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Introducing My New Website: Terror House Magazine

For the past month, I’ve been hard at work building a new website, Terror House Magazine. It’s a literary magazine focused on publishing outsider fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, artwork, and analysis. It’s now live, and you can visit it by clicking here.

I’ve written an article for Terror House explaining why I created the site and my plans for it over the next few months. You can read it by clicking here.

If you’ve been following the Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert articles I’ve been posting since January, that series was my impetus for launching the site. Future installments will be published at Terror House, and they will eventually be compiled into a book. You can read all published installments of the book by clicking the links below:

  1. I Can’t Draw
  2. Avant-Garde
  3. First
  4. Stupid
  5. Faces
  6. Wasted
  7. Your Idea
  8. Two-Thirds
  9. Trick
  10. A Poem
  11. Blurred Reality and Legal
  12. An Exchange
  13. About July Fourth
  14. Matter
  15. Taste and Dream
  16. Where Have You Cum?
  17. While You Were Speaking
  18. Why I Lie
  19. Another Poem

I project that Terror House Magazine will outpace in terms of traffic by the end of the summer, if not sooner. While I will still be writing and publishing articles here, my more literary work will be posted at the new site.

If you’re an author, Terror House Magazine wants to publish your work. Unlike most lit mags, we don’t expect our writers to work for free, which is why we award a $10 prize to the author who has contributed the best submission each month. Submit your work to us by clicking here and learn how you can get paid by clicking here.

My ultimate ambition is to launch a book publisher focused on fiction and literary nonfiction. To find out more about my plans for Terror House, click here.

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Terror House Magazine’s Twitter account by clicking here. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Thanks for following my work all these years and I hope you’ll check out Terror House Magazine.