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Two Ways to Restart Your Workout Routine

This is a guest post by George “Ironthumb” Romasanta.

What can you do if you’ve skipped too many workouts (man, I hate that word)? How do I get myself to start lifting weights again?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you decide to skip Thursday, then the next training day; maybe you were too busy that week, so you said to yourself, “Well, there’s no harm in missing just a few workouts.” Then, before you knew it, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, then all of a sudden you realize you haven’t trained at all for a year (or more)!


All of a sudden, you find yourself quite content with what you’re doing. You find yourself comfortable just living your average life. You think, “I can always get back to training again once I accomplish this or that,” but you never do and that day never comes.

Yes, you may have lost a lot of muscle tone or gained a little amount of fat, but you still feel fine and content… but deep down inside, something tells you that you probably need to get to lifting weights again. You know it’s good for you and the spirit of the iron is communicating to your soul like the ghost of a man you murdered. So you ask yourself:

“How the heck am I supposed to start training again?”

And you found this post. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that I am about to be self-righteous and diss you for missing a year of training, since I have the discipline to keep on going to the weight room day in and day out, never missing a beat!

I’m here to tell you that I completely understand your situation because I’ve been there several times myself. I will not act like a blameless lamb and tell you that I never miss a session, because I do!

What can we do? Life sometimes gets in the way of lifting. Sometimes you get a new job and therefore you need to focus on getting your resources and schedule in place; sometimes your wife gives birth and your time is taken up helping raise your child; sometimes you get injured or sick or you under-recover and need more time to recuperate; and sometimes you simply get batshit from life and you go flat broke for a while.

There are so many reasons why we tend to slack off and the most obvious ones are forces majeur like earthquakes, a hurricane, sickness, or a death in the family. And I went through each and every one of them just like you, because just like you (or most of you), I have a job, I have a family, and I have kids, and my day job is at night.

Every time I stop lifting weights, it haunts me like a ghost, but after a while of slacking off, this feeling gets weaker and weaker, though it never fades away completely. I guess once you embrace the life of Iron, you are tied to it by some unknown force.

So the problem here is that your urge to train again gets weaker over time (even if it doesn’t really fade away). You become a completely different person:

When you train, you kick ass!

When you slack off, you become a lazy, content son of a bitch (eventually)!

It’s just that simple. You just need to stop being that lazy son of a bitch and start kicking ass again. And what’s the best way to do that (considering that you don’t actually have any immediate force majeur stopping you from training right now)?

It’s a simple as this: stop being a bitch and start kicking ass! I have two steps for that:

  1. Pack all your training stuff like your eggs/proteins, water, and your gym tank top (if you don’t have one, a simple plain shirt will do, lest that becomes another excuse for you not to train).
  2. Go to the weight room and lift some weights!

There you have it: simple and effective! And it works like magic!

Maybe you were expecting me to give you some tips like what you will usually find on health blogs and in magazines, like put on some music, get yourself a partner, or something that will make you do some weird things and shit! No need for all of that!

Just go to the gym and lift some friggin’ weights (whatever program you want to do) period! Before you know it, you will be back to your kickass lifting self and you will hopefully be in that state for a long time. It’s really that damn simple: no need for some new age bullcrap!

So if you are reading this right now and you are slacking off, you know what to do…

Pack your stuff and go to the weight room, even if you don’t feel like it! Once you’re there, you will get back into your groove. Once you lift that first rep, once you smell the familiar smell of steel and sweat, your mind will transform from a slacker bitch into a kickass beast! Don’t think about setting PRs right now: while you will find yourself weaker, you will get a good workout nonetheless!

Think about your job: most of us never really feel like going to work anyway but we just do and once we’re there, we know what to do, and we do a damn great job (or not, but we go to work anyway)!

I sure hope this article was helpful, especially for those of you who’ve been out of the gym for a long time. If you liked my brazen real talk, then don’t hesitate to visit my site, About Lifting. It features no-BS articles from me and others that will surely help you achieve your fitness and lifting goals. You can also check out my book, Real Talk Muscle: Timeless Principles to help you Build MUSCLEon Amazon.

I would like to thank Matt for allowing me to submit this guest post. I have known Matt from the days of his now-defunct but popular site, In Mala Fide. Back then, I went by a different name, but Matt still accepted my work despite me being a new kid in the ‘sphere. Finally, three years ago, he visited the Philippines and we were able to share a few beers. Next time he visits, I will have a few cases waiting for him instead: same goes to any readers out there. Just let me know if you’re close by (via Gab, Twitter or Facebook). Cheers!


George “Ironthumb” Romasanta is a registered nurse and the owner of About LiftingFor him, there are only three things that make life worth living: God, family, and LIFTING WEIGHTS! George doesn’t “work out,” he TRAINS: hard and smart, using basic principles that simplify complicated concepts. He knows that every great and expensive program is just a byproduct of the most important fundamentals of science and conditioning, which he knows by heart and he lives to share with you all.

As a registered nurse, George has used more of what he has learned in the field of medical science to help gym rats achieve results than hospital patients.

George is not a green thumb and cannot even grow a weed, but he’s an Iron Thumb who can help you GROW using steel, iron, and GUTS!

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