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Rob Fedders Retires: Paying Tribute to One of the Godfathers of the Manosphere

A couple days ago, amid all the manospambots wailing and gnashing over the fall of one of their paper alphas, a man who has exerted an enormous influence on all of us—so enormous that most don’t even notice him, in the same way that most people don’t notice the air they breathe—hung up his spurs and went home. Rob Fedders, one of the most important progenitors of the manosphere, is no more:

It was a good death.

It’s better to burn out than fade away!

He is survived by no-one as he was a free man who never married and had no children.

In Rob’s last will and testament he requested that in lieu of flowers, you give women the husbands they deserve: None!

Rest In Peace, Rob.

This news wasn’t wholly unexpected, to me anyway. A while back, Rob told me that after he finished one last project—a free e-book on the philosophy of MGTOW—he was going to call it quits. He’d had enough of the Internet and was ready to spread his wings.

Still, does knowing that one of your relatives is going to eventually die from cancer make it any less sad when they finally pass away?

Most people claim as their introduction to the “red pill”—to gender realism, the reality of feminism, cultural Marxism and the like—someone like Roosh, Roissy or Rollo Tomassi. For me, though, my defining influence was Rob Fedders’ blog NO MA’AM. It was five years ago, in the tail-end of my sophomore year in college, that I came across his lightning rod of an essay “Marriage is Fraud.” It was a detailed, rational and mind-blowing argument against marriage:

What was originally based on a woman “selling” a man the ability to have his own children and taking his surplus labour as “payment,” has become a woman having children of HER own and still taking a man’s surplus labour as “payment” for that which she is NOT selling. THAT IS FRAUD!

To my pot-addled teenage brain, this was like a jackhammer to the face. I spent the next few weeks, whenever I didn’t have anything better to do, poring through the NO MA’AM articles, completely upending my worldview in the process. Not only that, through NO MA’AM I discovered countless other anti-feminist writers such as zed, Bonecrker, MarkyMark, Pook, Daniel Amneus, and Spartacus. These men had created an entire body of anti-feminist literature that was freely available online, backed up by reams of historical research, and revolutionary.

The manosphere today is a towering skyscraper, but it was these men who laid the foundation for everything that came after. The fundamental differences between men and women? The secret history of feminism going back to the 1800’s? The cultural Marxist doctrine that governs the West? The fundamental childishness of women? Rob and his contemporaries pioneered all of this, and they rarely if ever get any credit for it. Whenever you read a rant from some basement dweller screaming “DON’T GET MARRIED DON’T GET MARRIED BETA BETA BETA!!!!!!11”, you’re reading Rob Fedders’ ideas, bastardized and filtered down to the base of the demographic pyramid.

But Rob wasn’t merely a great thinker: he was also the manosphere’s premier archivist.

NO MA’AM served as an archive of not only Rob’s writing, but the writing of countless other anti-feminists. This is a far bigger deal than you think. Back in the bad old days of the late nineties/early oughts, when bandwidth cost an arm and a leg and running your own website required a fair amount of tech knowledge, most anti-feminists hosted their sites on crappy free services like GeoCities or Angelfire. Most of these repositories have gone up in digital flames in the past few years, taking whole stores of valuable information with them.

Additionally, the vast majority of the original MGTOW bloggers are no longer around. Feminists like to bait Men Going Their Own Way like this: “Well, why don’t you shut up and Go Your Own Way ALREADY!”, but that’s the thing: the guys who’ve Gone Their Own Way did just that. They deleted their blogs, closed their forum accounts, logged off the Internet and went bowling. It’s like they never existed in the first place.

Going ghost is basically a self-inflicted version of damnatio memoriae.

By preserving and cataloguing the works of Bonecrker, zed, and others, Rob has allowed future entrants into the manosphere to benefit from their wisdom. We’re saved from constantly having to re-invent the wheel.

Of course, as the Mark Minter dustup showed, merely having the wisdom of the elders around doesn’t guarantee that people will actually heed it.

Therefore, I have a homework assignment for all of y’all: read The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way from start to finish. It’s Rob’s masterwork, the sum total of all his research and philosophizing. The vast majority of it predates the manosphere; you’ll see ideas we take for granted articulated in essays that were written close to a decade ago.

Like I said earlier, I wasn’t entirely surprised that Rob decided to depart this vale of tears. Both privately to me and publicly, he’s expressed that he was unhappy with the direction that MGTOW has gone in, taken over by guys who think that its only principle is not marrying. Hell, you’ve even got some “migtows” who are attacking him—one of the creators of MGTOW—as a “crackpot” and “conspiracy theorist.”

Kids don’t got no respect these days.

Rob Fedders’ departure is an incalculable loss for the manosphere, but fortunately, he’ll be preserving his blog indefinitely for future generations of men to learn from. I’m also taking steps to preserve his writing if his blog goes down for whatever reason (Rob specifically put all of his work in the public domain, as have most MGTOW writers). Avail yourself of his wisdom with some of my favorite NO MA’AM posts (these are all part of The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way):

Farewell Rob, and thanks for everything. I’m hoisting a brew for you tonight, brother.

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