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The Archetypal Dinner Date by the Chef in Jeans


It’s common knowledge by now that dinner dates are a terrible way to get into a girl’s pants. They’re expensive, they’re slow, they’re boring and cliched, and they kill the mood by making both of you logy and tired from gorging yourselves. But what if you cook dinner for her at your place instead of going to a restaurant? Now that’s the ticket.

The Archetypal Dinner Date is a short e-book showing you precisely how you can wow any girl with a simple, delicious meal at your place. For $1.49, it’s an absolute steal.

The second reason to cook at your place is the second step in the process, preparation. A properly executed dinner date will do two things. It’ll feed you both, well, while also putting on a show that will entertain her and display your value as a man. What you don’t want to do is run the show to long. If you don’t prep properly you’ll end up in the kitchen for an hour while she does nothing but get bored. Proper preparation allows you to not only finish cooking in a timely fashion but also allows you to cook at a lower level of stress which gives you time to pour two glasses of wine and chat.

My biggest problem with Dinner Date is the poor editing. Immediately when I opened up the book on my Kindle, I was confronted with a paragraph whose ending sentence was missing a period. The Chef in Jeans doesn’t use commas nearly as often as he should in certain places and throws out comma splices like crazy in others, giving the book a rushed and unprofessional quality. I can tolerate typos in a free blog post, but in a paid product, I find them annoying.

Still, at $1.49, bitching about grammar errors just seems petty. Buy The Archetypal Dinner Date and wow your wife/girlfriend/fuckbuddy with your culinary skills today.

Click here to buy The Archetypal Dinner Date.

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