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The Return of Comments


And lo and behold, the king emerged from his castle to declare that the comment section would once again be open to all. The crowd erupted in cheer, with men dancing in the streets and young women fainting from joy. The olden days were back.

No, but seriously, I’ve realized that closing comments was a big mistake.

I killed the comments last January because the signal-to-noise ratio was too low and because I was convinced that in our era of ubiquitous social nit-working, blog comment sections were a relic from a bygone era. Thing is, a blog’s comment section is defined by its readers. If the blog is stupid and lowest common denominator, the comments will be stupid. Because my readers are intelligent folks, I should be getting intelligent responses.

Therefore, the comments are coming back as of… now.

I have only three rules I expect you guys to follow:

  1. Personal attacks, flaming, trolling and other idiotic behavior is not allowed. Commenters who are repeatedly rude or belligerent will be banned from commenting, and potentially from visiting the site outright.
  2. I reserve the right to ban or censor any commenter for any reason, or no reason at all. This blog is private property, and I don’t have to allow people I don’t care for to run amok, any more than a homeowner is obligated to let homeless people into his living room to talk shit.
  3. Finally, think about what you’re writing before you hit “Submit.” If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, you probably shouldn’t say it online. There is no such thing as perfect anonymity on the Internet. It only takes a dedicated stalker—or a big enough screw-up on your part—to ruin everything.

Now, have at it!

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  • Rmaxd

    In other words you used your hamster to block the comments, because you werent getting any comment action … you slutty comment whore

    Rape culture is bad, but GREAT in womens literature & plays about 10 year old girls being raped by ugly fat lesbian women

    Simulated Rape is good, in literature for women … protecting men against false rape accusations … not so good & potentially no funding for womens fake movements …

    Two comments for the price of one … njoy

  • Nice to see you opening your comments afain, Matt. You are aware of my own opinions about commenters being the guiding force of a good blogger.

    Enjoyed your April Fools post. Almost had me for 2 sentences.

  • Good development Matt. Now only if Jack Donovan would do the same.

  • As a new blogger, (thanks to your book, btw), I’m still debating on whether to allow comments or not. I know I have an audience of 0.1 people (hi dad!), so moderation won’t be an issue. It’s the fact that I rarely peruse comments myself.

    “F’ckin interwebz, how do they work?” I suppose.

    Also, your previous post and Jack Donovan’s were pretty convincing. I suppose this is one issue I’ll have to ferret out myself.

  • I’ve received a number of brilliant links from my commenters, that I never would have found otherwise.

  • Pat Hannagan

    Good to hear. Any comment on the demise of Auster?

  • Whaaaaa???? Comments!!!

  • AK

    I wholly approve of this. Managing comments isn’t all that time-consuming unless you’re a blogging superstar, they freely give you feedback (so that you could ascertain what people like reading about – and what they don’t) and ideas for new blog posts, and as an added bonus, they feed your ego hamster. The latter isn’t a bad thing either, as having a certain narcissistic streak is practically a job requirement for blogging anyway.

    Greatly enjoyed your April Fool’s post BTW.

  • I got annoyed with stupid comments for a while and implemented a comment policy requiring real names. Given your public persona I imagine you would like that. If someone used some juvenile nickname, I deleted the comment. In time the trolls stopped commenting and I stopped enforcing the policy.

    Another idea if you want to improve quality in your comments.

  • Dude! I’m glad you opened your comment section again! Now let’s get to work! Looking forward in writing lots of comments.

  • John McNeill

    Lawrence Auster was sometimes difficult to deal with, and there were times when I was downright pissed off at his attitude. But I still felt he had a lot of wisdom to offer and so I eventually learned to take his occasional harsh criticisms in stride. I may not have agreed with everything he said, but I think he had a lot to offer. I felt for one thing that his ideas came with a moral framework that helped prevent me from declining into moral nihilism and biological reductionism. I wish him peace in the afterlife.