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Using Zinc to Increase Your Testosterone

now-zincAs most of you know, I’m a fan of Andro-Plus testosterone cream when it comes to upping my T-levels. Anyone who claims that you can naturally increase your testosterone levels beyond a certain amount is full of shit; you need TRT or another form of hormonal enhancement to reach the upper echelons of masculine health. That said, Andro-Plus and other testosterone boosters don’t work as well if you aren’t already eating healthy and using natural methods to improve your masculinity.

Enter zinc.

Pretty much every reputable source on supplements states that zinc is mandatory for men who want to increase testosterone. Specifically, you need to have more zinc than copper in your body in order to maintain an appropriate testosterone level; harder than it sounds, as copper piping is ubiquitous in the West, meaning that virtually all our water contains trace amounts of it. You can gain zinc naturally from beef and other foods, but a supplement is all but necessary to reverse the long-term copper imbalance most men have.

This presents a problem for me: my body is uniquely resistant to zinc.

How do you use zinc to increase your testosterone levels without suffering ill effects? That was the question that I faced.

Dealing with Zinc Sickness

Keep in mind that I’m not some expert on testosterone: I haven’t had blood work done or anything like that. I’m going by how taking these supplements produced demonstrable changes in my health and mood. When I first started taking zinc, I felt both stronger and more alert afterwards, a weaker version of the effects I got from using Andro-Plus. Unfortunately, I also realized that if I strayed from anything other than a relatively small dose, the consequences were… unpleasant.

Guys like Victor Pride recommend 150 mg of zinc a day, but whenever I take more than 30 mg, I get nauseous and start throwing up. Additionally, if I take any amount of zinc on an empty stomach, I start dry heaving. I discovered both of these the hard way, when I bought 50 mg zinc horse pills only to vomit them (and everything else) up less than an hour later. I had to split each pill in half with a bowie knife in order to get my daily dose.

I’m assuming this might be due to the fact that I get enough zinc in my diet already, but given the default low-T levels of young men today, I’d rather not assume all is well. Additionally, I thought that the megadosing guys like Pride engage in is helped along by their training regimens (I started taking zinc before I started lifting regularly), but even when I started working out, my body still violently reacted to too much zinc.

The best solution I’ve found is to simply stick with the low doses and supplement my testosterone with other means.

Once again, I’m far from an expert on the topic. I just write about the supplements I take and how they affect my health. Zinc is clearly an effective way to improve your mental clarity, but listen to your body and don’t force yourself to take too large a dose.

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Good, Matt. I take Zinc 100mg/day as supplement. No ill effects.

    Recently I’ve been experimenting with Magnesium, increasing the dosage > 1500mg, with positive results.

  • spidaman3

    I love to take ZMA supplements, it helps me sleep deeper and I am starting to remember my nightmares

  • That’s interesting that you should have more zinc than copper, because to grow highest quality plants you should have 2x as much zinc as copper in the soil.

  • Zavier Audacia

    “I haven’t had blood work done or anything like that.”

    If you’re still in South East Asia, go for a quick fly over to Bangkok and get your blood work at one of the many world class facilities. Here’s the best one there,

    Get yourself tested. Don’t shoot in the dark.

  • Tim

    AndroPlus is good stuff, although I suspected it was aromatising to estrogen so also ran a course of Aromasin for the next half of the tube and felt much better.