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Testosterone Black Book by Pill Scout

The second of Pill Scout’s two recent releases, Testosterone Black Book is what the name says: a guide to restoring and maxing out your testosterone levels. Thanks to all the estrogenizing chemicals in the water supply and our sedentary modern lifestyles, mens’ testosterone has been flatlining like a boner in a nunnery. Given that testosterone is part of what makes men men, you’ll want to raise your levels as soon as you can.

Pill Scout’s book is the perfect solution.

A bit briefer than his other book Male Health ProtocolTestosterone Black Book doesn’t waste time getting to the point. Pill Scout’s non-pill related advice includes getting proper sleep, avoiding putting your laptop on your lap (turns out that the testicle-damaging effects of computer heat isn’t just an urban legend), and minimizing your exposure to copper:

You don’t have to be a prick, but simply be more assertive, stand tall and proud, and don’t take shit from anyone who can’t respect you out of common decency. People who have a healthy level of self-respect and call people out on their shit are said to have “balls” and this is not a coincidence. Conversely, having good testosterone levels helps make you calm and level-headed.

In an improvement over Male Health Protocol, Pill Scout doesn’t cop out and direct you to a page on his blog in order to find out what supplements you need; he just straight up lists them. Another nice bonus is the section on improving the quality of your erections.

The only real problem with Testosterone Black Book is the same one that Male Health Protocol had: the lackluster editing. Aside from that, the Black Book is a great addition to your library, either on its own or combined with Pill Scout’s other book.

Click here to buy Testosterone Black Book. Click here to buy it at a discount bundled with Male Health Protocol.

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