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There Are Still Good Women in America, But They Are All Rednecks


This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

It’s an undisputed fact that Western culture has led to the corruption of women in the United States. The average American woman is now overweight, lazy and attached to her cell phone. (And so are the men.) But I don’t believe that all American women have been corrupted. There are still plenty of good women, but unfortunately they are all rednecks.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, all of my first girlfriends shared the same characteristics:

  • They don’t cook.
  • They don’t clean.
  • They don’t exercise.
  • They curse and fart regularly.

And their career goal in life was to join a city union.

When I was 24 years old, I had an affair with a work consultant from Utah, and I couldn’t believe the difference. After a night of drinking alcohol and having sex, I woke up to find her ironing my pants, washing my clothes, and cleaning my apartment.

“What is this? Is this a fluke?” I asked myself.

It wasn’t. Two years later I starting dating a girl from a rural town in Maryland, and again she started performing all of the traditional roles of a woman. She didn’t use her phone in front of me, she didn’t curse or fart, and she was was amazing in the sack.

If you want to find a woman like this, you need to go to a city that has one of the following characteristics:

  • 1. Does not have a college in the near vicinity.
  • 2. Does not have a military base.
  • 3. Country music is popular there.

If you can find a town with one of these characteristics, you will most likely find the type of traditional woman that you are looking for.

Personally, I prefer a women that has her own money and is educated, but if you stick with dating in the major American cities, just be warned that you are going to be dealing with a lot of bullshit.

The Captain Power blogs at Captain Power’s Underground Training Site. Also check out his book Work Out, Lose Weight and Stop Being Single.

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  • dejour
  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Excellent post. I’ve noticed such things too, not only in real life but through what women post on their Facebook pages. The further they are away from hipsterland, the better.

  • John

    But what about that song, “All my Exes Live in Texas?”

    In the main though, the author is 100% correct. The farther you get from cosmopolitan areas, the better the women are. They act like women instead of spoiled little children and will shovel shit out of a horse stall without complaint right after cooking a hearty breakfast for you and polishing off the dishes while smiling and humming her favorite song.

    To hell with city women. Find one that will help you gut it, skin it and process it six days later who looks good to boot. They’re out there. I’ve got one.

  • Theodore Logan

    The girl pictured above is most likely a city girl posing as a redneck girl. Tell tale giveaways: the fake tits and artificial tan. But I would tap it, though.

  • Jeremy

    but if you stick with dating in the major American cities, just be warned that you are going to be dealing with a lot of bullshit.

    And by “a lot of bullshit”, Matt means:

    “A steaming pile of dung five feet high on which new dung is periodically dumped each time your SO visits you, with periodic large deposits every time you go out in public with your girl.”

  • Jeremy

    err, rather… “Captain Power” means…

    Sorry, didn’t realize it was a guest post.

  • Frank

    Exactly!!! And they have real jobs that involve being productive not government parasites so they know what the value of a dollar really is.

  • You had an affair with a 24-yr-old redneck. That is not exactly getting value, since casual sex has value in a very limited scope that any attractive American woman has if she acts on it. If you want something ltr, of value beyond ONS, it is NOT redneck women either, because you got to get there first when she is 14-17 years old. By the age of 22, she almost certainly has one kid, maybe two, maybe divorced. There is value there if you are young enough, or James Woods enough (Wile E. Coyote supergenius), to go young enough. There is the legal age barrier (which Woods stays above). I just don’t see non-naturals with good game before reaching age 18 designated rapist age.

  • Actually she did have a kid! Haha…

  • Having spent my life in Alabama and Louisiana, I agree with this one hundred percent. We have a sizable city or two in each state where all the parasites gather, but mostly woods and open fields.

    I will take a farm girl in daisy dukes and cowgirl boots over a city cunt every day of the week.

  • @Theodore Logan

    Bro there are plenty of fake tits and tanning salons in Iowa hombre. There are plenty nationwide, even. But yes would bang with much gusto

    @all you coastal mofos

    Ha all of you think “redneck” is anyone in a state that doesn’t border an ocean. It’s funny captain power calls a chick from Maryland redneck, which may have been the first time Maryland and redneck appeared in the same sentence (not uttered previously by coastal snobs)

    You want true redneck? Reality Doug points out that most redneck women have a kid between 14-17, and that is absolutely true. The small small town hoes and the trailer park girls. Country girls =/= rednecks. Redneck bitches are fucking nasty. Drugged up all the time (xanax, percs, vics, oxy, meth, etc), chain smoking, drunk the other half the time. Redneck bitches suck.

    I can’t speak for the Johnny Reb Jim Crow wannabe slave owners down South*, but at least in the Midwest in the non-redneck areas we have this curious mix of femininity and liberation, which is what I believe captain was actually thinking with the OP. Most chicks from around here aren’t gonna bust your balls and the ones that did care about feminism moved to DC after college (true story). But they can look after themselves, which I like. And the obesity here is grossly exaggerated, at least compared to the rest of the nation. It’s a comedian’s meme, not truth**.

    *Suck it Southern fags! Kidding. Drunk and trying to wind you up
    **Granted this whole country is fat as fuck. But we have plenty of thin, cute chicks in Iowa at least

  • In the large towns & small cities across the middle of the nation there are plenty of girls that aren’t sluts and that do have domestic skills. All of the special snowflake, strong independent women can’t wait to get to the big city. They move there in droves, so that’s all the big city has as far as girls.

    Plenty of us rednecks here in flyover land are edumacated. Some of us even have professional careers! Whodathunk?

  • M3

    Totally agree with this post. So would my brother if he was still around.

    He never dealt with the entitled ego’s inside the city, he always drove an hour out of the city to meet country girls who were sweet, and usually came from blue collar working towns and counties where country living made them appreciate men instead of mark them as invisible..

    It’s rare to find a good bird in the city. I did, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack nowadays and not advisable to try.

  • Ok

    Well this was incredibly sexist.

  • APB

    @ Nate. Troof.

    I found nothing but fatties, young and not-so, when I was working in Iowa back in summer 2011. Not a good birthday present stuck there in Fort Dodge watching fatties bring my meals to me in Applebees or at Wendy’s. Geez. Hell, the state softball tourney was in town that weekend and it was televised. Nothing but fatties jumping around on the field, too.

    Redneck is the bunch of losers living next to my apartment unit. I gave the younger “lady” a lift to the store (lots of time on my hands with online grad school, yo) the other day. Problem with that is when she knocked on my door to ask. Bitch is missing half her teef and is tatted up. I facepalmed, shuddered and tried to unsee what had been seen. I remember her saying while mouthing off to a neighborhood urban yoof one night (overheard through my window) that because she had been in the pen for several years, she wasn’t afraid of anything. Yeah, okay. She certainly didn’t get mouthy while asking me for a lift.

    THAT is redneck.

    Much different than my friend who is married to a hottie, fit, NE Texan blondie half his age. She’s smart, but reserved…yes, the rare UNuppity woman who doesn’t start trouble and has common sense.

    I don’t get jealous much, but I could be there. I wish she had a twin or even a younger sister. Her older sis…not so hot and divorced. For a reason. She is the stereotypical mouthy trash who had the “starter marriage”.

    I would say “We’re all gonna make it”, but that would be a lie. Most guys are too pussy thirsty and when given a choice between a great woman and a woman who will open their legs for them before the end of three dates, we know how that ends. Priorities.

  • Zero Day Game

    @Ok Welcome to the manosphere.

  • Anon

    @APB: you’re describing ‘white trash’, not ‘redneck’.

  • gaoxiaen

    Swedish background, beautiful, blond, blue-eyed, submissive, uneducated and IQ 80-? I missed the boat when I broke up with her. White trash? Sure. But ready to do anything I wanted, and her mother approved.

  • Notsostereotypical

    I’m a woman. (29 yrs. old) I grew up smack dab between New York and Boston. I am working on my 2nd degree. Now before you totally shut me out. I sew beautifully. I cook and as my husband can attest, there is a hot meal waiting for him when he gets home from work 5 nights a week. I clean the house but he does help me with laundry from time to time. I work part time which helps pay for my hobbies and cover extra household expenses. Before we were married I had a great job making more than he was. I’m chubby but I wouldn’t consider myself huge considering I can still run 5 miles + and my part time gig is coaching figure skating.

    Domestic Divas do exist. Even in the big cities. You aren’t typically going to find them at a bar though. They are the girls that like to spend time with their friends and family which means they don’t go out to the club scenes so much. If you want to find them look for activities that appeal to them. Charity work, church functions, (or which ever religion) any activities going on with words in them like DIY, cook off, sewing, up-cycling, girl scouts, you get the idea. I’m not saying they never let their hair down, we all do. It’s just if we are looking for a good guy worth keeping, it not normally on a girls night and it’s rarely in a bar or club.

    Just make sure when you go looking that you are a guy worth doing those things for.

  • Do you have any sisters?? ; )

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  • Austin

    I’m from a college city/town in Tennessee, and yes, pretty much. There are definitely feminists everywhere in the South, but a search through a dating site or a Baptist Church will reveal a few women who can fry a chicken from scratch or sew a button. And they aren’t necessarily redneck, either! Although usually yes.

    So learn to like hunting and mudding, get you some Jesus, and find a job in the South. There’s actually a lot of growth down here, so the third of the three isn’t as hard as you might think. And though the suburbs may be full, the sticks are just 15 minutes away.


    Professional “intellectuals” rampant in colleges these days are all feminism-infected.
    An idiot is easier to manipulate

  • AM

    This was a guest post. However, I think I can answer for both of them.

    Women who go to college often have an inflated sense of intelligence. Many girls with bachelor’s degrees still have no sense of culture beyond Katy Perry. They also have a certain ego that is obnoxious.

    My old girlfriend had a college degree, but she didn’t pretend to be brilliant or accomplished. We spent a lot of time together watching foreign films and practicing German.

  • Xaxal_Ravenguard

    And this is why I say that, unless she proves you wrong, don’t go for a cosmopolitan woman.