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My Top Ten Favorite Articles and Podcasts of 2015


2015 was something of a light year for, as I spent much of my time writing for other publications such as Return of Kings, Reaxxion and Taki’s Magazine. Nonetheless, I put out some good posts in the past twelve months. If you’re new to my work, here are the top ten articles I’ve published this past year:

  1. Five Reasons Why You Should Not Beat Your Girlfriend or Wife“: A satirical post on why clobbering your woman is a bad idea.
  2. How Phenibut Changed My Life“: My exhaustive analysis of phenibut and how you can use it to eliminate anxiety, increase your sociability and enhance your sex life.
  3. Why I’m Going to Lesotho“: In this April Fool’s post, I explain why sub-Saharan Africa is the next frontier for love tourists seeking poosy paradise.
  4. How Kratom Can Change Your Life“: My analysis of kratom and how effective it is at reducing anxiety, improving focus and dulling pain.
  5. Can a Change of Mindset Save Thunderf00t’s Life?“: I discuss how I overcame being falsely accused of rape and how to cultivate a mindset that will make you resilient to major crises in your life.
  6. Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump“: I explain why I’ve decided to go back on my pledge to never vote again and support Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary.
  7. Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich“: I review Cernovich’s book on mindset and how his techniques have helped me weather the crises that I’ve experienced.
  8. How I Nearly Got Killed by #BlackLivesMatter Chicago“: I discuss how I was nearly attacked by a mob of #BlackLivesMatter supporters who accused me of being an undercover cop.
  9. Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Dr. Karyl McBride“: I review McBride’s handbook on helping women cope with maternal narcissism and discuss my experiences dealing with codependent and inverted narcissist women.
  10. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by Vox Day“: I review Day’s handbook on surviving SJW gang-stalking attacks and discuss my own methods for dealing with leftists.

And here are the top ten podcasts I’ve recorded this past year:

  1. Episode 81: How to Beat Death“: Kid Strangelove and I discuss his experience fighting cancer, how to stay strong in the face of disaster, and read aloud hate mail I’ve received.
  2. Episode 84: Do Not Ever Hope“: Ann Sterzinger and I get drunk in my bedroom and ramble about everything from Chicago public transportation to Muslim “no-go zones” in France and moronic millennials.
  3. Episode 87: The Three Shitlords in ‘Get Cucked’“: The Bechtloff, William Rome and I talk about Nickelodeon’s cuckold propaganda show Bella and the Bulldogs, the death of YouTube game criticism, neomasculinity and more.
  4. Episode 91: Enter the Inferno“: Bernard Chapin and I discuss MGTOW and the cult of Barbarossaaaa, ideological incoherence in the manosphere, and the psychology of social justice warriors.
  5. Episode 92: Anal Linguists“: Goldmund and Hans Dix swing by my apartment to talk about Goldmund’s cross-country road trip, tampon-flavored beer, and why the way to a girl’s heart is through her asshole.
  6. Episode 100: Two-Year Anniversary Special“: Ann Sterzinger and I celebrate two years of the Matt Forney Show by answering questions on everything from becoming a good writer to what girls think of beta orbiters to banging Asian girls and more.
  7. Episode 105: Addicted to Life“: Ann and I interview Andy Nowicki, grilling him on his book Notes Before Death, antinatalism, teenage awkwardness, how sex corrupts human relationships and more.
  8. Episode 106: Social Justice Whiners“: Ann and I discuss the origins of social justice warriors, the social retardation of millennials, and the rise of the Female Incel.
  9. Episode 111: May the Poz Be with You“: The Bechtloff, Davis Aurini, William Rome and I talk about the new Star Wars movie, how to create compelling fiction, the importance of “creative discomfort” in writing and more.
  10. Episode 113: Matt and Ann Get Medicated“: Ann and I celebrate Black Friday by recounting the worst jobs we’ve ever had, discuss the value of manual labor in helping young people mature, and nearly die laughing at the best hater email/comment I’ve ever gotten.

As a bonus, here are the top ten articles I’ve written for other websites this past year:

  1. Face to Face with Race” (Alternative Right): I review Face to Face with Race, Jared Taylor’s compilation of stories about whites coming to grips with black dysfunction in America.
  2. A Plague of Ingrates” (Taki’s Magazine): I dissect New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the limp-wristed Wisconsinite trust-funders who put him in office.
  3. If You Enjoy BioWare Romance Plots, You Need to Get Laid” (Reaxxion): I examine the increasingly elaborate, poorly-written love stories in BioWare games.
  4. Why Are Feminists Ignoring the Violent Gang Rape of Porn Star Cytherea?” (Return of Kings): I discuss the biggest rape story of 2015 and why feminists chose to ignore it in favor of promoting rape hoaxes such as the UVA case and “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz.
  5. IM-ing McCarthy” (Taki’s Magazine): I analyze the creeping cult of authoritarianism among millennials, which AnonymousBosch calls “iMcCarthyism.”
  6. Tag the Sponsor Exposes the Depravity of Modern Women” (Return of Kings): I talk about the phenomenon of Instagram models whoring themselves out to Arab oil sheiks and what it signifies for our culture.
  7. 3 Reasons Why Most Female Writers Are Garbage” (Return of Kings): I discuss why most women writers are terrible and how they can improve.
  8. Why ‘Men Going Their Own Way’ is No Way for Men to Go” (Return of Kings): I talk about the degeneration of MGTOW into a circle-jerk for whiny basement dwellers.
  9. 10 Signs You Might Be a Cuckservative” (Return of Kings): I analyze the phenomenon of “cuckservatives,” supposed conservatives who roll over for the left on every issue of importance.
  10. Social Justice Wars” (Right On): I review Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dissecting the movie’s Mary Sue protagonist, anti-white animus and brain-dead plot.

You can check out every article I’ve ever written by clicking here. Stick around: things are only gonna get better in 2016.