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The Ten Laws of Finding Your Mission by LaidNYC

There are bloggers who take weeks, months, years to get into a groove, honing their talents to the point where their posts become must-reads. And then there are guys like LaidNYC who come exploding out of the gate, writing stuff so good you swear they’ve done this before. LaidNYC is on my top tier of bloggers because his writing is not only brutal and honest, brimming with verisimilitude, but his prose style is hilarious as well.

The fact that he so effortlessly sends feminists into shrieking hysterics is proof that he’s doing things right.

Now he’s busted out with his first book, The Ten Laws of Finding Your Mission. It’s as self-explanatory as it sounds; a brief guide on how to find your life’s work, that goal, that special something that defines who you are as a man. And it’s an absolute must-read:

You’ve heard it before: Money can’t buy happiness. Well, that’s bullshit. Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness never made enough. However, as important as it is for a man to get paid, it is really just the beginning. For a man to make the accumulation of money (or sex) his ultimate goal and ultimate marker of success in life is setting the bar too low. So, what then? To be ultimately fulfilled in life, a man must pursue a mission. This mission must be something he believes in and can pursue with a purpose…

The Ten Laws is like reading an extended LaidNYC post, with his usual blend of wit and bite making his life lessons go down easy, like a coke chaser with a shot of Pusser’s. And the lessons he’s imparting are necessary ones. Too many dorks in this part of the Internet devote their time to chasing girls, not realizing that making girls your life’s mission is just another way of putting the pussy on the pedestal. As Roissy so eloquently put it, “you shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.”

Or as Tony Montana put it, “when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

I’ll openly admit that this is my life strategy. While I do work on my game like everyone else with a clue, I’m not going to be some guyliner-wearing freakazoid spending four hours a day approaching girls like a retard. My priority right now is building my writing and music careers; from there, the other perks of life flow to me like tithes to a king. It’s paying dividends in that my online infamy has gotten me laid, with absolutely no effort on my part beyond what I do already.

Can you say the same for what you do?

I have one criticism of The Ten Laws; the editing could be tightened up in spots. Aside from that, this is a great book if you’re looking for some direction in life.

It’s also worth nothing that The Ten Laws is absolutely free, but LaidNYC has requested donations if you happen to enjoy it; he needs to fund an expensive surgery to restore his dog’s eyesight. Looking at pictures of that cute little doggie, how you can say no to a mug like that?

Click here to download The Ten Laws of Finding Your Mission, and don’t forget to kick LaidNYC a couple bucks via the PayPal button.

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