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A Request for People Who’ve Bought or Read My Books


If you’ve bought or read (in the form of a free giveaway or review copy) any one of my books, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I have a favor to ask you: if you haven’t already, please post a review of the book on Amazon.

The reason why I’m asking is because I’ve been the victim of a concerted troll attack over the past few weeks, with haters leaving blatantly fake reviews for the sole purpose of dragging down my books’ star ratings. It’s gotten to the point where some haters are willing to spend their own money solely so they can get the “Amazon Verified Purchase” tag on their phony reviews, giving them more heft. These kinds of Amazon troll attacks are common in the manosphere—Roosh’s books, for example, are frequently terrorized by haters—but those writers also get plenty of authentic reviews to drown out the fakes.

Because I’m a relative guppy compared to Roosh, Aaron Clarey or Jack Donovan, I don’t have that to help me.

Amazon is militantly in favor of free speech, which is a good thing in that it allows people like me to speak freely without having to worry about some offended crybaby accusing me of being “hatemongering.” The bad part about Amazon’s policy is that getting them to remove fake reviews—even ones that are obviously fraudulent—is virtually impossible unless they’re openly libelous.

My sales numbers show that thousands of you have read my books, whether you bought them or got them on a giveaway day. If just five percent of you left a review of the books you’ve read, the trolls’ attempts to hurt my bottom line would be blunted. Therefore, I have three requests for you:

  1. Write an Amazon review of the book(s) you’ve bought/read. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace, but it should honestly discuss the book’s qualities and flaws. If you’ve already published a review on your blog or wherever, re-post it on Amazon.
  2. Downvote fake reviews. This will push them off the front page where no one will see them. Note that not every negative review is fake. Fake negative reviews are easy to spot; they’re typically short (often times only one or two sentences long), contain no substantive criticism of the book (instead bashing it in generalities or attacking the author in general), and usually don’t have an “Amazon Verified Purchase” tag. Additionally, if the reviewer in question only has one or a small number of reviews up, and they’re all negative, they’re probably a fake as well. Having negative reviews on every single book an author has published is also a major red flag. Here’s a prime example of a phony review.
  3. Upvote quality reviews. If someone takes the time to accurately dissect the book’s flaws, they should be rewarded by having their review pushed to the top of the front page. Here’s an example of a quality review.

Because I try to practice what I preach, I’m going to start posting my reviews of manosphere books—good, bad and ugly—to Amazon as well: my reviewer profile is here. The manosphere needs to protect itself from enemies foreign and domestic, and ensuring that authors don’t have their sales impacted by haters is a great and easy way to do this. I greatly appreciate your help and will leave this post stickied on the front page until next Tuesday or until I get some more reviews of my books.

  • Click here for Confessions of an Online Hustler’s Amazon page.
  • Click here for The Hitchhiking Crash Course’s page.
  • Click here for Trolling for a Living’s page.
  • I’ll post the review I did from my blog to amazon when I get off work.

  • Consider it done.

  • Random

    Speaking of books, I don’t suppose there’s any other way to acquire a copy of Three Years of Hate at this point, is there?

  • Random: Nope. I might bring it back in the future for one-day only special sales, but the ship has sailed. Book was up for over six months and I made it repeatedly clear that I would be taking it off sale for the past three.

    Hunter, Doc: Much obliged.

  • Suz

    Haven’t had time to read or review anything, but I’m heading over to Amazon to upvote and downvote. You know you’re doing it right when you attract such dedicated haters.

  • I got your back Matt!! These fuckers are relentless!!

  • The review is done and setup in amazon. Just waiting on them.

  • Jeremy

    This means I need to finish reading it. But I will do so, for the sake of a 4.5 star.

  • Jeremy

    Can anyone link to the bad reviews? Amazon is showing only 3 reviews, and basically all are positive.

  • Tim

    One down two to go.

  • Can anyone link to the bad reviews? Amazon is showing only 3 reviews, and basically all are positive.

    At the moment, there’s one fake review of each book, but because there are few reviews period, they’re artificially dragging the average down. Additionally, the fake reviewer on Trolling for a Living has a habit of sabotaging manosphere books; s/he has a bunch of negative Roosh reviews.

  • Roosh

    It’s too bad that Amazon’s review system is set up to basically encourage fake reviews, both negative and positive. They know of the problem but don’t seem to care.

    On the bright side, I suspect that people are using Amazon’s ratings less and less to buy books, from having been burned buying a 5 star book that sucked. I buy books based on personal/manosphere recommendation now, ignoring what is said on Amazon.

    Also what I noticed helps is not rating quality but quantity. Having a LOT of reviews, regardless of quality, gives you a social proof boost.

  • I agree with Roosh: Amazon reviews are getting far less helpful. I was struggling with the question of whether or not to read “The Way of Men” by Donovan. Based on Amazon reviews, I was talked out of the book. Then in a short period of time, I read Aurini’s review, followed by yours in “Three Years of Hate”. Those two reviews convinced me to buy the book, which is damn good.

    Seeing how Amazon reviews work against guys like you, Roosh, and Vox Day, I’m more inclined to take a recommendation from a blogger I respect than I am from Amazon reviews.

    That said, I made a note to get a review of Three Years posted this weekend. I have all your books, but that’s the only one I read. I paid for all but Hitchhiker, which I caught on a freebie.

  • AK

    I generally find Amazon reviews to be useful. If a book/product has 1-2 stars it’s a safe bet that it’s shit, so I steer clear.

    The problem of course is that this is only useful when there are a lot of raters, i.e. a big sample. Matt has yet to “break out” in the same way that Roosh or Donovan did, so regrettably even a small gaggle of dedicated haters/trolls can negatively impact his ratings very badly. Had I known this when I wrote my review I would have given his CONFESSIONS OF AN ONLINE HUSTLER book a 5/5 (as opposed to 4/5) just to balance things out.

  • Hi Matt,

    I gave you 4* review on