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The Freedom Twenty-Five Lifestyle Guide by Frost

41676c7cc63af656b1e5e2daf1c6fcea44cfebbc-thumbWho here hates self-help books? Don’t be shy, raise your hand. I personally hate self-help books because of the tone. It seems to be a requirement for all self-help hucksters, from Tim Ferriss to Tony Robbins, to be annoyingly upbeat, smug and condescending. It’s not enough to simply tell me how to create a four-hour workweek, they have to blow rainbows and sunshine up my ass while they do it.

The Freedom Twenty-Five Lifestyle Guide is the perfect antidote to self-help shysterism.

Why is the Lifestyle Guide worth reading? For starters, it’s short; I knocked it out in an hour waiting at a truck stop. The other reason is that its advice is simple, practical and realistic. Frost doesn’t bullshit you, talk down to you or otherwise give you any reason to want to slap him across the face; he just flat-out tells you what you need to do to shed the pounds, get out of debt and start getting laid.

Most of your peers are going to start acting like they’ve made it as soon as they finish an undergraduate degree from whatever clown college they got drunk and hooked up in for half a decade. Resist this temptation, and commit yourself to socking away half of your take-home pay. Stay liquid, stay hungry, and keep grinding until you’ve earned the lifestyle you desire.

Additionally, to buttress his arguments, Frost includes a massive Appendix with links to sources on everything he writes about.

The Lifestyle Guide is a lean, mean guide full of useful information on getting in shape, getting some cash, getting some action, and generally getting the kind of life you want. Grab it ASAP, you won’t regret it.

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