Matt Forney
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Where Do Social Justice Warriors Come From?


In this video, I discuss the rise of social justice warriors, what fuels their power and what we can expect from them in the future.

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  • Kris

    And this is how Obama came to be elected – twice.

  • Wanna know why we’re never going to see another Republican or even moderate in the White House again? It’s NOT the SJWs (who in fact are powerless).

    It’s because the loudmouths have taken over what used to be the best political party — the formerly grand GOP. The reason most Republicans and conservatives (like myself) give for leaving the Right is that we don’t want to be affiliated in the least with the “Reddit” type who now speak the loudest from the Right.

    It’s not like we want to see a Lib or a Dem, because we don’t. But we also can’t get behind the Klan-like hate movement that co-opted Libertarianism and Republicanism.

  • Whatever6669

    what happened is, libs snuck in their posers into the gop, and shout crazy things to make gop look bad. the kkk was started by dems!

  • I can TOTALLY believe that! I have even made that claim straight to their batpoop crazy posts, whereupon I get called a slut, etc. Just as Reddit created multiple fake Feminism memes (like the faked “KillAllMen”, “EndFathersDay”, and any number of other lunatic-inspired versions of fake feminism), I strongly suspect the same B.S. at work making GOPers look so phenomenally racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-everything decent.

    Of course, it doesn’t help my Grand Old Party when our politicians go onto public stages and say ignorant things ?

  • Whatever6669

    lol no honey, killallmen was just femnism showing its true color… FEMinism… its right in the word… they want women to be superior to men, they dont care about men at all, after all we are just disposable wallets to those dykes. femnism is a byproduct of the mental illness known as liberalism, and will be the downfall of this great country… after all society was build by men to begin with lol. look up MRA and redpill philosophy and you will see what I mean.

  • Ummm lol, yes, vinegar, killallmen WAS a Reddit stunt pulled by little Reddit stunt-pullers, their feeds planning the killallmen stunt both PREDATED the Twiitter push AND it laid out exactly how and when to launch it. Their feeds were cackling with glee for how many dopes they were able to trick (present company apparently included). Once their feeds were discovered, they owned up and took 100% credit for the fake hashtags.

    The rest of your delusional ranting is just regurgitating what your masters order you to regurgitate, presumably for permission to lick the remnants of spooge off their hands after they’re through wanking. I mean, if you were dumb enough to not recognize fake-as-fuck feminism when you see it, you’re clearly dumb enough to at least half-believe the rest of that absurd silliness.

  • Whatever6669

    oh ho… i get it now…. feminism, an offshoot of sjws, is the product of libtards, another way for them to dismantle society… just like the kkk. ( just look at how are boys behave now because feminism ‘liberated’ women… they longer have interest in raising respectable members of soceity that take responsibility for themselves… unlike what conservatives do) Femnism = female version of kkk….. lol i must admit you had me good you lib troll… you are exactly what I was talking about… a lib-liar pretending to be conservative… while shouting about ideas that reek of liberalism. go back to your librul sites of racism and sexism please, thanks.

  • Hmm. How to dumb this down enough so that maybe you’ll “really” get it…

    See, you can’t just *say* “oh I get it now” and then write a bunch of incoherence that makes it quite evident that you may indeed do a LOT of things, but “getting it” is not even close to a thing you do.

    Step away from the invective until someone’s taught you how it works, mm-kay? This is why I don’t play basketball, because I would be as bad at it as you are at making sense. Save yourself the embarrassment, and put down the bouncy orange thing.

  • Whatever6669

    even if killallmen was a prank, which it wasnt, it was quickly picked up by feminasties. www. avoiceformen. com/allnews/feminist-hate-explodes-on-twitter-with-killallmen/ recorded it all….

    but what else could i expect from a feminazi as yourself… you have obviously swallowed the koolaid…. you are trolling on an mra site. And you just prove that fenism poisons the mind…. you can only respond with vitrol and insults rather than facts and logic….

  • Whatever6669

    so you fail basic reading comprehension… ha… typical for your kind.

  • KillAllMen WAS a prank, BY MEN, for the singular purpose of trying to fool those with sub-par intellects into thinking feminists did do it… AND feminists delighted in the prank’s backfire, and started using it ironically. If I were dumb enough to lower myself to Twitter, you bet I’d use KillAllMen too. Not because I want any [additional] men killed (men are already killing QUITE ENOUGH innocent men and boys already, thanks), but to show what a fxcking laugh the MRM Reddit twits are for stepping on their own turds like FIVE MINUTES OUT OF THE GATE. Yes — that’s how long it took to be found out.

    And umm, don’t exactly go using anything on AVfM for “proof”; in case you haven’t noticed (guessing ya haven’t), they tend to post quite a few things that have to be removed from their site, because they weren’t even close to truth or reality. Not that all of their lies come down, but they aren’t exactly known for being honest, intelligent, or caring in the least about integrity or even men for that matter.
    (p.s. your insults are better suited at your mirror, not to me, thanks, doll.)

  • ***fails basic reading comprehension***
    ***informs the woman who corrected him that she fails basic reading comprehension***

    AWESOME! BRAVO! Ten out of ten ?

  • Whatever6669

    and thats why sites like national news and even SALON picked up on it right? Salon and The Wire did entire articles abbout it… but lol at you trying to excuse it for a joke… if the sexes were reversed theyrd be national outrage for months…. it just goes to prove the sexism that men experience. its just like Hilary laughing at a man describing how he would strangle her female rival… yet she s held up as a woman’s advocate… and the libs excuse it as a joke. but if the situation were reversed and a republican laughed at that, the lib media would be go batshit crazy.

    you are nothing but a libral loon which are well known for their hypocrisy. This is a mra site so gtfo you sjw reject.

  • Whatever6669

    Awww look… the little retarded feminazi dyke is trying to count. Go get on the short bus with the others of your kind, where you will be happy sticking your fingers in your ears and singing, lalala…. instead having having to face the cold hard truth of the world.

  • Yes, “SJWs” would reject me. As my Disqus handle states, I am a Beleaguered Conservative. I lament the loss of my formerly great GOP, but trash-talking trash like yourself has commandeered it, ruined it, and forever guaranteed it will never reemerge in the White House.

    If you had any sense, you would stop contributing to the delinquency of the Right. It’s ignorant, brainless detritus like you who are handing over the White House to the enemy.

  • “little retarded feminazi dyke is trying to count”
    ^^^ My husband says people like you who refer to themselves in the third person like that have more severe schizophrenia than can be medicated away. He was a field medic in the military for 20+ years, and he got well acquainted with your level of delusions.

    It’s bad enough you’ll contribute toward the male-suicide epidemic, but until then, you’re contributing toward the further ”lefting” of the US.

  • Shmalkandik

    Red Diaper Babies – The Next Generation.

  • Whatever6669

    haha well I dont think a dyke like you has a husband , but if you did he’s probably some pussy whipped gay boi. i never refer to myself in the third person you retarded.

    get it through your thick skull.

    YOU >>ARE<< A SJW. because you are feminist. try reading some of the articles on this very site. feminism is a disease of the brain that goes against the natural order of things. feminism came from the left wing. feminism is ruining boys. we have become a state of sissies because of feminism. moms go to work and no longer care about their children and they end up in jail. male suicide is up BECAUSE of feminism because feminism makes men ashamed to be men, call masculinity toxic, etc they are constantly shaming men for being men. just look at the world feminism, its promoting females, over men.

    at this point i think you are just a left wing troll prretending conservative because no one could be so blind to the truth.

  • try reading some of the articles on this very site. feminism is a disease[…]

    Hmm, so once again proving how stupid you are, you suggest someone read a biased hate-site to see “evidence” of how bad the people are who the author is so biased and hateful toward. I LOVE IT! “Hey, just go over to my White Aryan Nation website and read how stupid you Jooz n N!66ers n qweers are, all the evidence is there, in fact, it’s all you’ll read! # Facts!”

    Oh, man, you really are too funny. I’d say I hope you’re just pretending to be this dumb, alas, you likely are exactly this dumb. Poor you, school’s going to start again in a week, and the kids are all going to start calling you dummy names again. until you drop out after only halfway finishing 8th grade.

  • Whatever6669

    biased??? lol so i guess reality is biased. Truth is biased. women are weak not just physically but mentally too. they are meant to be mothers and love to dominated but feminisms ruins that so then they act out. Try actually reading the site you are on and if you find it so hateful why are you even here? get back in the kitchen.

    n fyi not that’s it’s any of your bullishness but i’m 34 you fuckhole.

    go look up RED PILL PHILOSOPHY you stupid sjw.