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I’m Now Offering Sponsored Posts and Podcasts

By popular demand, I’m bringing back advertisements on my site. However, rather than use intrusive banner ads or podcast ads, I’m now doing sponsored posts and podcasts. Not only are these more effective than banner ads, they’re also less intrusive (since those who are not interested in them don’t have to read or listen to them).

As always, I will only accept advertising from brands, products and services that I personally use and believe in. I will never suggest that my readers and listeners purchase shoddy or substandard products.

Sponsored Post ($.025-$.05 per word)

I will publish a sponsored review or article about your product or service. If you write the article yourself and provide it to me, the rate will only be $.025 per word; if you have me write the article, I will charge my standard rate of $.05 per word. For example, if you hire me to write a 1,000-word sponsored post, my fee is $50, but if you write the article yourself, you will only pay $25. I offer discounts for repeat buyers.

For more information about my writing services, click here. For an example of the kinds of sponsored posts I write, click here.

Sponsored Podcast ($1 per minute)

I will record a special podcast interview with you. The cost of the interview is $1 per minute, same as my consultation rates. For example, if we record an hour-long interview, you will pay $60. For an example of the kinds of sponsored podcasts I do, click here.

For more information about my advertising packages and how to get in contact with me, click here. I look forward to working with you.