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Two-Year Anniversary Q&A Session



As I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast, Wednesday, August 26th will mark the 100th episode of The Matt Forney Show. Two years (I released the first episode on August 13, 2013) and a shit-ton of improvements later, I’ve finally created a truly professional product: today’s podcasts are quantum years ahead of even the ones I was doing six months ago, and they’re infinitely better than the first episodes I did.

And like with the one-year anniversary, I want to turn the mic over to you.

On August 26, I will be doing my second-ever Q&A episode, in which I answer questions that you give me. Like before, there are no rules and no limits. Anything at all—career advice, my thoughts on current events, international travel, making money and so forth—you ask it, I’ll answer it.

While I mentioned the Q&A session on yesterday’s podcast, I figured it would be a good idea to try and centralize the questions in one post. If you want to ask me a question, leave a comment on this post or email me by clicking here. Use subject line “Podcast Q&A.” Hopefully, I can get enough questions to fill out an hour-long podcast, like with the last Q&A session I did.

The deadline to get your questions in is Monday, August 24th, as I will be recording the podcast on Tuesday. The more questions I get, the better a show it will be, so don’t be afraid to let me know what’s on your mind. Thanks for all your support so far.

  • Enrique

    What is your opinion on Islam? Do you see it as a threat to the West? What Quranic verses do you have to support your position?

  • Enrique

    Based on your experiences in The Philippines, what are some similarities and difference between Filipinas in America and Filipinas in The Philippines? How do Filipinas compare to other Asians, both in Asia and in America?

    I live in New York City but am not a big fan of the bar scene. What tips do you have for me to achieve a sex life full of Asian women without having to resort to the bars?

  • too long in london

    How did you get on with taking AndroPlus?
    What do you make of Joseph Heller?
    What’s a good historical novel you’d recommend?
    Why do so few Kindle authors use a proofreader or editor?

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  • Matthew

    Any plans to lay siege to Somalia naughty nomad style?

  • Seth Rose

    1.) Any plans to travel abroad in the near future? If so, where to?
    2.) Can you offer any advice on getting one’s own writing published on popular current events sites? For example, I know you’ve submitted articles to Taki’s Mag and I’m curious how you ‘Break In’ to a website like that.

    Thanks, Matt.

  • LikesBigJewbs

    1. What do you do for game in the US?

    2. Is Roosh going to come give a speech in Chicago?

    3. What percent of girls in the Philippines were over 6.5/10? 8/10?

    4. Best city in the Philippines for 2-3 weeks mostly focused on banging chicks?

  • Neocrummer

    1. Is it me or does everyone, including socially healthy people, seem to think of themselves as socially awkward/nerdy? This is in real life not the internet.