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In the past year, I’ve been expanding into independent journalism, covering important news stories on the scene. Given that the corporate, leftist media will always spin news to fit their agenda, the only way to get the real story is for us to do it ourselves. Here are some of the stories I’ve covered in the past year:

While many people enjoy and benefit from my work, independent journalism is costly. Transportation, accommodation and equipment are expensive, and without an MSM publication backing me, I need to pay all the expenses myself. While I maintain a modest living from my books and blog, reporting on the presidential election—or any major story—requires me to seek alternate sources of funding. Because I refuse to compromise my message by selling out to corporate advertisers, that means I need to appeal to you, the readers.

If you get value out of my original, independent reporting, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could donate so I can produce more of it. You can contribute in the following ways…

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Thanks for reading my blog and supporting my work all these years. As cliched as it sounds, I literally wouldn’t be able to do this without you. With your continued readership and support, I’ll be able to keep fighting for the truth well into the future.