Three Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Testosterone

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Testosterone is the most fundamental building block of masculinity. It’s the hormone that defines everything about men, from our bodies and musculature to our minds and mood. Healthy testosterone levels are necessary for everything from maintaining your physical health to clarity of mind to reproduction.

And testosterone levels are on the decline worldwide.

Industrial pollutants and birth control in the water supply, emasculating pop culture, feminized education and more are turning men into obedient, gender-neutral carrots. This is a disaster not only for our personal health, but for society at large. If men cannot even be men, then our civilization is doomed.

Because of this, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to keep your testosterone levels as high as possible. While there are natural ways to help boost your testosterone, such as exercise and supplements, given the uphill struggle we’re facing, we need stronger methods.

For years, I’ve been using Andro-Plus 5% Testosterone Cream, an over-the-counter testosterone cream that boosts T-levels quickly and easily. I wholeheartedly recommend Andro-Plus to any man interested in raising his testosterone. Here’s how a supplement like Andro-Plus can help you…

1. You’ll be in better physical shape.

Testosterone is key to male physical fitness, because merely having it in your system enhances your body’s ability to burn fat and exert yourself. Part of the reason why obesity is so prevalent in the West is because the mean testosterone level has been falling; too much estrogen in the male body leads to weight gain.

A supplement such as Andro-Plus 5% Testosterone Cream will not only make it easier to lift in the gym and maximize your gains, it will also help you lose weight all on its own. For example, my friend the Bechtloff told me that using Andro-Plus caused him to lose eight pounds, without any additional changes to his lifestyle. Andro-Plus will also increase your energy levels, making you much more motivated to complete tasks and go throughout your day.

It’s impossible to be truly healthy without having appropriate hormone levels, which is why so many leftists, vegans and other soy men always look sickly and suffer from countless health problems. Testosterone is key to building a strong and healthy body.

2. Your mind will be healthier.

Since the mind and body are a holistic unit, you need to take care of one in order to take care of the other. But beyond this, healthy testosterone confers nootropic and mental benefits all on its own.

It’s difficult to describe, but when I first started using Andro-Plus 5% Testosterone Cream, my thought processes became clearer and less muddled. It was like my brain had been steeped in a fog beforehand and taking Andro-Plus wiped it away. Combined with the energy increase that Andro-Plus confers, I had a much easier time writing and accomplishing my goals.

Contrary to mainstream claims that testosterone makes men irritable and violent, scientific studies have repeatedly shown that increasing T-levels makes men more level-headed and fairer. Irrational violence and anger in men is a sign of too much estrogen, not testosterone, because irrational emotionality is a female trait. Men who act out hyper-emotionally are doing so because they have too little testosterone, not too much.

Your mind is ultimately what defines you as a man, and taking care of it is paramount to maximizing your quality of life. Ensuring you have proper T-levels will allow you to push your mind as far as it can go.

3. You’ll enhance your sex life.

How much of modern sexual dysfunction is due to hormonal imbalances? America and the West have reared an entire generation of “men” who can’t get it up for their girlfriends due to porn addiction. That is, assuming they can even get girlfriends and aren’t lusting after “fashy transsexuals.”

Young people are having less sex now than previous generations, and one of the biggest reasons why is because young men have no balls. They’d rather sit in their parents’ basements and whack it to porn than talk to girls, with all the deleterious mental and physical side effects that has.

We’ve even gotten to the point where young men want to become trannies, because they’re watched so much porn that they’ve started to identify with the female porn stars getting fucked. (As an aside, why is it socially acceptable for men to take estrogen in order to become women—and women to take testosterone in order to become men—yet it’s not acceptable for men to take testosterone in order to become better men?)

There’s one major way this sexual dysfunction can be reversed: by increasing your T-levels. Testosterone is integral to sexual health, from getting erections to sperm count, and a supplement like Andro-Plus 5% Testosterone Cream will give your sex life a shot in the arm. Merely taking Andro-Plus will make you feel like a teenager again, with more potent erections and a much-stronger libido.

Ultimately, as a man, you can’t afford to play games with your health. In a world in which men are being chemically and psychologically gelded, you need every weapon at your disposal to fight back. Increasing your testosterone is mandatory if you want to maximize your physical health, improve your mood, increase your focus, and enhance your performance in the bedroom.

Andro-Plus 5% Testosterone Cream is one of the most effective ways to increase your T-levels. While it’s no substitute for poor life choices—you also need to eat right, exercise and take care of your health in other ways—Andro-Plus will give your T-levels a necessary kick in the ass. Its over-the-counter availability, low price and lack of side effects make it an ideal way to supercharge your life and take back your masculinity.

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