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Saving Women from Themselves

NOTE: This article was originally published at Freedom Twenty-Five on October 15, 2012. While the site is still online, this article was deleted some time ago, so I’m republishing it here.

I’ve commented in the past that I’m more or less ambivalent about women: I don’t love ’em, I don’t hate ’em. After a bit of soul-searching, I’ve realized that I do in fact love women as a group. Before you immediately write me off as a mangina, hear me out.

I love women because I want to save them from their bad decisions.

The religious right is frequently accused of being “hateful” because of their stance against homosexuality. By condemning gayness, according to the left, Christians are “persecuting” gays and being homophobic. But that’s not how the Christians see it.

Most peoples’ conception of love is this sort of nicey-nice, Sesame Street-type saccharinity in which you never say anything bad about the object of your affection and accept them for who they are. But is this really love? If your best friend is, say, an alcoholic or a heroin addict or a compulsive gambler or about to do something really stupid, you’re going to want to stop them. If you intervene to save your friend, you’re going to have to condemn their behavior, probably hurting their feelings and making them angry in the process. But you’re doing so with the aim of saving them from destroying themselves. If you just stand idly by and watch your friend drink himself into an early death or gamble himself into the gutter, are you really his friend?

If you truly love someone, you’re going to work to safeguard them from unnecessary pain and suffering, even if—especially if—they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior.

According to the religious right’s conception of Christianity, homosexuality is a sin punishable by eternal damnation. From that perspective, Christians who preach against homosexuality and promote reparative therapy are doing it out of love, not hate, because they don’t want gays to burn forever in a lake of fire. You don’t have to agree with this viewpoint (I don’t) to understand the logic behind it.

The manosphere is frequently accused of being misogynistic because we mock fat girls, disdain sluts and criticize the behavior of modern women. By this logic, feminists are pro-woman because they don’t judge women or criticize them for their mistakes. But scientific studies and common sense both show that women are generally happiest when they’re physically fit, chaste and focused on their families instead of their careers. Women who are virgins are exponentially less likely to divorce; women with BMIs in the normal range are more likely to have fulfilling relationships instead of being pumped and dumped; women who throw their lives into their jobs are less happy than those who become wives and mothers.

Basically, for women, the modern feminist consumerist lifestyle is a path to misery and loneliness.

In light of that knowledge, ask yourself this: who are the real misogynists? The ones who are guiding women back onto the path to happiness, or the ones encouraging them to destroy themselves through poor life choices?

The fact is if you defend and excuse away womens’ bad behavior, fully aware that they’re harming themselves, you don’t truly love them. If you want to avert someone from traveling down the path towards death and destitution, you’re going to have to get in their face and risk hurting their feeeelings. In that sense, not only do we in the manosphere love women, we perhaps love them more than any other men in the world.

The manosphere is a space for men, but it also doubles as a mass intervention for the female of the species. Stop crying about your hurt feeeeelings and listen up, ladies. You might learn something.

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  • Take The Red Pill

    Women don’t want “saving” — they’ve made that fact quite clear.
    If you’re going to try and “save them from themselves” right now, all you’re going to do is annoy them into a further misandric frenzy and waste your time as well.
    The Western female gender are like alcoholics and drug addicts in the characteristic that their lives have to hit rock bottom — and hit it HARD — before they will ever admit that they have a problem, and that they need (and want) help to solve it.
    Think about womens’ actions in just the last few years (as well as the last few decades); do you really think that they will ever admit that they are the ones that have a problem? The constant answer that they always have is that all their problems are caused by ‘someone else’: usually their favorite scapegoat — a man, or some men, or the entire male gender, or sexism, or ‘The Patriarchy’, etc., etc.
    Right now, the best thing for men to do is disengage from women as much as possible and maintain a safe distance from them…or you can be certain that they will drag us down with them — while blaming us men all the way.

  • Dave

    I agree. Disengage. Men need to stop giving women SPECIAL TREATMENT. STOP BEING PUSSIES, MEN. Let women see what it feels like to be a man. To walk a mile in men’s shoes. Stop agreeing with them. Stop complimenting them. Stop smiling at them. Even better, stop looking at them, completely! Do you do these things for men?!?!? Or better yet, do you get these things as a man?! Of course not! Do you get people buying you a bunch of shit, people ogling you on the street, people agreeing with you no matter what you say, people smiling at you, laughing with you as if you’re the funniest person in the world? Then why do you REPEATEDLY do this for women? Women don’t NEED men anymore in this society! Why would they? When all you bitches are giving them all they need for nothing in return? STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH

  • Scoria

    I agree with you, I was anti-feminist when I first started seeing them pop up in mainstream or rather it stood out to me around the age of 16. I felt actual anger listening to them because I had in fact grown up with a rather different world view. I had always aspired to be a mother and wife. I knew my father lost custody of his children to his ex whom thouroughly destroyed my sister’s chance at a good life. “Friends” steered me in the direction of feminism by being poignant with me about specific examples of how men have hurt me, and then showing me that it is happening all around me according to social media. It did not take me very long to realize that they were in fact hurting me and making me miserable. They made me feel guilty for wanting to be beautiful and dolling up, or being healthy and in shape. I was treated condescendingly for speaking about wanting kids, or not caring for a career. I am in fact working on myself to not be an enabler, so I do not really accept modern feminism in any way these days. Camille Paglia? I will lend her my ear.