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Rusty Nail by J.A. Konrath

This is another book in Konrath’s Jack Daniels series, a direct sequel to Bloody Mary, and I have to say that it pleasantly surprised me. Rusty Nail deviates from the typical thriller formula far more than the other Konrath novels I’ve reviewed, and is worth checking out even if you aren’t typically into this genre.

Rusty Nail continues the plot where Bloody Mary left off, with Jack Daniels investigating a cult that practices extreme mortification and distributes the results in horrifying snuff films. The book does a good job of depicting the degeneration of Daniels’ personal life, as the dangers of her job cause her relationships to implode and her loved ones to be hurt:

I went through the kitchen, into a living room, which was also a disaster. Besides the empty food boxes and cans, almost every surface of the room was stacked with pornography. Magazines , videos, and DVDs, littering the table, the sofa, the easy chair, and the floor. Nasty porn too. I glimpsed a few titles: Latex Bondage Torture. Pain Sluts. House of Agony. Seymore Blood’s Human Pincushion.

Like Bloody MaryRusty Nail is written in a minimalist style that shies away from flowery ultraviolence.

While it’s far from groundbreaking, Rusty Nail is a surprisingly deep and involved novel, and one worth reading.

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