Matt Forney
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The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Anti-Feminists


In this video, I give my thoughts on anti-anti-feminists such as David Futrelle, their reactionary, emotion-driven thinking and the complete hollowness of their belief systems.

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  • AM

    That’s the problem with mass literacy in general. Funding goes to shit like Twilight, not the next Aeneid. The poor should learn basic math and nothing else. YouTube only exacerbates the semi-educated.

    A public university liberal arts professor made that observation to me. Apparently Classics people tend to be regressive instead of progressive. Blew my mind.

    As for video suggestions, I want to know if you think internet philosophy will still be your primary income in five years.

  • Darren Snakeman

    Many women know the struggle of trying to overcome male domination, but they don’t need to become feminists. Some just rely on observation and common sense.