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Truth is Universal

This is a guest post by Didact.

There is nothing quite like getting hit between the eyes with a strong dose of the truth. There is nothing that prepares you for the epiphany that follows when you realise that you have been ripped off, lied to, and kept in the dark for much of your life… and that you can do something about it.

This is how I felt when I first became exposed to the Manosphere a few years ago. Actually, let’s call the Manosphere what it is: the truth. The truth that men and women are not the same, and should never act like they are. The truth that feminism has done appalling damage to the health of our society. The truth that socialism is and will always be a diseased abomination, a fundamental violation of the God-blessed natural rights that are yours from birth. The truth that government, if left to itself, will enslave you, while claiming that it is trying to protect you. The truth that playing by the rules is not rewarded, that hard work and sacrifice no longer hold value. The truth that the global economic system has fallen off a cliff, and that it will not survive in its current form.

The beauty of the truth is that it is truly universal. Much of the Manosphere today is dominated by writers of American origin, who see things from an American perspective. I am not American. I came to this country years ago to study and then to work. I loved this country, but I came to realise eventually that I loved what it was, not what it is, and I’ve watched quietly from a foreigner’s perspective as this once-great nation systematically destroys itself from within. And I say that if you are an American seeing the decay around you, you’re not imagining things, and you’re not alone.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told the following in your life:

  • When you date a girl, you should be a “nice guy”: pay for all of her drinks and meals, hold doors open for her, and act like a perfect gentleman. If you are not rewarded for this behaviour with sex or marriage, then it’s your fault for not trying hard enough.
  • Equality is a Good Thing. You must accept women in the workplace alongside you and must actively encourage women to join your workforce, even if they work shorter hours and easier jobs than you do. This is Just How It Is.
  • You must go to college. If you don’t, you’re a failure in life. You must then work hard, save, and sacrifice for yourself and your children, and if you do so, you will be rewarded for it.
  • Government exists to provide for people what they cannot provide for themselves. It is not merely a guarantor of your basic rights and freedoms, it must do for you what you cannot do yourself.
  • It is your duty as a citizen to provide things for others even if they have not earned them, including but not limited to money for housing, food, clothes, and education. You are indeed your brother’s keeper, whether you like it or not.
  • You are absolutely obliged to support your parents in their old age, not through your personal choice or effort, but through gigantic government-sponsored welfare schemes.

It may surprise you to know that I heard every one of these tropes long before I ever came to America.

I am Asian, I grew up in Southeast Asia, and I’ve spent most of my adult life in the West. I can tell you this: as bad as you think things are here, what with government working hard every day to make you less wealthy, less happy, and less free, things are far worse in large parts of Asia. Over there, government is viewed not with suspicion or fear but with tolerance and even faith, though feminism thankfully is still in relative abeyance; societies in Asia are far more conservative than their Western counterparts, and it’s taking a while for the sexual revolution of the West to take root in countries like India and China. But make no mistake: it is happening.

The fact is that much of Asia faces many of the same problems you do in the West, but on a far greater scale. When it comes to dating, you are expected to be selfless (read: beta) as much as possible, yet divorce rates are going up throughout both conservative India and China and more metropolitan Singapore and Hong Kong. In Japan, the emergence of “herbivore men” who have no interest in sex or marriage is both hilarious and pathetic, and it is a direct consequence of the feminist revolution. It is still possible to hold the same job for life, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a “traditional” household in which the husband works and the wife stays at home to raise the children. Equality in the workplace is being mandated on a scale and a level completely unheard of in the West- the Indian government, for instance, imposes severe quotas for places in schools and public-sector jobs, and increasingly is looking to invade the private-sector with affirmative-action quotas.

The famous Asian ethic of hard work and saving is still intact, but it is becoming very clear to young men around my age that it will not be rewarded. If you work in the financial, industrial, or pharmaceuticals sectors, you know the truth of this. It doesn’t matter how hard you work. It doesn’t matter how well you perform. The only thing that matters is how well you kiss up to regulators and senior management. In that respect, life is no different than it is here in the USA.

If you live in a cosmopolitan society, it really doesn’t matter what country you live in; the problems you face are universal. Given this, what is a self-aware young man to do these days? For starters, accept the truth of the Red Pill. Understand that your life will change, and that it won’t necessarily be pleasant; the truth is often difficult and painful, and your inadequacies as a man will not be spared. Lift weights. Eat right. Become financially secure and independent, so that you never have to take some old incompetent fool’s orders ever again. Learn how to use a weapon. Above all, learn game, and apply the rules of the game to your life. Do everything you can to make yourself the best man you can be, a man that other men can look up to and admire for his grasp of the masculine virtues of Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honour- because it will be your virtues as a man that will carry you through the turmoil that is yet to come. This will not be easy, but then, nothing truly worth doing is ever easy.

I do not pretend to have all of the answers. I do not even pretend to be particularly good at being a man. By some measures, I have a very long way to go, especially when it comes to women and game. I call myself Didact for a reason: I seek to teach, but I am merely a student. The difference between me and most men my age is that I was slapped in the face with the truth a few years ago, and I can no longer accept the lies that society has told me throughout my life. I will not accept the fate that society has planned for me; to become a somnambulant slave to a grasping and greedy welfare state, to accept a woman’s power over me and my hard-won earnings, to believe the myths and lies that are taught to us as Gospel by our schools and universities. By taking the oath to be the best man you can be, you are taking the first critical step towards being truly free.

We face a very hostile world today. The West is collapsing, long gone past the point of recovery. Its destruction is both richly deserved and tragic beyond reckoning; Western civilisation has been eaten away from within by its own greed, hypocrisy, and decadence. There is no guarantee that what comes after will be any better. Only by accepting the universal and ancient truths that define us as Men can you prepare yourself for the day when the world will once again require masculine virtues. Only then can you accept the freedoms that you have earned, and exercise the freedoms that were yours by the will of God.

Take the challenge to be free, and make what you will of it.

Didact blogs at Didact’s Reach. Contact him at mantlesapproach [at] gmail [dot] com.

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