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Three Years of Hate: The Very Best of In Mala Fide Returns — Get the Kindle Version on Sale!

I said that Three Years of Hate wasn’t coming back. I took it off sale six months ago with the intent of burying it for good. Frankly, I’d have been happier had I never published it at all.

I wasn’t anticipating that people would not only like it, but pay grossly inflated prices for it.

A little while ago, a fan emailed me telling me he’d paid $80 for a used paperback copy. I very nearly replied demanding he let me give him a refund. That’s not the only evidence of price gouging I’ve seen; not a couple of weeks ago, used copies of Trolling for a Living were going for as much as $150 on Amazon.

don’t even think my writing is worth that much.

Three Years of Hate came into being for one reason only: I needed money, and fast. A fair portion of my time in Portland was spent slaving over the damn thing, giving myself a crash course in editing and typesetting and tearing my hair out at every typo. Additionally, I made an agreement that I probably shouldn’t have that got the book released faster; when full control reverted to me several months later, I resolved to get what I thought was a substandard product off the market.

Not to mention that it would look pretty dumb if I continued to profit off of my IMF work while simultaneously swearing up and down that I was sick of the IMF legacy.

What I’ve come to realize is that no matter what I do, I’ll never be able to fully free myself from my career as “Ferdinand Bardamu.” While my current blog has exceeded IMF in popularity and profitability, In Mala Fide’s central role in shaping the manosphere and Dark Enlightenment means it’ll always have a place in the collective consciousness. Even after I took the site offline in 2012 and began my journey across America, the IMF legacy continued to follow me and informed my interactions with the guys (and gals) I met.

If people continue to get value out of my old writing, who am I to argue otherwise?

Therefore, I’ve brought back Three Years of Hate in a revamped and re-edited format. The big addition is a new preface explaining the origins of In Mala Fide and stating that I no longer agree with a lot of the articles in it (in style if not necessarily content). Additionally, much like with Trolling for a Living, I completely re-designed the interior of the paperback edition to look more professional and book-y. End result: the new Three Years of Hate is 486 pages long (as opposed to 408) and has my name on the front cover. I also got rid of the blurbs on the back cover.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, for the next week, you’ll be able to get the Kindle edition at a steep discount.

Much like with my Christmas blowout, from now (Friday January 31st, 9am EST/6am PST) until February 7th 2am EST/February 6th 11pm PST, Three Years of Hate will be on sale for a low, low price that will gradually become higher as the week progresses. Here’s the sale schedule (regular price is $9.99):

  1. From the beginning of the sale through 5pm EST/2pm PST February 1st, Three Years of Hate will be $4.99.
  2. From then until 1am EST February 3rd/10pm PST February 2nd, the book will be $5.99.
  3. From then until 9am EST/6am PST February 4th, the book will be $6.99.
  4. From then until 5pm EST/2pm PST February 5th, the book will be $7.99.
  5. Finally, from then until the end of the sale, the book will be $8.99.

Due to Amazon’s restrictions, this sale is for U.S. customers only. Additionally, if you’ve bought a paperback copy of Three Years of Hate from Amazon in the past, you can get the Kindle edition for only $2.99 through the Matchbook program. Get ’em while they’re hot:

  • Click here to buy the paperback edition from CreateSpace.
  • Click here to buy the paperback edition from Amazon.
  • Click here to buy the Kindle edition from Amazon.

Three Years of Hate will return to Nook, Smashwords and the Kobo Store at the end of February, after my KDP term expires. Anyone who’s bought the previous edition will be able to get the new one for free then. For Kindle owners who’ve purchased the old edition, I have (once again) notified Amazon of the changes and you’ll be able to get the new one soon.

If you’re a blogger interested in reviewing the book, email me by clicking here and I’ll send you a copy. Use the subject line “Three Years of Hate Review.” When you publish your review, let me know and I’ll post a link to it here.