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The Backlash Against Feminism Has Arrived


A great article from W.F. Price of The Spearhead (who also did a very nice writeup on me last week) on the emergence of a true backlash against feminism. The skinny: some dorkette started a Kickstarter project for a documentary on sexist stereotypes in video games and got trolled by some /b/tards. Feminists the world over responded by piling over $150,000 into the project (when the goal was a paltry $6,000), but the fact that there was such a strong pushback to begin with shows that anger at feminists is real and growing. Price writes:

Perhaps most encouraging is that anecdotal evidence suggests that sons of feminists tend to hate the ideology with a passion. I’m pretty sure that anti-feminism is a lot more widespread amongst youths and young men than most older people realize, especially as they are reaching out and finding explanations for the frustration they feel in a world that is hostile to masculinity. I’m happy to say that I’ve helped some of these boys along, and I know I’m not the only one.

Feminists have long expected a backlash from some mysterious cabal. They have breathlessly spoken of it as a wonderful opportunity to finally finish off the hated patriarchy. Imagine their horror as they realize that this backlash they have been preparing for all these years is coming from their sons.

For the decade I’ve been mature/smart enough to pay attention to the world, feminists have cast themselves as crusaders for equal rights for women. Remember that old bumper sticker, “Feminism is the radical belief that women are people”? As long as feminists could claim that women made 75 cents for every dollar that men made, or that one in three women will be raped during her lifetime, they could keep pulling the wool over the eyes of the normal people.

With the recession, everything feminists have screeched about for twenty years has been exposed as a bleeding lie.

The pay gap has been shown to be a myth, as has the prevalence of rape and domestic violence. Women are a solid majority in colleges and are more likely to be employed (and employed in decently- and well-paid positions) than men. They’re far less likely to be diagnosed with developmental disorders like ADD. From Joe Average’s perspective, American women have it pretty damn good, far better than women have had it in all of human history.

The sad reality is that feminists have nothing substantive left to complain about.

Anita Sarkeesian and Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is just the latest data point on a trend line heading irreversibly south. Even in the good times, a documentary whining about “sexism” in video games would be seen as an incredible waste of time and money. In a country that’s in the middle of a second Great Depression? It’s beyond insulting. And feminists around the world thought this dreck was worth $150,000. Fuck, if someone gave me that much money, I could make it last for the better part of a decade.

Bitches gonna bitch, but men and women don’t put up with bitches. Not in a time of troubles, anyway.

To those who think the feminists will reign forevermore, you’re deluded. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Feminists have spent the past thirty years pushing and pushing and pushing, and now their enemies are striking back. The dawn of a new age is upon us.

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  • Boom. Har har. The time has come. Fatties, its over!

  • Towgunner

    Good stuff, feminism is riddled with so many inconsistencies, double standards, paradoxes, it literally deconstructs itself. That said, their biggest card was the victim card and now since they’ve ballooned the state into a 17T behemoth with another 200 T in liabilities they’ve lost that claim. I think feminism is peaking right now and with its fall it will bring down antiquated and obsolete myths such as everyone is equal and the same. Going forward, I do think proper balance will return between the sexes. Gents, I humbly suggest one way to see that end is to reject “equality” for a lets get real alternative i.e. “equality under law” and from there point out the obvious that men and women are different and there is nothing wrong with that. Otherwise, they’ll keep us all in make-believe land and miserable by forcing both males and females to be things they’re not. Have you ever realized that your (male) and female lives are increasingly being dictated by a very small cabal of malcontent, imbalanced and out of touch academics stinking up some women’s studies department? Absurd, and, yes gents, get angry, this is your life, not professor Naomi Tankass! I read on zerohedge the other day, in Japan (grass eater land), something like 1/4 of kids surveyed just want to die. We’re all miserable, time to stop playing these political fairy tale games you’ve got a date with reality. God’s speed.

  • “Women are a solid majority in colleges and are more likely to be employed (and employed in decently- and well-paid positions) than men.”

    I lol’d.

    1. Though women are the majority in college they are also the majority in useless degrees (sociology stuff). If you look at degrees that are actually useful and legitimate, men dominate those fields (math, science, etc.).

    2. They aren’t more likely to be employed. The article you gave just showed that men LOST more jobs than women (which caused more unemployment), however men are still the majority of the workforce (only slightly though). That article just shows us that women choose jobs that are easier and have more job security.

    3. Employed in decently/well-paid positions? Nope. As I said in #1, they take degrees that offer little or no skills, whereas men tend to dominate skill-filled fields (engineering and computers are also good examples), which will inevitably give you more job opportunities and in most cases decent/higher paying jobs as well. The majority of unemployment of college kids is those with sociology degrees (in which there is more women).

    You gotta stop believing the feminist “End of Men” garbage.