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Twitter is Banning Conservatives to Protect Hillary Clinton

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how Twitter locked my account, claiming there was “unusual activity” happening on it and forcing me to change my password before I was allowed to log back in. I noted that Ricky Vaughn also had his account locked the day before under similar circumstances, hinting that Twitter might be gearing up to purge popular conservative accounts in the run-up to the election.

Now, my suspicions have been confirmed. Three popular right-wing writers—Vox Day, Heartiste, and Ryan Landry (SOBL1)—have had their accounts locked. To make matters worse, Twitter has demanded that they provide government-issued IDs in order to regain access to their accounts.

Heartiste has refused to give his private information over, and Landry says that Twitter won’t even email the unlock code to him, forcing him to create a new account.

Not only that, Twitter has blocked links to Vox Day’s blog. Anyone who tries to link to his site will see this message when they click the link:


It’s clear that Twitter is trying to ban conservatives and alt-righters from their site in order to suppress negative news stories about Hillary Clinton. Journalists such as Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich and myself have been able to derail Hillary’s campaign by reporting on her deteriorating health, her email scandals, and the massive corruption of the Democratic Party, among other things. With Hillary now trailing Donald Trump in many polls and the first debate around the corner, Twitter’s leftist bosses want to censor the truth to keep her campaign afloat.

Additionally, the bizarre ID requirement Twitter imposes on users’ whose accounts they’ve locked may be their attempt to dox prominent conservatives. Many of the most prominent pro-Trump/anti-Hillary voices on Twitter write under pseudonyms (Ricky Vaughn, Heartiste and Ryan Landry being aforementioned examples), and by forcing users to provide ID information, Twitter has the ability to out them, exposing them to real-life harassment from leftists.

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