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Trump, Soros, and Putin: Showdown in Belarus and Ukraine

For the past week, Belarus, the ex-Soviet republic that everyone loves to hate (when they can be bothered to remember that it exists), has been rocked by anti-government protests. The impetus for the riots is the government’s new tax on the jobless: if you’re unemployed for more than six months, you have to cough up the equivalent of $230, no small amount of money in eastern Europe. According to the globalist fake news media, these protests represent the flowering of democracy in Belarus, the end of “Europe’s last dictatorship,” and a new era of freedom!


There’s likely some genuine sentiment behind the protests. Belarus is the only ex-Soviet republic that has largely continued using Soviet economics, and punishing the unemployed with a tax is the kind of regressive logic only a communist would come up with. But the protests are being fueled by George Soros and a slew of globalist vampires who are looking to sink their fangs into the one European country that has resisted them the longest.

And if the Belarusian government is overthrown, not only will the globalists destroy the country, they’ll be pushing us closer to World War III with Russia.

I can say this because the globalist game plan was already enacted in another ex-Soviet republic: Ukraine. Three years ago, the “Euromaidan” protests resulted in the ousting of Ukraine’s pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych and the installation of a pro-Western government… or at least that’s what the fake news media wants you to believe. In reality, Barack Obama, the State Department and George Soros took advantage of discontent in Ukraine to launch a coup and install a puppet government in order to weaken Russia and strip-mine the country of its resources.

The Euromaidan coup in Ukraine immediately worsened relations with Russia, due to Ukraine being part of Russia’s “near abroad,” Russia’s historic links with the country (Ukraine has a large Russian minority), and the presence of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, which led directly to Russia annexing the latter. Make no mistake: the globalists are licking their chops at the situation in Belarus. If they succeed in ousting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko—a close Russian ally—and replacing him with a globalist junta, not only will they undermine President Donald Trump’s attempts to ameliorate Russian relations, they’ll be pushing us closer to a global crisis.

Belarus: A Brief History of Soviet Nostalgia

Alexander Lukashenko is an odd duck among ex-Soviet leaders in that he’s sought to preserve his country in amber, retaining Soviet-style economics and government policies when every other ex-communist state has reformed along capitalist lines. Under Lukashenko, much of Belarus’ economy remains state-run, democracy is purportedly suppressed, and freedom of movement is restricted. Up until a month ago, foreign nationals needed a visa to visit the country: now, citizens of 80 countries (including the U.S.) are allowed visa-free entry into Belarus provided they enter through Minsk International Airport, stay no more than five days, and have health insurance and at least €25 for each day of their stay.

I’m no fan of socialist economics, and I’ve heavily criticized alt-righters who claim that white people can make socialism magically work if we just get rid of all the blacks and Jews. But Lukashenko’s policies kept Belarus from being robbed blind by gangsters both foreign and domestic, the gangsters who cleaned out Russia in the nineties and are robbing everything in Ukraine right now.

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, neoliberal bankers, NGOs and other assorted scum invaded Russia and raped the country economically, aided by feckless President Boris Yeltsin, a tool of the globalists. Given the anti-Russia hysteria coming out the fake news media right now, it’s astounding to think that the country was once so weak, during the 1998 financial collapse, Russians were committing mass suicide by laying down on railroad tracks. During that same period, Lukashenko enjoyed a 55 percent approval rating among Belarusians, and the country avoided being dragged into the worst of Russia’s recession.

Neocons and other globalists have tried to subvert or bring down Lukashenko’s regime for over twenty years with little success. All the jeremiads about Lukashenko being “Europe’s last dictator,” complaints about his “homophobia” (he once teased a homo German minister by saying “it’s better to be a dictator than gay“), and EU sanctions haven’t put so much as a chink in Belarus’ armor. Western-funded groups like FEMEN and Pussy Riot, designed as Trojan horses to infect Russia and Ukraine with the globalist virus, don’t dare set up in Belarus lest they get the wood shampoo. Belarus has also maintained a close relationship with Russia throughout the years.

Regardless of how you feel about Belarus, there’s zero reason for the U.S. to be meddling in their internal affairs. This crap about Lukashenko being “Europe’s last dictator” is a case in point. Who cares? Globalists and their useful idiots in the body politic can’t seem to get it through their skulls: not everyone wants to be like Americans. There are billions of people on this planet who have no desire to emulate our joke of a democratic system or our rapidly eroding “freedoms.”

How does this relate to Ukraine, President Trump and Russia? Well…

Ukraine: A Brief History of Globalist Lies

Ukraine is the test case for what happens when George Soros and his cronies take total control of your country. The Euromaidan revolution, in which Ukraine’s pro-Russian government was overthrown in favor of a pro-EU one, has been a disaster for the country.

The Euromaidan catastrophe also shows how globalists are not above manipulating nationalist sentiment for their own ends. Ukraine’s history since the breakup of the U.S.S.R. has been defined by conflict between ethnic Ukrainians, concentrated in the western half of the country, and ethnic Russians, concentrated in the eastern half. Elections are defined by the Ukrainians and Russians bloc voting for different candidates. Three years ago, the globalists took advantage of Ukrainians’ historic resentment against the Russians (see: the Holodomor) to manipulate nationalist groups such as Right Sector into supporting the overthrow of the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Now there are gay pride parades in Kiev.

In a leaked phone call in February 2014, it was revealed that the State Department was behind the push to install a pro-globalist government in Ukraine. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, in a conversation with Ukraine ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, discussed which opposition figure they’d best like to replace Yanukovych, settling on Arseniy Yatsenyuk as their preferred candidate; Yatsenyuk was installed by the end of the month. While Nuland was an Obama appointee, her husband is notorious neocon Republican Robert Kagan. Following Donald Trump’s victory in the GOP presidential primary last year, Kagan endorsed Hillary Clinton and headlined several fundraisers for her campaign.

Since the Euromaidan revolution, Ukraine has slid into full-scale civilizational collapse. The hryvnia, Ukraine’s currency, has plummeted in value, to the point where you can rent whole apartments in the center of Lviv and other major cities for as little as $10 a night. The country’s industrial base is being dismantled wholesale and the Chinese are buying up all its farmland. Ukrainians are emigrating in droves, particularly skilled Ukrainians, creating a massive brain drain. According to men who’ve visited Ukraine, girls there are becoming increasingly desperate to get out.

The pro-globalist junta in Ukraine had hung its economic hopes on being admitted to the European Union. Thing is, Ukraine has effectively slipped into third-world status: its GDP has fallen from a peak of $183 billion in 2013 (pre-Euromaidan) to $91 billion in 2015, only slightly more than Sudan. Given that the EU has been reeling from Greece, Ireland and other basket-case economies imploding one after the other—as well as the Muslim migrant crisis—the last thing they want to do is take in a dirt-poor country full of people desperate to leave.

The Ukrainian government right now is a motley collection of criminals and thieves. In one particularly funny absurdity, the government decided to make former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, a man so despised in his home country that he’s been stripped of his citizenship, the governor of the Odessa Oblast. The highlight (lowlight?) in the comedy of errors that is Saakashvili’s career was the Russo-Georgian War in 2008, in which he idiotically tried to fight a land war against Vladimir Putin over the enclaves of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, all while being egged on by American neocons.

As anyone who’s ever played Risk could have figured out, the Russians easily beat the shit out of the Georgians. Turns out that listening to neocons is always a bad move. The coup de grace was when John McCain, who was running for president at the time, urged the U.S. to intervene. There were even neocons who were screaming at McCain and George W. Bush to enter the war on Georgia’s side. Starting World War III over some obscure Caucasus country: a really wise move.

And imagine that this guy nearly became president.

But this wasn’t just a case of Old Man McCain submerging into his dotage. Mikheil Saakashvili is a regular participant in conferences set up by the German Marshall Fund, a globalist think tank that pushes left-wing policies and is associated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. If the German Marshall Fund sounds familiar, it’s because they recently held their Brussels Forum, where one of the speakers was a fellow by the name of… John McCain.

McCain has also been fingered as the source of sensitive intelligence leaks that are damaging the Trump administration.

Add in McCain’s connections to Evan McMullinand McMullin’s CIA past and links to ISIS—and this already-tangled web gets even thicker.

Five Minutes to Midnight

The Euromaidan coup is the single biggest reason why relations between the U.S. and Russia have deteriorated in recent times. Beyond the fact that Ukraine is right on the Russian border—how would Americans react if the Russians instigated coups in Mexico and Canada and installed pro-Russian puppet governments?—close to half of Ukraine’s citizens are ethnic Russians. Euromaidan is what drove Russia’s annexation of Crimea, a region that is almost entirely ethnically Russian and is the home of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. It’s what’s driving Russian separatist movements in eastern Ukraine right now.

In a masterful propaganda campaign, the globalists have convinced the left, the same left that lost their minds over Dubya’s invasion of Iraq, that antagonizing Russia—a nuclear-armed superpower—to the brink of world war is a good idea. Aided by the traitorous CIA, the fake news media has ginned up hysteria over Russia’s “homophobic” laws and their supposed (and unproven) intervention in the presidential election. Even worse, they’ve somehow managed to convince the left that Ukraine is a hill worth dying on: see all the complaints about how Trump doesn’t care about Russia’s annexation of Crimea, a region that was part of Russia for centuries before its transfer to the Ukrainian SSR in the 1950’s.

I don’t know enough about the situation in Belarus to say how much of the uprising there is a Soros-directed effort, but it’s clear that the globalists are looking to take advantage of it in the same way they took advantage of upheaval in Ukraine. Ousting yet another pro-Russian government in an ex-Soviet state will further deteriorate relations with Russia, box Putin into a corner, and sabotage Trump’s efforts to rekindle relations with Putin. It could potentially lead to war.

Regardless of how you feel about Putin, Lukashenko and the like, there’s one thing we can all agree on: meddling in internal Russian and ex-Soviet state affairs benefits no one. The only people who won out in the Euromaidan crisis were the globalists and gangsters who are currently stealing everything in Ukraine that isn’t nailed down. A globalist coup in Belarus will just be a replay of what we’ve already seen.

For crying out loud, we elected Trump in part so the government would stop doing shit like this.

I’m going to keep monitoring the Ukrainian and Belarusian situations from my perch here in Hungary. Additionally, I’m looking to venture into Ukraine starting next week to report on the situation there. I’ll be posting more details later today.

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