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How to Start a Big Money T-Shirt Business for Less Than $10 by Robert Koch

Robert Koch is who I want to be when I grow up.

It’s odd watching people you’ve known for years end up in completely unexpected places. A little over two years ago, when Koch launched his now must-read blog 30 Days to X, he was an ambitious, if overenthusiastic kid trying on dozens of different hats. Computer programming, learning languages, hustling on Fiverr: Koch tried everything and anything in his quest to become a successful freelancer.

And now he’s succeeded.

In the process, Koch has debunked countless myths about making money online. How to Start a Big Money T-Shirt Business for Less Than $10 is a book that topples more lies about freelancing. In his mission to become self-reliant, Koch has jettisoned most of the conventional wisdom about “lifestyle design” and gone back to basics.

Big Money T-Shirt Business is a book everyone interested in freelancing should read, if not necessarily because they want to sell T-shirts for a living, but as a concise guide to business in the year 2015. Koch’s method ignores the generally accepted wisdom of using the Internet to line up scut work—the equivalent of trying to farm for gold nuggets in a cesspool—and emphasizes good old fashioned meatspace networking:

As I sat and I thought about this, a solution dawned on me. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars into flyers, most businesses would be better off handing out T-shirts to raise brand awareness. Very few people ever throw out a free shirt. Even fashion snobs wear them when they cut the grass or go to the gym. In addition, T-shirts turn the wearer into a walking billboard, advertising the business for all the world to see.

Big Money T-Shirt Business explains how just about anyone with the ability to engage in basic social interaction can make a side income from selling T-shirts. You don’t need graphic design skills (though they can help), you don’t need to plead with cheapass Internet clients, and you don’t need to sweat it. All you need is a bit of extra cash and some sales savvy:

Go into any sports bar on a game day and you’ll see hundreds of fans wearing their favorite team’s logo. Walk around town for half an hour and witness all the people wearing shirts that support some business or event. And go spend 20 minutes on any a college campus to marvel at all the students wearing “unique” T-shirts that support a popular cause.

Big Money T-Shirt Business is so helpful that I’ve actually decided to add a new hustle to my money-making empire based on its advice. While I can’t say anything right now, Koch’s suggestions are going a long way towards making my bank account grow.

Additionally, Koch has decided to use the release of Big Money T-Shirt Business to help out Kid Strangelove, who has been trying to raise awareness of cancer after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. All royalties Koch receives from the book’s sales will go to support cancer research at the Mayo Clinic.

Additionally, if you buy the book, you have an opportunity to win a $15 Amazon gift card. To enter the contest, simply submit a copy of your receipt to iboughttheebook [at] gmail [dot] com. The drawing will be held on June 1st.

While the book is a bit on the short side, How to Start a Big Money T-Shirt Business for Less Than $10 is a must-buy for anyone interested in making a bit of money on the side. It’s concise, to-the-point and can pay for itself with as little as one T-shirt sale.

Click here to buy How to Start a Big Money T-Shirt Business for Less Than $10.

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