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Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You by Nicholas Jack

There are some books out there that are worth reading, despite not being very original, because they articulate certain concepts in a way that helps you understand them better. While morons might go “No shit! You think this book is some kind of great REVELATION!”, the intelligent man will look at the book and see the valuable information therein. That’s what separates the mediocrities from the masters: the ability to recognize valuable info and put it to use, no matter how mundane it may seem.

Understanding Sexual Attraction is such a book.

This volume from Swoop the World impresario Nicholas Jack doesn’t contain much in the way of groundbreaking info, but it’s worth reading because it helps frame what you already know as a man into actionable ways. It’s not a practical advice guide per se, but much like his book The Key Logger, it will help you better understand how men and women work. While not as earth-shattering as that book, Understanding Sexual Attraction lets you peer behind the curtain and see the short little man pulling all the levers.

The book is a detailed deconstruction of the factors that determine whether women are attracted to you and how much they are attracted to you. Nicholas breaks down masculine desirability into three separate metrics: looks, money/status, and personality. He shows how much each metric contributes to your overall attractiveness and the ways you can enhance your performance in each metric:

A doctor is one of the most attractive careers that a man can have. They make good money, they are highly thought of, and they save lives every day. What more could a woman want? Well, many doctors still have trouble finding dates with the girls they think they deserve. They think that because they are a doctor that girls should just swoon over them. Being a doctor is a high status job, but there is still 91% more he needs to have to hit all those attraction switches.

I can just see the idiots in the audience groaning: “Well duh, women like men with money!” Nicholas’ contribution is that he explains how much a factor like money/career can affect your attractiveness as a man and why you can still fail with women despite being successful in one area of your life. He also gives you advice on how you can increase your attractiveness in each of these categories. There’s even a handy questionnaire at the end that will allow you to gauge your attractiveness easily. Finally, the book is short and to the point: I finished it in about twenty minutes.

The biggest flaw with Understanding Sexual Attraction is, once again, Nicholas’ prose. While clean and functional, the book has more typos than I would like, and his sentence construction leaves a good deal to be desired. Admittedly, an informational book like this one doesn’t really need flashy prose, but I occasionally had to fight the urge to glaze over whole sentences while I read:

You can use this yourself by starting off your interaction with the girl by being a little mean. Then a while later she will do something and you will say “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I was wrong about you.” Then you start being nice, and she will be ten times more appreciative of it than if you just started out being nice.

Bottom line, Understanding Sexual Attraction is a good book to buy if you want to get into the nuts and bolts of how women think. While it’s not the most innovative book, it contains enough good info to help you improve your game.

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