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What if They Had a Sexual Arms Race and Nobody Came?


Close to a decade ago, I was rummaging through the book section of an antiques barn somewhere in Pennsylvania when I came across a book from the eighties on World War III; specifically, a play-by-play analysis of how a war between the U.S. and Russia would unfold, compiled with input from military experts, premier Sovietologists and former Pentagon officials. I only skimmed the book, but it claimed, among other things, that Finland would be a major front early on in the war (due to it being a U.S.-friendly nation sharing a border with the U.S.S.R.) and that Ireland would play a crucial role in NATO’s victory for… some reason.

I regret not buying it, if only for the chance to shred it later on.

All of the war nerding that went on during the Cold War was pure mental masturbation. Red Dawn, the Fulda Gap, all of it. Let’s be honest: if the Cold War had ever turned hot, it would have lasted all of 45 minutes, the amount of time it would take for Washington and Moscow to incinerate each other with nukes. Sovietology was one of the biggest frauds ever perpetuated on the American public, right up there with critical race theory and about three-quarters of the humanities.

A lot of the discussions in the manosphere—or at least the bottom-feeding part of it—are the same kind of mental masturbation. Case in point: this article over at Sunshine Mary’s. In response to a comment from Dr. Illusion urging men to hit the gym and learn how to interact normally with people, one of Mary’s omega orbiters crawled up from the “Satanic crab bucket” (Dr. Illusion’s term, not mine) to wave his pincers and drool:

However, if ALL MEN start improving, you have a red queen effect: everybody has to run faster to remain in the same place. The men will be improving, but the women won’t, and so each man has to work harder and harder just to maintain the same quality of woman.

That’s the operative word: if. This argument is deployed against anyone who espouses self-improvement advice, no matter what it is.

“If every guy gets on a plane to Poland to bang hot girls, they’ll all become just as jaded and slutty as American women!”

“If every guy quits his job to Enjoy the Decline, society will collapse!”

That’s the thing about these scenarios: they will always remain ifs, because the vast majority of men will never commit to any positive lifestyle changes, even if they pay money to learn about them.

The plain simple reality is that most people are too lazy and unmotivated to change their lives for the better. Most humans are on the intellectual level of cattle; they’re content to stand around in the field chewing their cud and waiting for the day when they’ll get shoved onto a conveyor belt and shot in the head. The solid iron will needed to completely reorient an aspect of your life—diet, career, charisma—simply doesn’t exist in wide swathes of Homo sapiens.

To take game as an example, here’s a rough statistical breakdown of how guys who buy Roosh’s Bang (or any seduction book) will utilize it:

  • 55 percent of men will read the book and never implement any of its advice, beyond the most basic changes at best.
  • 10 percent will half-heartedly implement Roosh’s advice, and when they inevitably fail, they’ll start crying about how game is a scam and lie.
  • 30 percent will implement the program to varying degrees of success.
  • Only 5 percent will actually master the material.

These figures are unscientific, but I stand by them not only in relation to Bang, but any self-help advice program, including my own Confessions of an Online Hustler. The majority of people who buy that book won’t even so much as start a Tumblelog devoted to nudie pictures.

The problem isn’t people like Roosh or me, it’s with the customers.

The majority of people who buy self-help books think that they’re magic, that the mere act of reading about how to diet or lift or pick up women will make them able to do it. But self-help advice is useless without the motivation to put it into action. Not only do most people lack that internal motivation, they surround themselves with people who are just as miserable and mediocre as they are, further sapping their desire to make a positive change.

Talking about some kind of “Red Queen alpha arms race” is completely pointless because no society on Earth will ever reach that point.

I’ve long come to accept the reality that most people don’t want to be helped. The most I can do is focus on the guys who genuinely are looking to improve themselves and discouraging the ones who aren’t from opening their mouths. If you just want to mentally jack off and/or sniffle about how the wimmenz done did you wrong, shove off; I don’t want you here. I’m tired of “men” like the potbellied losers on Sunshine Mary’s blog thinking I have an obligation to give them a shoulder to cry on.

If you’re part of the natural elite, the doers, the thinkers, you are my brothers. I welcome you with open arms.

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  • Be careful, Matt. If those losers find the courage to come out from behind Mary’s skirts, they shall give you such a keyboard scolding before running away….

  • I get what you did with that headline Forneycator.

  • That World War Three Book you mentioned is called vThe Third World War by General Sir John Hackett. It’s a dumb book, but good fun at the same time, if only for the cheese en aw.

  • What kind of fool doesn’t realize that if *all* men became more Alpha, this world would start to look a lot more like 1950? Simply transfer the analogy onto women – if women in general became less fat, more men would be inspired to do something with their lives.


  • All of Mary’s commenters aren’t bad, but the bad ones are loud and kind of set the tone for the comments section.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t think it is that most people don’t want to be helped, I think it is that people ultimately must help themselves and absent any survival argument to do so they are just too lazy to proceed to step 2.

    …Cue the scene from Absolutely Fabulous where she tries to be a power woman and just outright fails after she gets dressed and before she gets out the door…

    That’s most people, most.

    But the problem isn’t only with the customers. Not all books are valuable, and the reality is that even if you find that diamond book in the rough, 99% of the time that diamond is unpolished and misshaped. Further compounding the usefulness of books to alter peoples lives is the perspective (while reading) of the individual, which is impossible to meet in static text for literally everyone besides the author. Even the author’s perspective changes over time such that their first books often seem like folly for many who look back on their early works. The printed word is ultimately a shitty form of communication, but absent telepathy or borg implants, it’s the best we’ve got.

    This is why personal experience always trumps a book, always. You can accomplish everything in the boy scouts by reading books and practicing at home. You can, but doing so would be like trying to describe a visual art gallery to the blind. Eventually the blind person would grow very tired of your annoying voice and fail to see (yes pun) the point of the exercise. That’s why the boy scouts took their skills into the forested campsites all over the U.S., because experience is ultimately the only form of instruction humans can wrap their full mind around and get any lasting value from. Books serve to communicate the best way to make those experiences positive, but books cannot ever be a substitute for experience.

    Bang and other red pill/PUA books obviously contain valuable information, but they cannot contain positive masculine experiences for the reader. Those lifestyles must be practiced to have any lasting affect. I’m afraid what you are describing is the endgame of manosphere’s usefulness to impact the human experience. Beyond this (the written word) it must become action of some kind to have any further impact.

  • Failure

    Thermonuclear war did not happen because nobody wants to live in the world of Mad Max. Nukes are that scary nigga.

    [CensorBot sez: Your name is quite appropriate.]

  • Mark

    I don’t see a sexual arms race developing. Men have always used a combination of money, looks and charm (what is now called “game”) to attract women but the combination has varied over time. If you spend more time developing in one area to appeal to women then you have less time to spend on the other areas. Men used to spend more time becoming good economic providers but the welfare state has lessened the value of that. They now have to spend more time on looks and game to attract women. This explains the increase in game books and writers in recent years. There was nothing like “The Mystery Method” in 1940 but there’s lots of books like that now. As things are right at this moment, women are better off. They get the state to act as economic provider while hooking up with the most handsome and charming of the alpha males. It doesn’t end here, though. This is an unstable state and can’t last very long. As I said before, if you spend more time in one area then you have to spend less time in another area . As the men spend more time working out to look good and practicing their game skills, they spend less time on their careers and making money. The advanced technological society with a high standard of living built up by previous generations of beta males starts to crumble. Tax receipts start to shrink. The welfare state, by necessity, also has to shrink. Women will have a lower and lower economic standard of living as this process proceeds. Women will then find they have just traded one situation for another and are not any better off overall than before. Formerly they had the beta male economic provider lacking in looks and game. In the future they’ll have the muscle bound alpha male who’s good at spouting effective pick up lines but who doesn’t have a decent paying job that can support them and a government that doesn’t have any money to support them because all the men have stopped working hard and don’t have any excess income to be confiscated. The men, meanwhile, won’t be any worse off overall in the future. They will have merely switched their efforts. They’ll put more effort into improving their looks and game but less effort into their career.

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  • Daniel

    Can you tell me your critiques of critical race theory? In a rational and non ‘whites are better because x’ way.

  • I don’t do MLM now but I used to and I still remember the major principles they go by, the motivator (the top earner, everyone’s upline/sponsor) would preach like so:
    “so you’re having problems and challenges in getting people to participate in our program? Be thankful! Why? Because imagine If everybody would join in, you go to the hospital; there is no one there to treat you, why? All the hospital staff are just doing our business. What if you need to eat out? No waiters, all are now MLMers. No one in the 9-5 jive anymore,. Remember : Many are called few are chosen – be grateful you are one of the chosen ones there are few who are like you – so naturally it’s hard to look for someone like you, but once you did – you will start to fly”

    Few months from then someone hacked the marketing system and messed up the commissions – it blew away millions of earnings away therefore the company needed to close down. But guess what; the top earners- the topdogs, have either went to another company and are now doing well, or have already earned enough to do another business or investment venture that earns them passive income until their next coming generations.

    I am not an MLMer right now but still the free training that I got from them has completely changed my mindset and thanks to that I have come to peace with the fact that not everybody are destined to act upon the opportunities. That is what is good with internet marketing and using websites – you immediately screen out uninterested people through search engines unlike the old school offline stuff where you need to really meet and try to convince people who may or may not be interested.
    Cheers for this post Matt

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  • Dire Badger

    The best self-help book ever made was called ‘the new @n@rch1st’s cookbook’ by a long string of authors.

    It shows you important stuff, like how to disable an armed unmanned device’s remote control, and how to make… ahhh… unlicensed forceful projection devices with plumbing materials and a cellphone remote actuator.

    But it’s not something you want to practice a whole lot. when you need it, you will need it.

    * some details have been altered to avoid unauthorized packet sniffing by overzealous security fanatics