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Tucker Max: Portrait of a Thieving Manchild

Once upon a time, I thought Tucker Max was cool.

In those days, it wasn’t hard. Everyone knows him as the guy who wrote I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, a collection of stories of drunken hookups and amoral debauchery. Some of the details of his stories were likely embellished (such as his tale of anal sex woe), but the overall thrust of his claims—that he was a narcissistic jackass who did stupid things—is believable. Plus Max was a talented prose stylist on top of that, possessing the unique ability to make even the most mundane events hilarious. If you don’t believe me, check out “The Sushi Pants Story,” which basically comes down to “Tucker eats sushi, gets drunk, vomits in bushes.”

Yeah, the content was kind of immature, but nobody expects a guy’s first book to be his best.

But more than just being a funny writer, Tucker Max was an institution. He had built a small publishing empire without relying on traditional media, which seems blase now but was truly remarkable a decade ago. All the nimrods crowing about “location independence” and “lifestyle design” now have Max in part to thank for blazing the trail ahead of them. Rather than grovel to traditional publishers begging them please pretty please, Max took his stories to the Internet. He built an audience solely through word-of-mouth and putting out quality content, interacting with his fans via a highly-trafficked message board. In a world where the slightest hint of controversy sends “respectable” people running, Max was loud and proud about his beliefs and his attitude.

And when he hit the big time, he created Rudius Media, helping to raise up talented writers and creators in the same way he himself rose up.

That was a decade ago. Since then, Tucker Max has fallen from grace. He’s destroyed everything he worked hard to create, renounced every belief he once held, and has been reduced to stealing from better men in order to survive. Max’s new project, The Mating Grounds, consists of content stolen from the “manosphere” (including sites like Roosh’sDanger & Play and my own) and defanged for the mediocre, mainstream masses. Yet with only a handful of exceptions, none of the men whom Max has robbed have even bothered to defend themselves.

Until now.

Join me on a magical journey as we deconstruct the mendacity of the narcissistic manbaby known as Tucker Max.


Failure and the Narcissistic Mindset

Tucker Max is a self-admitted narcissist. People take that to assume that he’s egocentric and full of himself. And while Max remains a relentless self-promoter, the reality of his narcissism is that he has no ego, no sense of self. Instead, he constructs false identities and manipulates everyone around him into accepting his false reality. While this is tenable in the short term, eventually the real world seeps in to crush the narcissist’s manipulations.

For Tucker Max, that moment was five years ago.

His film I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell was massive bomb, grossing less than $500,000 at the box office and barely being noticed when it came out on DVD. Max’s company Rudius Media collapsed at roughly the same time; Rudius had been losing money already and Max had been planning on using the film’s income to sustain the platform. Finally, the book sequels to I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Assholes Finish First and Hilarity Ensueswere commercial and critical duds. Everything he had worked for for the past ten years was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

So what happened? Did he admit he screwed up, dust himself off and redouble his efforts to succeed, like any normal man would do?

Nope, Max reacted with narcissistic rage: attempting to destroy all the evidence of his failures. In addition to closing down Rudius Media, Max killed the Tucker Max Message Board, the primary avenue by which he communicated with his fans and a substantial reason for his success. For the better part of five years, he stuck his fingers in his ears screaming “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” to the naysayers. He then staged an opportunistic comeback three years ago purporting to have “repented” of his evil misogynistic ways, which were all the result of his daddy not giving him enough hugs, dontcha know.

Notably, Tucker’s discussions of his therapy don’t talk about how the collapse of his online empire sent him into a headlong spiral of depression that he still hasn’t managed to escape.

And that is the once-great Tucker Max. The guy who once wrote about filming himself buttcocking his girlfriend now dates a girl with higher testosterone levels than him. The guy who built an empire around being shamelessly un-PC now strives to make his writing as female-friendly as possible. And now he’s been reduced to scavenging, stealing content from far braver men in an attempt to prop up his failing career.


Tucker Max Rhymes with Goldman Sachs

Tucker Max is staking his post-fratire career on The Mating Grounds, a site he co-founded with disgraced castrati academic Geoffrey Miller purportedly “dedicated to teaching men everything they need to know about sex, dating and women.” The very premise of the site’s founding, according to Max and Miller themselves, is a lie:

Tucker: “Well of course not, my books are just funny stories about the really stupid, ridiculous things I’ve done. Why do they think they’re advice???”

Geoff: “Well, they’re all 14-20, and your writing is the only frank and honest thing they’ve ever read on sex and dating. There is nothing else that talks about these issues the way you do. In the absence of that, they use what they have, and they take your books as advice.”

Tucker: “That’s fucking stupid, it’s not designed as advice! There must be something that explains sex and dating in a clear, informational way.”

Geoff: “I have looked, quite extensively, for a book or something that honestly and frankly addresses the entire spectrum of sex, dating, women and relationships, especially for men. I have never found one. I have to spend hours answering their very basic questions about these issues.”

Tucker: “No fucking way. This has to exist.”

Geoff: “It doesn’t. I’ve looked.”

This is the very definition of calumny. Even if you know nothing about sex and dating, it’s not hard to find sites like Roosh’s blog, Return of Kings, or Danger & Play. But Max and Miller weren’t content to pretend the ‘sphere doesn’t exist (all the while robbing it of all its good content); they attacked us as “sociopathic, bullshit scammers.” So what exactly is The Mating Grounds offering that separates it from all its competitors?


When Max and Miller aren’t outright stealing content from Danger & Play, they’re offering such edgy, groundbreaking advice as “attraction is not a choice” and criticizing men who use “bang” as a synonym for sleeping with girls. In between, they hock halfwit e-books such as Tucker’s “masterpiece” How to Naturally Increase Testosteronewhich he wrote by swiping information he got off a Google search, Tim Ferriss-style. His methods of naturally increasing testosterone clearly aren’t working, as evidenced by the fact that he had to hire a male model to promote the book, since his own body isn’t much of an advertisement:



Hey, I’m not the one who fried my own nuts with an X-ray machine.

Unfortunately for these two clowns, it wasn’t working. Within a week of The Mating Grounds going online, the top-rated articles on Google were all ‘sphere bloggers bashing it. So Max decided to break the law.

He defamed Roosh.

The evidence is here, here and here. I’ve made backups (as have a million other people, I’m sure) in the case the oh-so-heroic Tucker pusses out and tries to delete everything. But it’s clear as day: Tucker Max told a defamatory lie with the intent to cause Roosh financial harm. In other words, Max has opened himself to a libel lawsuit. This idiot was so confident he’d be able to get away with his smears that in the very podcast where he and Nils Parker defamed Roosh, they linked to a video that proved that every single one of their claims was a lie.

And yet, despite Max robbing everyone in the ‘sphere blind and spitting in their faces while he does it, too many “men” have sucked up to him rather than defend themselves. Killing yr idols is easier said then done, and too many guys were either kissing Tucker’s ass in hopes of a few links or naively hoping he’d gotten over the collapse of the Rudius empire and was seeking to build something new. Both have been disappointed: Tucker has yet to acknowledge that the ass-kissers even exist, and he has yet to prove that The Mating Grounds is anything other than The Good Men Project with a snazzier name.

At least Judas actually got paid for his betrayal.


Tucker Max is Six Feet Tall

What future does Tucker Max have now that his latest project is dead in the water?

Make no mistake, The Mating Grounds is finished. Even if Max and Miller can somehow salvage the site, they’ll have to burn through thousands of dollars and man-hours in black hat SEO marketing to undo all the damage Danger & Play have done. It’s a true David vs. Goliath story: guys like Mike @ Danger & Play with no advertising budget taking down a famous author backed by the Tim Ferriss glad-handing machine. There’s no way in hell that Max is drawing a profit from the site.

Tucker Max is out of options. He can’t go back to his glory days of writing about picking up sluts since he’s supposedly turned over a new leaf (plus a guy his age writing about that stuff would just be sad). Since he told his fans from the old days to go fuck themselves when he shut down his message board following his movie’s failure, he can’t rely on them either. Maybe he’ll be able to take over his daddy’s restaurant chain when Old Man Max dies, but I’m sure he’ll find a way to screw that up too.

lzozlzolzozl Tucker Max buttcocked uss allll lzolzolzol!

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