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Statement on Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents, and My Disassociation with the Alt-Right

Over the weekend, a conflict erupted between Daniel Friberg of Arktos and Greg Johnson and John Morgan of Counter-Currents Publishing. Arktos’ staffers published an article at revealing how Johnson and Morgan attempted to destroy Arktos through a coup involving the company’s shareholders. I’m involved in the conflict due to the fact that I’m a personal friend of Daniel’s and I worked for Arktos’ former website Right On as an author and podcast host.

Earlier today, Johnson published a response in which he accused me of being a “proxy” for Friberg, as well as other allegations. Counter-Currents author James J. O’Meara has also accused me of being a “fall guy” for Spencer, Friberg, and

Additionally, over the weekend, Lucian Wintrich, Jack Posobiec and other New Right figures have been attacking Richard Spencer as being a closeted homosexual. Wintrich used as evidence a now-deleted post from my private Facebook account that didn’t mention Spencer at all, but discussed Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents and The Right Stuff. I’ve since been accused of allying with Wintrich in a smear campaign against Spencer.

Here are my statements and clarifications on these matters.

1. Everything Friberg, Spencer, and Arktos are saying about Greg Johnson and John Morgan is true.

Greg Johnson has a well-publicized history of mendacity and backstabbing. Over a year ago, I tried to warn the alt-right about Johnson’s treachery after he libeled my friend Roosh V as a “rape advocate” and a rapist during the hysteria over Return of Kings’ International Meetup Day. Using selectively quoted passages from Roosh’s book Bang Iceland, Johnson tried to make it seem as if Roosh had raped a drunk girl in Iceland, using the same logic that feminists and leftists use. When Counter-Currents commenters pointed out Johnson’s deceptive quoting, he deleted their comments and banned them from the site.

(Amusingly, several months after defaming my friend, Johnson had the audacity to beg me to contribute to a book he was writing on the manosphere and the alt-right.)

Several years ago, Greg Johnson nearly destroyed The Occidental Quarterly during his time as editor. After being fired for gross incompetence (not keeping proper financial records, failing to send out issues of the journal to subscribers, among other things), he seized control of TOQ’s website, subscriber list, office keys and other property, refusing to give them up unless he was paid off. After he was finally ousted from TOQ, he started Counter-Currents because he had nowhere else to go. Johnson’s near-destruction of The Occidental Quarterly is documented here.

Johnson has made a career out of backstabbing and betraying people in the alt-right, from Richard Spencer to Matt Parrott to Matthew Heimbach to Colin Liddell. Additionally, his attempts to normalize homosexuality and pedophilia are dangerous and subversive. Johnson’s argument that “intolerance of homosexuality of Jewish” is not only factually wrong (Jews identify as LGBT at much higher rates than the general population and are strongly in favor of “gay rights”), it serves to manipulate and confuse young men in the movement—many of whom already come from broken homes and/or lack proper masculine guidance—into adopting the gay lifestyle.

As for John Morgan, while he is not as psychopathic as Greg Johnson, he is a deceitful and untrustworthy man. Morgan’s coup against Arktos affected me directly, because at the time, I derived a large portion of my income from the articles and podcasts I produced for Right On. Following the seizure of Arktos’ bank accounts last September, Daniel was unable to pay me for my work (though he would later pay me some of the money he owed me out of his own pocket), and I had to borrow money from a friend in order to avoid getting evicted from my apartment.

When I first moved to Budapest six months ago, Morgan would suck up to me in person but insult me in private. At one house party, he got drunk on absinthe and began following me around, clapping me on the shoulder and proclaiming that I was a “good writer,” before passing out in the bathroom in a puddle of his own vomit. At the same time, he would whine about me to Daniel or other mutual friends of ours, claiming I was insufficiently “respectful” towards him. In March, Daniel, Davis Aurini, Melissa Mészáros and I recorded an episode of Matt Forney After Hours where we discussed Morgan’s actions in the context of “gamma males” and their psychological disorders.

Conversely, Daniel Friberg is one of the most honorable and talented men I’ve ever known. I first began working with him nearly two years ago, when he solicited me out of the blue to write for the newly-launched Right On. Daniel is one of the best publishers I’ve ever worked with: he always paid on time (excluding during the coup, which was out of his control), was always clear about what he expected from me, and never played games.

Daniel enthusiastically supported my coverage of the presidential election last year and also selected me as a speaker at Arktos’ Identitarian Ideas IX conference last February, standing by me even when my enemies in the alt-right tried to pressure him into cutting me off. He’s also an incredibly generous soul, paying me the money he owed me out of his own funds when Arktos was going through financial difficulties, offering me a place to stay when I first moved to Europe, and introducing me to countless nationalist figures here. I’m proud to call him a friend.

I’m defending Daniel Friberg because he is an honest man who is being smeared by a vindictive queer with a reputation for libel and treachery. Greg Johnson is the cancer of pro-white activism, and it’s time for chemotherapy.

2. I did not collaborate with Lucian Wintrich to attack Richard Spencer.

The Facebook post that Wintrich and Jack Posobiec are circulating was directed at Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents, and The Right Stuff, and did not mention Spencer at all. The allegations in it were not from me, but from a podcast called “The Third Jimpact“: I merely summarized the podcast’s contents. Moreover, I did not give it to Wintrich: someone on my Facebook friends list did. I have never met Wintrich or Posobiec and never spoken to them, and aside from some personal friendships, I have no ties to the New Right at all.

While I have my differences with Richard Spencer, I am not accusing him and will not accuse him of being a pedophile or committing any other heinous crime. I don’t support what Wintrich and Posobiec are doing and I have since deleted the original post. I am not interested in getting drawn into this fight.

3. I was not “fired” from

Richard Spencer’s statement about my involvement in in January was due to a failure of communication between him, myself, and Daniel Friberg, who supported my involvement due to the fact that I was contributing to’s forerunner site, Right On. The issue has since been resolved.

4. I am disassociating myself from the alt-right.

Richard Spencer, RAMZPAUL and countless others have acknowledged me as a significant influence on the alt-right, going back to my old blog In Mala Fide, founded in 2009. However, it’s clear that the alt-right and I are moving in different directions. While I am not abandoning nationalism or white advocacy, I no longer feel that the “alt-right” label is an adequate descriptor of who I am and what I do.

I am not disavowing the alt-right as a whole, seeing as I have many friends in the movement (such as Daniel Friberg) who are doing good work. Like RAMZPAUL, I’m simply no longer using the label to describe myself. I have no ill will against Richard Spencer et al. and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

This will be my last public statement on these matters for the time being.

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