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Terror House Magazine Announcement Coming Soon

I hate to keep teasing all of you with news of the big announcement involving my website Terror House Magazinebut unfortunately, I still can’t reveal it just yet. All I can say is that it’s coming soon, perhaps within the next few days. Until then, check out the five best submissions we’ve published in the past week:

  1. Natural Writes“: A dystopian short story by T.J. Martinell about online censorship, social media spying, and “hate speech.”
  2. A Correspondence with Allister X“: A short story by David Rae about an exchange between a popular author and the man he cucked.
  3. Dummy’s Dummies, Part 2“: The second installment of a novella by Mike Sherer about a failed ventriloquist and his mental breakdown.
  4. The Most Beautiful Question in the World“: An excerpt from James Nulick’s upcoming novel, about a fat, middle-aged woman who is obsessed with a young man. (For my review of Valencia, Nulick’s previous novel, click here.)
  5. Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert: What Do I Think About While Watching Porn?“: In this installment from Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert, Nameless Writer discusses his porn addiction and how he uses it to deal with his real life problems.

If you’re not already following Terror House Magazine, you can visit the site here, follow us on Twitter here, and subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Stay tuned for more news soon.