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Can a Change of Mindset Save Thunderf00t’s Life?

Phil Mason (aka thunderf00t) is an atheist vlogger and chemist known for his videos attacking creationists and feminists. Because of his videos debunking Anita Sarkeesian’s arguments, Thunderf00t has gained a large following among GamerGate supporters.

Thunderf00t is also a man in pain.

Despite being somewhat intelligent and having a moderately successful career as a scientist, Thunderf00t suffers from a toxic, hateful mindset. His poor self-image was already evident in both his unhealthy personal appearance and the angry, insult-laden attacks he makes against right-wing figures such as Stefan Molyneux, but Phil’s downward spiral has become increasingly obvious in recent months.

Thunderf00t’s father’s death has finally sent him over the edge.

For the past couple of weeks, Thunderf00t has been making increasingly unhinged videos about my friend Davis Aurini. While there are a lot of legitimate criticisms of Aurini’s handling of The Sarkeesian Effect, Phil’s videos have been nothing but personal attacks on the man.

Given that Aurini only has a fraction of Thunderf00t’s audience, why would he obsess over him like this?

Thunderf00t is taking out his rage at his father’s death on Aurini.

By his own admission, Thunderf00t has been deeply hurt by his dad’s recent death from cancer, admitting that he has survivor’s remorse:

In both this video and the one below (posted two weeks ago), you can see how Thunderf00t’s increasingly despondent mindset is affecting his physical health. His haggard, unkempt appearance is an outward reflection of the pain he suffers through every day:

Even Thunderf00t’s own fans, such as Sargon of Akkad, can no longer ignore the man’s deteriorating mental state:


Thunderf00t will destroy his life if he doesn’t change how he thinks.

Thunderf00t’s negative mindset is the reason why he is lashing out at Aurini and others. Rather than learning to cope with loss in a healthy, productive manner, Phil is taking out his anger on innocent third parties, which is only contributing to his downward spiral.

Like most atheists, Thunderf00t places himself on a high pedestal. His pretenses to superiority over men like Aurini and myself are a facade to hide his inner self-loathing. Phil lashes out at us because he is hurting and he wants others to share in his misery.

To make matters worse, Phil surrounds himself with people who feed off his torment and amplify it. Just look at the comments on any one of his videos. Many of Thunderf00t’s fans have toxic mindsets themselves and they subscribe to his channel because they enjoy seeing him in pain.

I want to help Phil.

I’m not trolling. I truly want to help Phil turn his life around. I’ve experienced my own share of psychological torment in the last year and I can see where he is coming from. I can also help him cultivate a resilient mindset that will improve his outlook on life.

What qualifies me to help Thunderf00t? To put it simply, I’ve spent the better part of the last year undergoing a trial that no man should ever have to face. I survived it in part because I’ve cultivated a mindset of positivity and self-reliance.

One year ago, I was falsely accused of rape.

I was falsely accused of rape by a malignant narcissist who wanted to ruin my life and see me thrown in prison. This individual enlisted a lackey to run around the Internet and post public rape accusations to feminist websites and publicly accessible Facebook groups. Here’s an example of one posting he left (personal details redacted, though the post can be found with a Google search, and I’ve made a backup with in case it’s deleted):


This narcissist also attempted to turn my own friends against me (the ones that he knew). Here’s a comment his lackey attempted to leave on my own blog:


For the better part of six months, the sword of Damocles was hanging over my head. Not only was I worried about being arrested for a crime I didn’t commit, I lived in fear that an SJW would discover the accusations and publicize them. Given how Roosh has gotten raked over the coals merely because feminists claim that his books promote rape, imagine what they would do with an actual rape accusation against me.

I won’t lie: this false rape accusation nearly killed me.

Because the accusations were publicly searchable in Google, I would frequently get readers of mine emailing me to warn me about them. I figured it was only a matter of time before some feminist found them and a Twitter mob came banging on my front door. My career, my reputation, and my relationships with family and friends were on the line.

The stress of being falsely accused of rape took its toll on me. I gained twenty pounds in the span of six months and started drinking heavily. I also became more irritable and short-tempered. Many nights, I either couldn’t sleep or would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I would pace nervously when I had nothing else to do and developed a habit where my arm would start twitching uncontrollably when I was stressed out.

I’ll even admit that I started crying for no reason once, simply because I was afraid of what might happen.

Imagine waking up every day too terrified to look at your phone or computer because you’re expecting a pile of clickbait articles falsely accusing you of raping a woman. Imagine having fantasies of the police showing up to haul you away based on the say-so of an unemployed schizophrenic. Imagine dreading explaining to your family why they’re getting besieged with stories about you being a rapist.

What kept me going? What prevented me from putting a gun in my mouth or ending up in a mental hospital?

Answer: mindset.

Years ago, my friend Zampano introduced me to a book by Dr. Shad Helmstetter called What to Say When You Talk to Your Self. The book is focused on helping you use self-talk—positive affirmations—to change your perception of reality and achieve your goals.

It sounds like hokey self-help pablum, but not only is Helmstetter’s advice backed by scientific research, the concept of self-talk has so percolated through our culture that it appears in other self-help books. For example, Mike Cernovich’s excellent Gorilla Mindset has a large section on self-talk.

It was because I started practicing Helmstetter’s self-talk principles that I was able to cultivate a winner’s mindset.

The period in my life from mid-2013 up until mid-2014 was one of the most productive and enjoyable in my life because I refused to accept the reality in front of me and worked to fashion my own. It was during this period that I was able to build an online empire, quit my day job and move to the Philippines, largely because I created a mindset that made it possible for me to do these things.

While I weathered this crisis with the help of my friends and some chemical stimulants like phenibut, what ultimately kept me from having a total nervous breakdown was mindset.

Put simply, I realized that no matter what happened, I could survive this trial.

If the accusation went viral, I had the ultimate trump card: the truth. I knew that my friends would back me, because if they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t be my friends. My readers would back me. And if I ended up being arrested, the charges would fall apart under scrutiny.

It would be a horrifying experience: dealing with countless SJW trolls and female typists rushing to crucify me in the court of public opinion, and the narcissist spinning all kinds of lies to try and land me behind bars. But I could survive it, because I had the brains, the hustle, the grit to make it through this gauntlet.

And six months later, the false rape accusation more or less imploded. Now, if an SJW tried to publicize it, I could just laugh at them. While what I went through is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, by enduring this experience, I’ve become stronger as a man.

If I can survive a false rape accusation, Thunderf00t can survive his dad’s death.

Through positive self-talk, Thunderf00t can pull himself out of the nosedive his life has taken. He can become happy and shed the drama-seeking, radioactive fans who encourage his worst personality traits. While it’s true that my offer is motivated in part by selfishness—since if Thunderf00t turns his life around with self-talk, I’ll get credit for helping him do it—he will only benefit from my guidance and wisdom?

What possible reason could Thunderf00t have for turning down my offer?

Does he enjoy marinating in misery and self-loathing? The answer would appear to be “yes.”

Watch my video about how Thunderf00t can change his life below:

To watch the video on YouTube, click here. To watch it on BitChute, click here. For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here and my BitChute channel here.

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