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Is Twitter Deliberately Trying to Censor Me?


UPDATE: My original Twitter account (@basedmattforney) has been restored. Click here to learn more.

A couple of days ago, I was suspended from Twitter for no reason. I strongly suspected that the leftists at Twitter were trying to cripple my planned coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I’ve now obtained proof that Twitter is deliberately trying to silence me by censoring my new account, @onemattforney.

Two separate users, Samuel B. Roberts and Beppo Venerdi, have both told me that notifications from me aren’t showing up in their mentions. Twitter ordinarily notifies users when someone Tweets at them, Likes or re-Tweets them, or follows them, yet neither of them have received any notifications from me. Here are screenshots from Samuel:

censor ShadowBan

Note that I Tweeted at Samuel, yet it didn’t show up in his mentions: he had to click over to my profile to see my Tweet.

Here are screenshots from Beppo (click to expand):

In Beppo’s case, I re-Tweeted and Liked his Tweet (the only person to do so), and again, it didn’t show up in his mentions.

Additionally, user TradYouth says that my new account isn’t showing up in Twitter’s search function:


Finally, Angela Greben says that my Tweets themselves are not showing up in Twitter’s search function:


Between all this and my previous account being banned (as of this writing, Twitter has still not told me why my account was suspended), it’s clear that Twitter is trying to censor and gaslight me because of my political coverage.

While I’m not the most popular writer in the alternative right, my reports on the presidential election were widely popular and shared by major figures such as Mike Cernovich, Ricky Vaughn and The Last Refuge. For example, my evidence of potential anti-Trump voter fraud during the Iowa caucuses went viral, as did my coverage of Ted Cruz’s collapsing campaign in Indiana. The leftists at Twitter are clearly trying to keep me from exposing the truth of what will happen at the RNC and DNC.

I’ll keep you updated on this situation as it develops. Please share this article on social media and help get the word out, and follow me at my new account, @onemattforney. Also, check out my microblog here.

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  • This is a new problem for freedom of speech: social media is highly concentrated in private hands – hands that might not like what you have to say. The Founding Fathers didn’t see that one coming.