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The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist by Johnny Montoya

The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist is a radically unique book in this part of the Internet, but is that enough to justify its existence?

Johnny Montoya’s newest book is not a pick-up guide. Reading it will not make you better with women. What it will do is make it easier for you to find the right woman. The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist is a short guide that explains the qualities that a good woman should have, to help men avoid falling for a girl who will suck out their soul with her antics and manipulations.

See what I mean about this book’s uniqueness not being enough?

I don’t have a problem with The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist when it comes to content: it’s concise, well-written and legitimately helpful. But as I read it, I kept asking myself: “Why does this book need to exist?” Maybe I’m just projecting my experience onto other men, but I don’t think I need help identifying the kinds of traits that make a good woman. If you do have a problem in this department, Montoya’s book will help you, but I can’t imagine there are that many men who have difficulty telling good girls from psychos.

The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist is separated into ten chapters, outlining both the kinds of qualities that good girls embody and the red flags you need to look out for. Each chapter is short and sweet, getting to the point with a minimum of fluff:

As you can see, it’s not just about how she treats you, but also how she treats others. This actually makes it easy to spot a bad one because even if she seems to treat you OK, if she treats others badly, then you’re next. Eventually. It’s about observing what she’s capable of. If she treats others badly, don’t assume that just because she’s fine with you that it’s because you’re special to her. A really good woman treats everyone well by default.

Montoya’s advice is keyed to helping men look past the physical and examine a woman’s personality. While physical attraction is important, Dating Checklist is geared towards men who are looking for a long-term relationship or a wife. While some of his suggestions are novel and helpful (such as his chapter on probing her psyche), a lot of the book will be old hat to more experienced men:

She should have pretty lips, and a friendly, cheeky smile that makes you feel good. Also a clean tongue, nice gums, and nice teeth that are reasonably white. Her eyes should be clear and bright, preferably large and far apart. Check her eyebrows. Are they nice? Or are they badly groomed…or worse, drawn on…or worse still, non-existent? (I really have no idea why some women do that, it’s disgusting!) And her ears and nose should be small and cute. Her hair should be in good condition, preferably long, or at least shoulder length. Long hair is very feminine, flattering, and forgiving (excuse the alliteration). By forgiving I mean that it diverts attention away from any imperfections. It really makes a world of difference. However, some women are so pretty that they look good no matter what they do with their hair. But if it’s short, it should still be feminine. Wait, does hair count as a facial feature? I’m not sure but I had to include it somewhere. And here is as good a place as any, so let’s go with that.

Overall, The Smart Man’s Dating Checklist is best for younger men who are less experienced with girls and looking for a way to weed out psychos and weirdos. While older men might derive some benefit from Montoya’s book, the bulk of it is info you probably already know. While Dating Checklist does what it does well, what it does may not be original enough to justify buying it.

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