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Is Twitter Trying to Censor Me for My Coverage of the DNC Leaks?

UPDATE: Twitter has begun banning prominent conservatives and alt-righters in order to protect Hillary Clinton. Click here to learn more.

Barely an hour ago, I logged into Twitter and was told that I would be locked out of my account (@basedmattforney) unless I changed my password:


While some of my friends have hypothesized that this might be because someone tried to hack my account, given that I use different, randomly generated passwords for everything, this is unlikely. It’s possible that Twitter has decided to screw with me again due to my extensive coverage of last week’s DNC leaks, where I revealed that the Democrats have been committing election fraud and engaging in insider trading, among other things.

Twitter has a long history of censoring me: for example, last July, they suspended my account not long after I announced that I would be covering the Republican and Democratic National Conventions for Red Ice. While they reversed their suspension several days later, it’s clear they were trying to cripple my reporting and keep me from getting the truth out. Additionally, my previous Twitter account was permanently suspended last year after #BlackLivesMatter supporters filed a wave of false reports against me.

Given that my audience nearly tripled after I began analyzing the DNC leaks (I went from roughly 3,700 Twitter followers to just over 9,300)—and given that Twitter locked Ricky Vaughn’s account yesterday for reasons unknown—it’s clear that Twitter is trying to censor conservatives and alt-righters to keep the truth about Hillary Clinton from getting out.

Stay tuned for more updates on this situation. Additionally, if you want to stay in touch with me in the event I’m banned from Twitter, you can do so in the following ways:

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P.S. Writing is my day job. I have no other sources of income, and independent reporting costs money. Getting banned from Twitter will significantly impact my ability to make a living and get the truth out.

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