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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hungary?

NOTE: This article was originally published at Medium on May 29, 2017. I’m re-posting it here because I recently deleted my Medium account.

Hungary is a country that Americans typically don’t think about, aside from trite “hungry” jokes and occasional cravings for goulash. On the other hand, Hungary is a country that the globalists and the fake news media are always thinking about, because it’s the one country in Europe — aside from Russia — that has completely slipped out of their grasp.

Google “Hungary” or “Viktor Orbán” (the country’s much-maligned prime minister), and you’ll see a nonstop procession of left-wing hit pieces on how backwards and intolerant the country is. Hungarians are racist! Hungary hates democracy! Hungary hates the European Union! Orbán is in bed with Vladimir Putin! Hell, I Googled Orbán’s name just now, and I was treated to these lovely, balanced articles that exhibit no bias whatsoever:


So according to the fake news media, Hungarians are homophobic and anti-Semitic, in addition to being racist, sexist, and reactionary. I’m surprised that leftists aren’t agitating to invade Hungary to “restore” their “freedom” and “democracy,” given that they’re itching to start World War III with Russia over nonexistent election hacking and the oh-so-pressing issue of gay rights.

The latest globalist line against Hungary is that they’re refusing to take in their “fair share” of refugees. The E.U. is threatening sanctions against Magyarország and longtime ally Poland because they won’t let the hordes of Muslims invading from Africa and the Middle East into their countries. Apparently, because Angela Merkel was so stupid as to think taking in millions of rapists from third-world hellholes was a good idea, the Poles and Hungarians have to pay for her mistake by letting said rapists loose in their lands.

Both Poland and Hungary have called the E.U.’s bluff, with the Polish government straight-up saying that Muslim migrants are a greater threat to the country’s survival than transient economic sanctions. Hungary has followed suit, with Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto declaring that no one has the right to tell Hungary how to formulate its immigration policy.

In response, the globalists and their parrots in the fake news media are squawking like mad. They’re proposing all sorts of “punishments” for Hungary, from removing Orbán’s party Fidesz from the European People’s Party grouping in the European Parliament—ignoring the fact that the Parliament is a toothless talking shop with no power whatsoever—to booting both Poland and Hungary from the E.U. altogether. Given that the E.U. is so desperate to keep its existing members that they’re making Brexit as difficult as possible for the U.K.—to the point where they’re trying to sabotage Theresa May’s campaign right now —the idea that they’ll voluntarily kick anyone out is so ridiculous I nearly collapsed a lung in laughter after hearing about it.

My favorite globalist response to the Hungarian Question was this tone-deaf WaPo piece calling on President Trump to “stop Hungary’s descent into authoritarianism.” Yep, let’s go around blithely interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, because that worked out so well for Dubya and Obama.

Let’s get real: Hungary is going to do what it wants, and there isn’t a damn thing the European Union, the State Department, or George Soros can do about it. I’ve been living off-and-on in Hungary and Ukraine since the start of the year, and the brain rot that has afflicted Western minds is being actively resisted here.

And you know what? If you’re French, German, or Swedish, you should be thanking the Hungarians. They’re one of the biggest reasons why you aren’t face down, ass up on a prayer mat right now. (Oh, if you don’t change things, you will be facing Mecca five times a day in about fifty years, but those filthy, “racist” Hungarians have bought you the time you need to cut the Islamic cancer out of your countries.)

See, eastern Europeans don’t buy your cultural Marxist ideas of tolerance, equality and diversity. They already had Marxism shoved down their throats, courtesy of the Soviet Union, that oh-so-wonderful ally that helped us beat back Nazism in World War II. That glorious fight against the tyranny of Adolf Hitler lead directly to the tyranny of Joseph Stalin, with half of Europe given away as a bribe to the Soviets, thanks to the Lend Lease arms we gave them to keep them from getting flattened by the Wehrmacht. Oh sure, we know about the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall, but that barely scratches the surface of the horrors that leftism inflicted on the East.


Here’s an example: I recently visited an exhibition dedicated to the late Bishop Vilmos Apor in Győr, a small city midway between Budapest and Vienna. Apor was the bishop of Győr’s Catholic diocese during World War II, and during the Soviet “liberation” of Hungary, he offered sanctuary to Hungarian women who feared the advancing horde of rapists that comprised the Red Army. Funny: for all the supposed evils of Nazism and Adolf Hitler, German soldiers in WWII never raped the women in the countries they invaded. The Soviets, the “good guys,” raped every woman with a pulse.


On March 28, 1945, with the Soviets having overrun Győr, a few soldiers sauntered up to Apor’s front door looking for some local girls to have fun with. Apor refused to let them take any of the women under his protection. In response, one of the Soviets shot him. He died two days later. Apor was later beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997.

This was life in Hungary—and the Eastern Bloc—from 1945 to 1989. The Hungarians were so disgusted by life under Marxist occupation that they rose up in revolt in 1956, and actually succeeded in overthrowing their communist government before the Soviets sent their troops in. The Hungarian communists were so fearful of another uprising afterwards that they were forced to implement some capitalist reforms, jokingly called “goulash communism,” which made Hungary the wealthiest country in eastern Europe during the Cold War.

So no, leftists, the Hungarians don’t want any of the Marxism you’re smoking. They already mainlined it for half a century and they’re staying clean.

Moreover, expecting Hungarians to take in Muslim migrants—let alone non-white migrants period—is an added layer of lunacy. You must have dozed off in history class when your teacher got to the Ottoman Empire and how they occupied much of eastern Europe—including Hungary—for centuries. Indeed, much of Hungary was under the Turkish thumb for over 150 years, during which they conducted a quiet genocide on the Hungarian population. You’ll pardon the Hungarians if they don’t feel they need to go through a second period of Muslim rule.

Finally, any attempt by the E.U. or Soros to thwart Orbán will just lead to an even more nationalist figure taking power. In the wake of the bogus Central European University protests last month—when the fake news media tried to claim that the tiny marches in support of Soros University were huge events that shut the city down—the globalists were gleefully writing about how Fidesz’s poll numbers had dropped. They failed to point out that the second-most popular party according to those same polls was Jobbik, a self-described “radical nationalist” party whose members once allegedly burned an Israeli flag in front of a synagogue.

Orbán’s nationalist policies aren’t merely driven by conviction, but by political necessity. Jobbik is the only credible opposition to his government, because the Hungarian left has completely imploded. MSZP, the formerly dominant socialist party, has been left an electoral husk after its ludicrously corrupt tenure in government from 2002 to 2010. The only other left-wing parties are polling amoebae like Együtt, which could barely draw 300 people to an anti-Putin protest in February. The left-wing opposition in Hungary is so weak that in last year’s migrant quota referendum, the leftist parties urged their supporters to boycott the vote, since they knew that they had zero chance of actually winning.

Orbán has so effectively undercut Jobbik with his “illiberal” policies that the only thing they have left to run on is the corruption of his government, as seen in these ads the party has plastered around Budapest. (Translation: “They are stealing. We will take everything back.”)


If Orbán buckles to the demands of Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, you will be looking at a Jobbik victory in the elections next year. The Hungarians are not going to become good little genderqueer carrots just because George Soros wants them to.

Hungary is a “problem” that the E.U. cannot solve. Viktor Orbán is no Dubya-style simpleton: he’s a smart man with a grasp on history and culture. His refusal to allow Muslim migrants to settle in Hungary (to the point where he built a border wall, though he sadly has yet to make the Turks pay for it) and his shutdown of Central European University are designed to ensure that his “illiberal democracy” outlives his tenure in office. Say what you will about Orbán, but his actions will ensure that Hungary still exists as a nation in a century, after France and Germany have been absorbed into the Islamic State.

As for the “authoritarianism” of Hungary, what nonsense. Having lived in Budapest for part of this year, I’m far freer there than in any country in the West. In Hungary, I don’t have to worry about being arrested for “hate speech” or fined for drinking a beer on the sidewalk, and half of my income isn’t taxed away to support welfare bums who hate me for being white.

Even renting an apartment is much easier in Hungary than in the U.S. To get an apartment in Chicago, I had to find a realtor, provide proof of income through my bank statements, undergo week-long credit and background checks, pay first and last month’s rent in cashier’s checks (not regular checks, cashier’s checks), and I still had to wait nearly a week after signing the lease before I could move in. In Hungary, you show up to the realtor’s office with €1,000 in cash (or however much your first month’s rent and deposit is), sign a lease, and move in on the same day. It’s that easy.

Life is so good in Hungary that hordes of British and Germans are moving here to take advantage of the reasonable cost of living and lack of diversity. The fake news media has been obsessing over the so-called “alt-right” expat circle in Budapest as of late, while ignoring the leftist expat circle that actually exists there. Lefties who visit Hungary and fall in love with it are blissfully unaware that the very same policies they decry as “racist” or “xenophobic” back home are what make their adopted homeland so pleasant to live in. My own grandmother, who so despises President Trump that she joined the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. the day after his inauguration, absolutely adores Hungary.

I sincerely hope Orbán never gives these people the right to vote.

No, the E.U. will not be bringing Hungary to heel. Hungary will be bringing the E.U. down and defending Europe from the Muslim invasion in the process. They’ve been doing it since the Turks overthrew Constantinople, without a word of thanks from the ingrates of the West. You should be grateful, though the Hungarians will keep doing it regardless.

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