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Of SlutWalks and Double Standards

It was roughly a year ago that the SlutWalks took the world by storm. Never again will we blame victims for getting raped! Take that, patriarchs!

For those of you who missed this momentous occasion, a refresher.

The SlutWalks began when a Toronto policeman remarked that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” if they didn’t want to get assaulted. For some reason, this sent the entire city’s womenfolk into a tizzy, and they took to the streets in their best prostitute garb to protest. Then women around the world started protesting; there have been SlutWalks in NYC, Boston, London, LA, and even Ithaca. The message of the SlutWalkers was that women are always blameless when they get raped, and that “shaming” women by calling them sluts is wrong.

Of course, the argument that it’s never a woman’s fault if she gets assaulted is stupid, and no one accepts it outside the context of feminism. I’m far more likely to get robbed and attacked if I walk through a black-majority, inner-city ghetto then if I go through a middle-class white suburb. You can call me a racist for writing that, but you can’t dispute that what I’m saying is true. If I went through a bad neighborhood at three in the morning and got mugged, you’d likely tell me I was a moron for doing it, even if you empathize with me.

It’s called personal responsibility, the idea that there’s a greater world out there that doesn’t give a crap about us, a world that we have to cope with. As much as feminists want to scream, cry and whine to the contrary, there are certain actions and behaviors that make rape more likely. If a girl goes around at night alone, sloppy drunk and dressed like a whore, she’s inviting sexual assault. No, that doesn’t justify anything bad that happens to her, but it doesn’t absolve her of responsibility for her actions.

But that doesn’t interest me as much as the other point the SlutWalkers make: that “slut-shaming,” judging women on how many men they’ve slept with, is a no-good, very bad thing.

This complaining about the “double standard”—men are studs, women are sluts—has been a fundamental plank of feminist thought for decades. Personally, I don’t mind if women are sluts. I love sluts. I’ve never “slut-shamed” a girl in my life. Every man who is honest with himself wants women to be sluttier, because it makes getting laid that much easier. We wouldn’t want sluts to be the mothers of our children, but aside from that, who cares?

But there’s another double standard that feminists curiously don’t care about: the virgin double standard, where sexually inexperience men are mocked and chaste women are beloved. If you’re a guy, one of the most common insults you’ll get on the Internet is something like this:

You’re a fat, ugly loser who can’t get laid!

I have never once in my life ever heard a woman insulted for not being able to get laid. No one will ever shame a girl for only having a handful of sexual partners. It’s well known that when it comes to the all-important “number,” men will lie up while women will lie down. Guys exaggerate the number of girls they’ve slept with, while girls come up with all kinds of cute rationalizations to lower their numbers. “I was on vacation, so it doesn’t count.” “I didn’t love him, so it doesn’t count.” “I only went down on him, so it doesn’t count.” Remember this?

Feminists are against slut-shaming, but they’re all too happy to engage in “virgin-shaming” against any man they don’t like. I don’t see men banding together and holding “VirginWalks” to protest this atrocity. “Just because we’ve never had sex doesn’t mean you can judge us!”

Yeah, somehow I doubt anyone would ever take a “VirginWalk” seriously. If you’re a man and you’re upset about your lack of a sex life, you don’t whine about it, you get up and you do something about it. At least, that’s what you do if you don’t want people to laugh at you. But for some reason, we’re expected to treat the SlutWalkers like the second coming of the bra-burners instead of laughing the little floozies out of the room.

Men and women are different. Get over it.

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