Sunshine Mary’s Slander

NOTE: This article is by Lena S. and was originally posted at her blog Not Equal But Different. I’ve archived it here for reference purposes; for context, click here.


I have just seen the following tweet from Sunshine Mary:

@Dannyfrom504 @BillPowell71 @TempestTcup @VManosphere Be aware that Lena’s blog downloads malware. Just so you know. Laura’s does not, sfaik

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 10, 2014

I just want to let readers know that this is malicious nonsense. My blog is a WordPress blog just like hers. Since she Twittered this warning, it seems she is merely manipulating her readership into not reading. So all you SSM followers best listen to her and not read what she doesn’t want you to see.

If this were true (which it isn’t) how would SSM know, since her [alpha] husband [whom she always listens to] forbids her from reading my blog?

@Dannyfrom504 @BillPowell71 @TempestTcup @VManosphere My comments from last night weren’t about Laura’s post because…

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 10, 2014

@Dannyfrom504 @BillPowell71 @TempestTcup @VManosphere …my husband forbids me to read her blog or Lena’s.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 10, 2014

As a concession to Little Miss Sunshine, she doesn’t gossip…

@Dannyfrom504 @VManosphere @TempestTcup @BillPowell71 Lena is Laura’s BFF. She runs a blog of her own. I don’t want to gossip, though, so.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 10, 2014

[7man: I wonder if everything else she says has been true. I suppose now SSM will claim that someone told her but we will never find out who that supposedly was/is. This is similar to some supposed comments on her blog (which was an a convenient excuse for her to go into a tizz) which no one ever saw and which she covered up by saying the commenter asked her to delete the comment. I wonder if I should notify WordPress of this and have them check their systems and investigate why such a claim has been made that there is malware on their blogging system. Does anyone think they might be concerned that such rumors would affect their business?]

UPDATE: It seems to have moved from the ‘factual’ lie to the emotional manipulation and spin now.

@KarnakOC Once someone emailed me about a nasty post on one of those sites; I asked her to send it to me by email because I was curious…

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

@KarnakOC …and I thought I could get around his command not to view those sites if someone sent it by email. And I read it and it was bad

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

@KarnakOC and I felt upset after reading it. Then I realized, that is what I deserve for disobeying my husband on the sly.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

@KarnakOC So I confessed it to him. He was right; those sites are bad and meant only to divide and upset people, not to help anyone.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

@KarnakOC The moral of the story: always obey your husband fully the first time.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

This is calumny. Her story changed and now she is playing the errant submissive wife to gain sympathy and acknowledgement for being a fine woman who so quickly grasps the error of her ways for “disobeying” her husband. How convenient!

UPDATE: These are in response the the first series about supposed malware:

@SunshineMarySSM @Dannyfrom504 @BillPowell71 @TempestTcup @VManosphere Prove it. I have no problems.

— Infowarrior1 (@williamjin2) January 11, 2014

@williamjin2 @Dannyfrom504 @BillPowell71 @TempestTcup @VManosphere 3 times on my PC, all caught by Kaspersky, report generated and sent.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

Firstly, this isn’t proof. Second – she said she only disobeyed her husband once by getting posts via email, but now she says she visited my site three times! So hard to know what to believe.

Stay tuned for further updates. We are privileged to watch a woman’s story unravel and documented in slow motion.


@TempestTcup @VManosphere @BillPowell71 Good. But sirens may be the downfall of men. They sing sweet songs but drip poison in reality.

— Infowarrior1 (@williamjin2) January 11, 2014

@williamjin2 @TempestTcup @VManosphere @BillPowell71 Men are not stupid and don’t need a shrill woman to point out coquettes have motives.

— Sunshine Mary (@SunshineMarySSM) January 11, 2014

Does she mean facts shouldn’t derail the manipulations of a woman?

UPDATE 10:35 pm EST: All these tweets have been deleted, which, as 7man pointed out above, is entirely consistent with how SSM has managed her blogs with numerous comments deleted and her comments edited. Cue the men praising her for being such a wonderful, good, submissive, honest woman and exemplary wife. (But I have screen captures of her online antics.)

UPDATE 11/01/14 4:17pm EST: Time for a poll!

Did anyone get malware from visiting?

No 95.45% (21 votes)

Yes 4.55% (1 votes)

Total Votes: 22