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How Return of Kings Conquered Chicago and Humiliated Feminists

On Saturday night, the Return of Kings Chicago tribe held our scheduled meetup somewhere in the heart of the city, while miles away, dateless feminists sat in the cold impotently waving signs. While Roosh himself cancelled the International Meetup Day last week, the Chicago tribe has been around for well over a year (in fact, we were one of the first tribes), so the show was going to go on in the Windy City regardless of what happened elsewhere.

The sheer amount of lies and hysteria over ROK’s tribal meetups is almost unprecedented in modern history. Within the span of a few days, we were libeled by the entire news media as “rape-supporters” and our meetups depicted as “pro-rape rallies,” with local TV stations and newspapers getting in on the action. Australia and Scotland had collective nervous breakdowns, Roosh’s parents were doxed, and leftists everywhere went bananas at the idea of men around the world meeting up for a beer.

In Chicago, we were smeared by DNAInfo reporter Linze Rice as a “pro-rape men’s rights group,” while feminist agitator group FURIE pledged to hold a protest at our meeting spot in Rogers Park. We were denounced by 49th ward Alderman Joe Moore, and Loyola University sent out an email to their students urging anyone who was “triggered” (I am not kidding) by our meetup to go to the school’s Wellness Center.

To make matters worse, FURIE activists tried to dox both me and my friends, with a fat lesbian stalking my Facebook friends list looking for friends of mine in Chicago. The feminists were specifically looking for me:



I also received countless death threats from leftists and white knights accusing me of being a “rapist”:


another violent threat









I was also told that the #BlackLivesMatter antifas who’ve been stalking me for the past couple of months would also be at the protest.

With all that in mind, how did we outsmart the angry zombie hordes?

Answer: we quietly moved our meetup to another part of town. Additionally, our tribal leader Snowplow also Tweeted just prior to the meetup that he would be dropping by the protest:


According to our mole, the feminists formed a circular firing squad on their “straight male allies,” trying to figure out which one of them was Snowplow.

While the protesters were busy infighting, I actually walked down to the Loyola Red Line L stop, mere feet from the protest, and Tweeted out my location multiple times. Not one feminist or antifa spotted me or even followed me as I got on the train. Despite their attempts to dox me, I rode right by their protest without them noticing at all.

The meetup had a pretty solid turnout considering we had to change locations and keep it secret due to death threats. Conversely, the FURIE protest had a turnout of only about thirty… thirty girls who had nothing better to do on a Saturday night but stand around in the cold protesting a meetup that, as far as they knew, had officially been cancelled. How big of a loser can you be?


The feminists also chalked up the nearby sidewalks with “anti-rape” slogans, because there’s no better way to protest than by defacing your own property. There were also a total of six police cruisers (four Chicago PD, two Loyola) on the scene.


Since they failed to prevent us from meeting up, the feminists are now trying to claim our group is “small” and “unimportant.” Yeah, we’re so unimportant that you had a worldwide conniption fit last week over the thought of us even existing. Not only that, you’re so incompetent that you can’t even ID one of the “rape-supporters” you’re targeting even when he tells you where he is.

Overall, the Chicago tribal meetup was a massive success: I got to meet some new guys as well as reunite with some familiar faces. We’ll be having more meetups and bringing new guys onboard in the coming months, so stay peeled: great things are around the bend.

I’ll leave off with a couple of Tweets from an antifa that really sum up the situation:



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