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How Schools Enforce the Perfect Princess Mentality


This is a guest post by Dom Torres.

A buddy of mine once introduced me to this very hot Dominican girl. She had Pocahontas skin, a decent stomach (although there was a little chub present), a cute face, medium sized tits, and a nice, round ass. She was very nice during our first encounter; I saw her around school often and eventually took down her number.

We met up a few times and spoke once over the phone. During those times I had mentioned I read a lot and wrote whenever I got the chance. She texted me once asking me to proofread her essay. The essay’s topic was “Should Women Get an Education if They Plan on Being Mothers?” I silently wondered if any essay that argued “no” would receive anything above a B.

I read her essay and it was poorly structured, going against everything I’ve ever learned in any English class! There was no hypothesis, the writing was sporadic, and the essay did not follow anything that resembled a train of thought. Transitions? Non-existent. Now, I’m not an English major like Matt, but I am an English minor and have taken English honors in high school. I told her that her essay was not structured well and what needed to be fixed. She got mad and began to argue against me saying I had no idea what I was talking about.

Eventually she sucked it up and reluctantly asked me to help her make the changes needed. With every change came a complaint.

I looked at her dead in the eye and said, “Can you do me a favor?”


“Stop talking.”

She looked amazed that those words just came out of my mouth and said, “Do you know who you’re speaking to?”

I kept my stern face on and said, “Yeah, another sophomore student.”

She said, “Um, no, I’m not just another sophomore student, I’m much more.”

I waited for her to tell me what secret celebrity status she held. Nothing.

I went back to her essay. She eventually spoke up again, saying, “Can you hurry up? It’s due in a few hours.”

Was she fucking serious? I looked at her facial expression and there was no sign she was joking, only embitterment from the previous verbal bitchslap I gave her. I walked away and left her to her own demise.

Part of this whole experience was my fault; I should have left after the first sign of rudeness. There was no doubt that had she been ugly, that was the route I would have taken. Men just simply let more slide if a girl is hot. Still, everyone has their limits.

A few days later I received a text message during French class. The message was from her; an image of her A paper! Her no-hypothesis, loose-thought, sporadically-worded paper. Thank you, miscellaneous English teacher, for encouraging this girl’s infallible mentality and enforcing her perfect princess attitude.

Dom Torres blogs here.

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  • I think it is more likely (not by enough to make me comfortable) that she falsely graded a copy of her paper to raise her/lower his relative status by deception.

  • zek

    I don’t disbelieve this story for a second. You’d be amazed, AMAZED, what minority “victim groups” can get away with in higher education. I have graded papers myself, and affirmative action does NOT stop at admittance.

  • Mark

    She’s probably too thin to write for Jezebel.

  • Just another person who can barely read nor write thinking she is a “Superstar!” Maybe the teacher wanted to bang her too! Great Post Dom!

  • Reese


  • I made the mistake of taking an English class, and realized how delusional the whole thing was when one of the girls in my TA group pulled out a construction-paper collage for her presentation.

    They were judging us – not based upon our understanding and analysis of the works (since they themselves had none), but on our eagerness to decorate, agree, and other such womanly attributes.

    Construction paper and collages do *not* belong on a University campus.

  • baguazhang

    Eh, shoulda charged a fee.

  • ello

    I teach mathematics at a well-known US university. This does not happen in math.

    It may be because we have a fondness for rigor and precision that borders on anal retentiveness.

    Certainly there is some human tendency to give ‘good’ students better grades but techniques to mediate this (such as covering names) are well known.

    It’s just hard to believe anyone who is paid money to teach students would give good grades to students who are clearly not learning. The whole point of submitting material for grading is receiving back expert critique. The alleged white knight teacher is fully aware he is doing her a great disservice.

  • The public school system is full of Captain Save-A-Hoes, Manginas, Overvalued Cunts and other assorted enablers.