandatory. And if it doesn’t come as naturally to you, you can practice soft dominance instead. Be a nice guy with an edge. Balance your dominance out with kindness and chivalry. Bang her like a champion, but protect and provide for her (if she deserves it). That kind of mixed behavior can be confusing, but attractive to women.

Additionally, Halfbreed points out that a significant number either can’t cum or have a hard time doing it. It’s a far cry from the usual mantra of It’s Always the Man’s Fault.

Fortunately, the bulk of Red Pill Orgasm is concentrated on various bedroom techniques to make her cum, as well as the requirements you need to fulfill to make your sexcapades go by more easily. Halfbreed’s approach is rooted in both modern science and Tantric techniques, incorporating everything from diet advice to left field maneuvers such as “screwing” (not the kind you’re thinking of):

Again, drag foreplay out for as long as you can. For women, knowing they are about to have sex is almost as good as the sex itself. And don’t limit these touching techniques to foreplay. Touch her body with your hands, mouth, and teeth during sex. And although she may be begging for you penis by now, it’s not time for sex. Now, it’s time to use your tongue.

While some of Halfbreed’s techniques are stuff I’ve learned about and already use (such as his advice on how to orgasm without ejaculating), I appreciated not only his more original advice, but his explanations behind why it works. For example, I had no idea that it’s harder for a man to last longer in bed in missionary position versus cowgirl position (blood pools at the end of the penis when you’re standing up, increasing pressure).

If there’s one thing I can fault Red Pill Orgasm for, it’s Halfbreed’s frequent use of sentence fragments and comma splices. It won’t matter to the average person, but the English pedant in me found it annoying. Aside from that, Red Pill Orgasm is a must-buy if you’re interested in rocking your girlfriend or wife’s world.

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