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The Tinder Template by Masculine Profiles

tinder-templateReading The Tinder Template was like inhaling cool mountain air after several hours trapped in a barn full of farting cows.

Let me explain to you my predicament. Because of my popularity and my predilection for writing lots and lots of book reviews, I’m constantly inundated with review copies of everything under the sun. I’m not complaining; I get free shit, I get to make money off of reviewing it (if it’s good shit anyway), and I get to read books that I probably wouldn’t bother with otherwise. But honest to God, half of these books are interchangeable.

How many guides can a man read on weightlifting or online dating or motivation before it all starts to blur together?

Moreover, while I don’t begrudge the success of guys who’ve earned it, the literary snob in me is always annoyed by the fact that these books outsell the novels and memoirs that I review. I can write a detailed analysis of Andy Nowicki’s latest book and maybe five people will buy it, but a 500-word blurb about a guide on picking up girls will move five times that number. It may seem funny for a guy who wrote a book called Confessions of an Online Hustler to say something like this, but there you go.

The Tinder Template was an enjoyable read because it broaches a topic that is relatively novel, at least for me: Tinder. I’ve screwed around enough on OkCupid—and read enough books about how to more effectively screw around on OkCupid—that the topic of online dating in general is incredibly boring for me. By plunging into a dating site that is both new and largely unknown, Masculine Profiles has created a great book that is entirely worth your time.

And make no mistake, this isn’t a generic guide to online dating. Masculine Profiles’ advice is specifically geared towards getting the most out of Tinder, using a method he developed over months of experimentation:

Girls that would never use online dating are on Tinder—and this is the absolute best part of the app. See, normally women who have a variety of “alpha male” dating options in their lives would never use online dating. I’m talking about high-value women who can choose almost any men they want. But these types of women are on Tinder!

The Tinder Template’s method involves creating a fake Facebook profile (to get around Tinder’s limited photo editing capabilities), carefully selecting which photos you use, and how to lay out your profile to get girls interested. Because Tinder is specifically geared towards hooking up, Masculine Profiles’ advice revolves around making you appear like the kind of guy that girls want to make a “mistake” with:

Thus, when you find 10 matches on Tinder that you are highly attracted to and want to talk with, stop swiping until you have exhausted all possibilities with them. You do not want to burn through all the girls in your area and end up with 200 hot matches, when practically speaking you can only interact with 10 or so of them.

While Masculine Profiles’ prose isn’t the punchiest, the information he provides is both original and valuable to men. Overall, The Tinder Template is a great buy if you’re looking to work on your Tinder game.

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  • Zelcorpion

    Sounds interesting. The Manosphere and Game community grows so far that guys are doing various specialization books of value. Likely there will be titles coming out on how to get laid with Redheads, Rich Attractive Girls, Black Girls, Asian Girls in the US, Office Girls, Attractive Career Girls, Toilet Game (How to effectively Insta-date a girl and drag her to the toilet for sex)…

    Frankly it can all be quite useful especially if someone has done some good research and saves you some work and trouble while you pursue your Redhead-fetish. Heh.

  • I feel for you guys in the west. You still need to have some kind of strategy and “game” even to have Tinder work these days? It seems to me like Tinder will provide an unlimited stream of women to anyone that is not insanely ugly or a complete moron with almost no effort whatsoever. I cannot fathom having to do all this. You guys are in the wrong country!