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Why You Should Subscribe to NSFWCORP

A couple months back, in my review of NexxtLevelUp’s new subscription model, I mentioned Paul Carr’s NSFWCORP as an example of an online magazine that had successfully implemented a paywall. NSFWCORP can be thought somewhat as a successor to The Exileit’s edited by Mark Ames and proudly features contributions from him, Yasha Levine, Eileen Jones and John Dolan (writing both the War Nerd column under his “Gary Brecher” pseudonym and under his real name), along with other writers such as Dayvid Figler and Leigh Cowart. By all accounts, the site’s doing quite well, well enough to not only afford fact-checkers, Lexus-Nexus access and the other perks of “real” journalistic entities, but to provide their employees with health benefits and launch a print edition.

Wait… print? In the year 2013?

Yes, NSFWCORP produces a print magazine, on actual paper, and mails it out to subscribers for the awesomely low price of $7 a month. Even better, the articles in the print edition are totally different from the online ones; long-form, in-depth, value-add reporting that requires an attention span beyond that of the average Tweeting moron. Print subscribers also get PDF versions of the print articles for free. The site still offers $3 digital-only subscriptions, but you’ll have to shell out $1.99 each for Kindle versions of the two monthly print features.

NSFWCORP is one of only three magazines I subscribe to (the others being NexxtLevelUp and 2600: The Hacker Quarterly), and here’s why you should plunk down some cash for it too.

For starters, NSFWCORP is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a reboot of The Exile. Those who’ve been disappointed by Ames and Levine’s post-Russia writing will be pleasantly surprised by what they’re putting out in the pages of NSFWCORP. Like with NexxtLevelUp, you’re not paying for boring political rants, but for a product that’s increasingly rare in the modern world: quality journalism. Ames, Levine and the site’s other writers actually go out and cover stories that other people aren’t covering, or they cover them in a way that the mainstream media won’t. Whether it’s penetrating the secret underbelly of the Mormon church to figure out what makes Mitt Romney tick, or investigating the largest drone base in America, there’s something in each week’s edition of NSFWCORP that you won’t—in fact, can’t—find anywhere else.

Having John Dolan onboard is just the cherry on the sundae. If ever a writer deserved a break, it’s that guy.

The other reason you should subscribe to NSFWCORP is a matter of principle. People love bitching about how the media is getting dumber, how journalists can’t do their jobs properly, how the Internet, once a great hope for mankind, now serves to amplify the stupidity of the masses. Coincidentally, the moronification of culture accelerated around the same time that people started being cheapskates and demanding to get everything for free.

You can’t have it both ways.

If you want someone to get an insider’s look at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, as James Kotecki did for NSFWCORP last year, there are costs involved. The cost of getting there. The cost of having a place to stay. The cost of getting around. The cost of greasing palms to get interviews. That and all the other costs add up. You have to pay for all this somehow, and as the slow motion collapse of the newspaper industry shows, online ad revenue doesn’t cut it, notwithstanding the loss of freedom that comes with accepting advertising.

Put simply, you’re going to have to choose. If you want quality information and entertainment, you’re going to have to pay for it. Not a lot, but you’ll have to pay something. If you’re too cheap to pay $3 a month, get used to a world dominated by tranny porn and Grumpy Cat. A world in which everything caters to the lowest common denominator.

Quality always has a price tag attached, even if you don’t notice it at first.

If NSFWCORP is the future of journalism (with jokes), I want onboard. If you have even an iota of curiosity about the world, you should too.

Click here to subscribe to NSFWCORP.

If you aren’t convinced, I’ve unlocked two dispatches from this week’s edition for you to check out. The first, “Of Chechens and Immigrants,” is an exhaustive article from Yasha Levine on how the Boston bombers’ Chechen background led them to become terrorists. “Dead Center” is a report from Gary Brecher on the situation in the Central African Republic. Those links will expire in about 36 hours, so check ’em out quick. I’ll also post quick reviews of NSFWCORP’s first four print features, which you can score for $1.99 a pop on Kindle.


The Kings of Garbage by Mark Ames

This is some truly bizarre stuff; in this story, Ames reports on how he was the victim of an ADL (yes, that ADL) spy ring back in the 80’s. Even weirder, the ADL was spying on Ames on behalf of South Africa. And it just gets stranger from there:

But instead of welcoming the existence of the ADC as a fellow champion of civil liberties, the ADL reacted with a level of paranoid hysteria worthy of J. Edgar Hoover. According to an affidavit filed by San Francisco Police Inspector Ron Roth, the ADL compiled personal files on some 4,500 members of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, roughly 15% of the group’s total membership at the time.

Click here to buy The Kings of Garbage.


The Not Safe for War One Hundred

Remember the Iraq War, and how a whole bunch of scumfucks in the media and government lied and blundered us into it? In this special, NSFWCORP compiles the hundred worst offenders, ranked by their likelihood of dragging us into another foreign adventure. It also includes a special War Nerd column on movies about Vietnam and the likelihood that the Iraq war will end up getting the same treatment:

See, this is how fascists are born. I should know. This is how millions of fat, celibate psychos learn to hate the coasts: by sitting alone in a dark multiplex box, watching a version of “Middle America” invented by the coked-up nephew of some producer. Hollywood should have a sticker: “This machine makes fascists.”

Click here to buy The Not Safe for War One Hundred.


Canada Was a Cakewalk by John Dolan

This is easily the most disturbing and poignant article I’ve read this year. It’s about Dolan’s relocation to Vancouver Island several years ago, which ended with him and his wife falling into deep, deep poverty; fired from his teaching job for violating his university’s PC orthodoxy, they ended up living on a boat during the winter, scraping and begging to get by. As it turns out, for all their sanctimonious left-wing preening, the average Canadian couldn’t give a shit about helping the poor:

They didn’t turn me down; they didn’t answer at all. I was starting, belatedly, to panic, and actually wrote to Yukon Community College to ask why I wasn’t shortlisted for the part-time writing job they’d advertised. I got a very careful email informing me that those jobs were for members of the “Yukon community,” and that since I was “not a member of the Yukon community,” I wasn’t eligible. Lying in the bunk that night telling Katherine about it, I yowled, “How am I supposed to become a member of the Yukon community if I can’t get a job in the fucking Yukon?” But though that sort of tautological refusal is easy to mock, there was something frightening about it, something horribly Zen, teasing, a closed loop: “You can’t be one of us because you’re not one of us.”

Click here to buy Canada Was a Cakewalk.


The Life and Murder of Anna Loginova by Mark Ames

This is another strange one; an expose on the life of Butt-Kicking Babe Anna Loginova, a purported supermodel-turned-ass-kicking-ninja who died several years in Moscow during a carjacking. As you would expect, just about everything the media told us about her was a complete lie:

But Anna Loginova wasn’t from that Moscow world I’ve described. After declining to take the story, I decided, one day during a lull, to go back and re-read the old press reports. When I read a description of Loginova as “a girl from Vladimir,” I understood right away that I’d been wrong about her, and I regretted all of my assumptions. Vladimir, her hometown, is just 120 miles east of Moscow, but it may as well be in another continent. How did she manage to rise up so high in the cruelest rat-race on earth? A lower middle-class girl who moves from bumfuck to Moscow is doomed no matter what path she takes, meat for the grinder; but Anna had risen up on the most difficult and corpse-littered pathway of all: as a struggling model in a city already overflowing with the world’s largest surplus of female beauty, where a looker like Anna barely rated an eight. Moreover, she got her start late, at age 23, when most models’ careers were long over — in fact, most Russians will tell you that if a woman isn’t married by 23, she’s already a doomed spinster, and she may as well kill herself.

Click here to buy The Life and Murder of Anna Loginova.

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