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The Decisions of Modern Women


This is a guest post by Tim.

Before last November, when I stopped watching TV, I would usually have the news on in the background. One of the news shows I actually watched was America Live with Megyn Kelly. I liked that news show and I think that Megyn is the second best interviewer that I have seen on TV.

(Quote from Ann Coulter on Fox News hosts: “Just because they are better looking does not mean that they are less professional.”)

But I would like to make two observations about her that apply to many women today.

Last year she took a few months off for maternity leave (quite a big deal). When she came back, she had shorter hair. Many others on the show commented favorably on it. Not one pointed out the truth: short hair is always, always, always worse than longer hair.

Point 1: Some women are said to look good with short hair, and while this may be true, they look good only in spite of, not because of, short hair.

Let me give you the typical example in support of short hair:

Halle Berry with short hair

Halle Berry with long hair

Does she look good with both? Sure, but it is in spite of the short hair that she looks good in the first picture, and the longer hair enhances her beauty in the second.

Many women get “married hair” once they are married. The thinking seems to be that once she’s married she no longer needs to look her best and longer hair is more difficult to maintain. (Many even gain a lot of weight once they marry.)

I knew a girl in college, she had a boyfriend then, and when I happened to see her in a grocery store a few months after we graduated, I saw her new short hair. I did not need to look at her left ring finger to see why.

Point 2: Megyn had a few months off for maternity leave; mothers spending time with their kids is important. But then she came back to work.

Why is it many women claim that their kids are the the most important things in their lives, but then drop them off at daycare, or the nanny, the first minute that they can?

It benefits the TV viewers to have Megyn back as a news host, but her new son would be better off if she were at home.

  • Question 1: Who is the best possible person to take care of a child: that child’s mother or anybody else in the history of the world?
  • Question 2: Which is more important: spending time with your kids or having a career?


These points have been made before, and will (rightly) be made again.

Why is this what our women think is acceptable?

Tim blogs at Spootville.

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  • Brittny

    Hah. That is so true. I live in Utah, baby capital of the US and home to the widest variety of moms anywhere. We’ve got the BBW in their husbands sweatpants without a drop of makeup, chowing down on Krispy Kremes…and then we’ve got the moms pushing their fifth baby in a stroller looking like a Ukrainian model in heels. There are a few moms who vacillate somewhere in between, but generally this is what its like for moms in Utah. And the short spiky and/or wedged haircut so many moms get after they are married? My husband calls it the ‘utah white woman cut’. I used to have it, but now I know better and my long, undyed hair reaches the small of my back. Bonus – you save so much money not constantly dying it, buying special shampoos to keep the dyed hair looking fabulous, getting constant trims. I’m convinced that short hair is a revolving trend instigated by beauty salons worldwide because if women really just kept it long and healthy, the salons would go out of business.

    We call the fight between SAHMs (Stay at home moms) and working mothers the ‘mommy wars’ here. As a stay at home mother who has worked odd jobs for short periods of time (i.e. writing from home, data entry, home health care etc) nothing is more frustrating than to hear another woman tell me ‘how nice it is you can afford to stay home.’ My husband and I have a minimalist lifestyle in order for me to raise our two sons plus the one growing inside me. We only have one car, a used Prius we exchange for errands and work. Our three bedroom condo with a tiny yard is a mansion compared to where we both grew up…and it is clean and smells like the baking I do every day. It is not ‘easy’, but we do it…and we are happier too. Because my husband works as a freelance video editor/photographer, he can travel all the time. Sometimes, we go with him! We take family trips every year to beautiful national parks. When did a certain standard of living become synonymous with happiness? I don’t even have a diamond ring…we both sold our rings to pay for our home together. And it was worth it.

    You can’t afford to shunt your kids away to a daycare or nanny. Some situations may call for childcare, but it should be the exception and not the norm as it seems to be.