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TestoJack 100 Will Spike Your Testosterone

testojack-100The best anecdote I have about TestoJack 100—by far one of the must-have supplements for men—doesn’t involve me, but my friend Zampano. We frequently swap supplement tips—it was from him that I first learned about phenibut, for example—and he’d bought a pile of pills on my recommendation. Two days after he started taking it, he told me that he felt “incredibly antsy” and like his “blood [was] boiling,” and he was “about ready to throw [his] coat on and just take a walk or something.”

He then vanished for twenty minutes while he took a jaunt around the neighborhood.

I later told Zampano he must have had abnormally low testosterone levels if two capsules of TestoJack 100 were able to do that much. When I first started taking it, it had a noticeable but small effect on my motivation, strength and mood, seeing as I already lift, take testosterone cream and boost my T-levels in other ways.

Nonetheless, TestoJack 100 is so chock full of necessary nutrients for men that it’s an absolute must-buy. While it’s unlikely it’ll give you the same boost it gave Zampano, it will augment your testosterone levels and make you healthier as a man.

TestoJack 100: It’s What’s Inside

TestoJack 100 is an amalgam of three vital nutrients: vitamin B-6, zinc and magnesium. The recommended serving size (two capsules per day) will give you three milligrams of B-6, nine milligrams of zinc and 140 milligrams of magnesium. TestoJack 100 also contains ZMA, a particular complex of zinc mono-l-methionine, magnesium/zinc aspartate and pyridoxine HCI.

In conjunction with other supplements such as zinc and kelp, you’ll give a big boost to your testosterone levels with TestoJack 100.

TestoJack 100 also contains tongkat ali, an herb that has been shown to have anti-estrogenic effects, enhancing male libido and improving erection quality. Combine TestoJack 100 with maca root and l-citrulline and you’ll become a potent force in the bedroom indeed.

Note: do not confuse TestoJack 100 with TestoJack 200 or TestoJack 300. While they’re all manufactured by NOW Foods, they each have different ingredients. TestoJack 200 is primarily comprised of maca root, tongkat ali and horny goat weed, while TestoJack 300 is just pure tongkat ali. While these products might be beneficial (I haven’t used them), they don’t contain the nutrients that TestoJack 100 does.

Overall, the sheer health benefits of TestoJack 100 are too big to ignore. If you’re a man looking for testosterone-enhancing supplements, TestoJack 100 should be near the top of your shopping list.

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  • Glenn

    The key ingredient in all three formulations is Tongkat Ali. In fact the “Jack” in the product’s name is because it is named after tongkat ali (LongJack). The effects of tongkat ali are amazing! The premium version of the three formulations is TestoJack 300. It’s the most expensive because it has the most tongkat ali. It gives you the best bang for your buck. Any other ingredients are easily found from other sources.