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Stripclub Bible: The Authority on Picking Up Strippers by Christian McQueen

The king of nightclub game is back with another book, this time on getting strippers exotic dancers into your bed without going broke or embarrassing yourself. The operative phrase there is “getting [them] into your bed”; as the old adage goes, you can’t make a ho into a housewife.

If you’re looking to crack the stripper code, Christian McQueen’s book is your best bet.

A big part of why Stripclub Bible is valuable is because it defuses myths about strippers and helps you avoid common mistakes. For example, McQueen reveals that blowing money on strippers is the worst possible way to pick them up, as is sitting in the “erection section” (the first row of seats around the stage). Stripper game entails setting yourself apart from every other thirsty chode in the club by displaying that you’re a high-value man without “making it rain” or other stupid maneuvers:

So first off, the mindset of a stripper is essentially a hustler. A moneymaker, a manipulative person who will say whatever is needed in order to get that green. She essentially sets the overall frame and many, if not most guys, fall right into it.

In addition to overall game tactics, McQueen also goes over how to get a strip club on lock, turning it into your personal pussy paradise, similar to his advice in Nightclub Bible. He also covers how to use a stripper to obtain the coveted threesome, the secret goal of many a man. Much like Nightclub Bible, McQueen’s advice here assumes you already have your shit together, so if you’re a newbie to the game, you’ll want to read introductory material first before you check out this book.

Unfortunately, while it’s an improvement over Nightclub Bible in terms of editing, Stripclub Bible still has more misspellings and typos than I’m comfortable with. It’s not as big a problem there though as Stripclub Bible is both briefer and more to-the-point; Christian doesn’t waste your time, only giving you the info you need to bang strippers left and right:

The perks to having a stripper as a fuckbuddy or simply a one night stand is that they tend to be sexually free. Any of those new interesting positions you’ve been researching, she’s perfect to try it out on. Threesomes? Golden. You want to fuck her in a sex club? Odds are she’s so comfortable in her own skin, and I mean that literally, that she’s the girl to do it with. A lot of strippers also do porn, so anything is up for discussion sexually.

Bottom line: if you want to nail emotionally disturbed but hot and slutty girls, Stripclub Bible is a must-buy.

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